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Intox-Detox Daytona 500 Giveaway


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It’s that time of year again, Nascar fans – DAYTONA 500. Some call it Nascar’s Superbowl, only it comes at the start of the season rather than the end. Intox-Detox is proud to announce that we will be returning as a sponsor of Go Green Racing for the 2016 season. Only one small detail, Go Green Racing no longer exists! They have changed their name to Go Fas Racing. And that’s not all that is changing…

The team signed young up-and-comer Jeffrey Earnhardt – yes that Earnhardt. He is the grandson of Dale Sr. and Nephew of Jr. It’s exciting news for our team because it brings new sponsorship to the table with Can-Am coming on board. The move puts Go Fas Racing that much closer to becoming mainstay in the Sprint Cup Series with a real chance of shaking things up this year. Not to mention that it’s an interesting pairing of drivers. Jeffrey Earnhardt is a young legacy driver from a family of Nascar royalty with a lot to prove. Meanwhile Bobby Labonte returns as the experienced former champion, taking on the long tracks like Daytona. He is still known as one of the best drivers in the game and can easily make waves on any given Sunday.

So where does Intox-Detox fit into all of this? We are new to Nascar, but have loved every minute of our sponsorship thus far. We will continue to get out to races and put our logo on the car as big as we can. As we grow into retail distribution, our goal is to eventually get the chance to do a primary sponsorship, so we can finally wrap the car in the Intox-Detox GREEN, SILVER and YELLOW!

In the meantime, we support Go Fas Racing in any way we can by providing Intox-Detox samples and a special coupon code, the proceeds of which help support our race team!

The Intox-Detox Giveaway

To celebrate the return of NASCAR in 2016 we are giving away 3 SIGNED BOBBY LABONTE HERO CARDS. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to enter. No purchase is required, but if you buy Intox-Detox product you get additional entries to win. Every 6 packs purchased gives you another entry. It paid off for Kevin Thomforde during the Holiday Giveaway, as he ended up winning the die cast #32 Go Green Racing replica car signed by Bobby Labonte!


Here’s to another great year at the races!

Intox-Detox Team

PS: Last chance to get free samples of Intox-Detox – offer ends February 14th 2016. Grab  your free sample here now…

PPS: Go here and use coupon code GOFAS30 to save 30% off on your purchase of Intox-Detox. Remember that using this code helps to support Go Fas Racing.

PPPS: Check out an Intox-Detox video review from the 2015 Talladega Geico 500 below the Giveaway signup form to find out what “Talladega Racing Medicine” means! Or click here to watch it on YouTube…


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