Here at Intox-Detox, we’re not just about partying and getting away with it hangover-free. A big part of the “free” is the freedom to enjoy yourself without feeling terrible. It’s about having fun, keeping a balance in your life and getting inspired to  do things with your time that inspire others. That’s what Intox-Detox is all about.

So, when I read about the founder of Dropbox, Drew Houston, discussing the cheat sheet he would have given his 20-something self to make things easier, I paid attention. I’m not a billionaire. Yet.

But I really identified with what he had to say. I wish I had started Intox-Detox when I was 22! I had all the knowledge I needed. I just didn’t have the life experience, the contacts or the confidence to do it.

The Circle, the Tennis Ball and 30K Days

This is Houston’s cheat sheet for success. And it couldn’t be more spot on. It’s actually what prompted me to do Intox-Detox. Allow me to explain…

The Tennis Ball

According to Houston: “The most successful people and successful entrepreneurs I know are all obsessed with solving a problem that really matters to them.” I was obsessed for longer than I care to admit with trying to solve the hangover problem. Many people laughed at me (they still do) for even trying. And yet, we developed an amazing product that really works. Who’s laughing now? The tennis ball is all about what you chase in life.

The Circle

I also like this idea that “you’re the average of your five closest friends, so make sure to put yourself in an environment that pulls the best out of you.” I repeatedly find myself drawing on the strengths of my closest friends when I am encountered with situations that require skills and tendencies that I do not possess. For example, I was always a shy kid. But my job requires that I travel all over America talking to people about Intox-Detox and dealing with a healthy dose of skepticism every time I do. Inside I want to hide behind something or literally stick my head in a hole. Yet, I go on, face criticism in public and make friends everywhere I go. When I need to be social, I think of one of my best friends who is a social butterfly and an instant celebrity with everyone he meets. I think about him when I need to conjure those skills and I try to be like him. The concept of the circle also reminds me of Napoleon Hill’s mastermind concept in “Think and Grow Rich”, a huge inspiration for this company. The circle is the people you choose to keep around you.

30,000 Days

On average, we humans live for about 30,000 days, according to Houston. Talk about perspective. This is about making the most of your life. I was obsessed with “carpe diem”, seizing the day, before I was even out of high school. We live in denial, but we are all just Dasein – a being directed toward  death. (Thanks existential philosophy!) No amount of religion or metaphysics can change the harsh reality. And life is not about what you say. In the end, you will be remembered for what you do. Do something amazing and they might scribble down your last words in some obscure book. It’s about touching people and changing lives while you are here. We are aging players on a crumbling stage. Live your life to the fullest and be about the things that you are; don’t talk about them.

I don’t know about you, but I was inspired by the article. Check it out here…

Stay #LIVERSTRONG and live for today!


Andy Bennett

Intox-Detox CEO/Founder

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