5 Diet-Friendly Effort-Less Cocktails


Wow, we really shot the moon with the last post where I gave you my Top 5 Fitness Tips for Social Drinkers (check it out here). It was quite long, but very thorough. Today’s post will be much more brief, I promise.  What can I say…? I’m passionate about this stuff and I don’t just pack a bunch of FLUFF and BS into my content. I want to offer you something of value for free because I believe in giving first.

As promised, in the “SPIRIT” of giving, today I’m going to share 5 of my favorite low-calorie, nearly sugar-free and all-natural alcoholic drink recipes. They are really EASY to make; you don’t have to be a bartender.

And they are free of all of the artificial sweeteners, sugars and additives that can make a hangover much worse. There’s something for everyone, as I’m trying to hit 1 drink for each of the most popular spirits on the market.

As for me AB (the “hangover pill guy”), I never met a drink I didn’t like. I came across a few that left me feeling under the weather the next day (I did something about that, now didn’t I?), but I never hold a GRUDGE! I have also NEVER uttered the BS proclamation “I’m never drinking again!” Onward…

5 Diet-Friendly Effort-Less Alcoholic Drink Recipes

  1. Old Fashioned
  2. Tom Collins
  3. Paloma
  4. Mojito
  5. Moscow Mule


old fashioned intox detox

Get your inner Don Draper on with this classic. It’s strong, simple to make and delicious. You say you want to drink straight whiskey in a classy way, without doing shots or chugging from the bottle? This is for you!


1 1/2 to 2 oz Bourbon (Any whiskey or rye can be used)

5-6 dashes Angostura Bitters (orange bitter optional)

1 pack of Truvia

1/2 oz Hot water

Orange zest

Cherry garnish


Pour Truvia into a shot cocktail glass, dash bitters on top and add orange zest. You can literally just rip off a piece of orange peel and toss it in. Some craft bartenders might be horrified, but that’s how I do it and it works great. Muddle that mixture aggressively. Pour in the hot/warm water. This brings out the flavors and helps dissolve the Truvia sweetener. You could make Truvia Simple Syrup ahead of time, but I’m too lazy for that. Stir aggressively. Add bourbon and cherry and continue stirring. If you’re high society, now is the time when you fish out the orange peel, but I just leave it in. Pack glass with ice. Toss in a shaker or another cup to chill. Drink up!

The only significant source of calories is the whiskey. Other than that and the bitters, it’s sugar-free.


tom collins

(Image credit Celebrations.com)

Largely considered an “old person’s drink”, this is light, refreshing and delicious. Great for a Florida afternoon when you’re sitting outside. This drink can be made with vodka, if you’re a sissy! All of the people who claim not to like gin, start loving it when I make them this drink.


1-1 1/2 oz Farmer’s Gin (or Titos vodka)

1/2 oz Fresh lime juice

Fill with Zevia Lemon-Lime Twist soda

Garnish with lemon, lime and cherry


We love muddling, so we start with the lime juice and lime wedge, adding 1/2 pack of Truvia and muddling a little. This is optional, but really makes the drink. Fill tall glass with ice all the way to the top. Add gin or vodka. Fill with Zevia Lemon-Lime soda. Garnish with lemon and cherry. Enjoy!

Other than lime juice and liquor, this contains no sugars or calories. It’s a great “session” drink that you can enjoy all day without getting too intoxicated.



(Image credit Tastecocktails.com)

You don’t always have to drink margaritas to get your daily dose of tequila. We love Espolon Silver for this, but you can pick your own poison!


1-1 1/2 oz Espolon Silver tequila

Zevia Grapefruit

Cherry and orange garnish


Couldn’t be easier. Fill your glass with ice to the top. Add tequila. Fill with Zevia Grapefruit soda. Garnish with cherry and orange because it’s pretty!


mojito cocktail

(Image credit Eatdrinkandbeskinny.com)


1- 1 1/2 oz Light rum

1 oz Fresh lime juice

1/2 Truvia pack

Zevia Lemon-Lime soda

8 mint leaves

Lime garnish


Muddle lime juice, 1/2 pack Truvia and mint leaves. Add rum and stir lightly. Fill glass to top with ice. Fill with Zevia Lemon-Lime soda. Garnish with one mint sprig and a lime wedge.

The true Cuba Libre because it’s free of sugar and low in calories!


moscow mule

(Image credit Liquor.com)


1-1 1/2 oz Titos vodka

Blue Sky Jamaican Ginger Ale

Lime garnish


Pack a glass with ice to the top. Add vodka. Fill with Blue Sky soda. This is the best “ginger beer” that’s sugar-free on the market, but you may have to order it online – hard to find in stores. We have used Baritt’s Diet Ginger Beer in the past, which is okay, but it does contain sucralose (an artificial sweetner). Squeeze lime in and garnish with it. Stir and enjoy.

So there you have it. Five drinks that are so simple to make that anyone could do it. They are as sugar-free, low-calorie and delicious as you can get.

Don’t forget to take your Intox-Detox!

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Have a great weekend and stay #LIVERSTRONG!

The Truth About Day-Drinking: Hilarious Video from Elite Daily

To Day-Drink or Not to Day-Drink?

Hilarious. I sought out to actually write some kind of meaningful response, but they make so many great points about day-drinking. Most of the time it ends up as a disaster, especially when you get “old enough to know better”. Whenever that is supposed to happen in life. Is it 25? 30? I’m way past thirty and I’m not quite there yet.

Granted, I’m not picking up my kids or going to work drunk. These days cops are so militarized against drunk drivers, as they rightfully should be, that I’m terrified to even have one beer and drive anywhere. My parents used to regale us with tales of being pulled over while drinking and driving in high school only to have the local Barney Fife-esque cop tell them to “Go straight home now, ya hear! Or I’ll tell your parents”. It was a simpler world then and it’s way too easy to get caught. Not to mention, you could go to jail or end up really hurting someone.

But really, don’t we all have that amazing day-drinking story that we really can’t actually remember? So accurate! Even if we can’t really remember anything that happened, besides getting naked, the myth of the magical day-drink is so strong that we all get lured back into the danger zone.

Not to mention, as a 7-year Stagecoach alum, I can totally relate to the Coachella comments. Stagecoach is the country music version of the Coachella rock concert in Indio, in the middle of the California desert. You camp out for 3 or 4 days straight drinking your face off and end up eating one hot dog and a few chips over the whole stretch of time. By the last day, a few sips of beer would get you wasted. Still though, they were magical days with our Stagecoach crew back then. It’s getting harder and harder to get back there, what with kids and jobs and trying to feign adulthood.

Then there’s the exploits of the Boxing Day crew in Reston, Virginia. There we take a British holiday on the day after Christmas and turn it into an all day sesh, complete with Power Hours and an impromptu bar crawl. So much for adulthood.

I think what day-drinking really holds for all of us is the promise of simpler times. It’s a call back to younger days when we didn’t have so much stuff to worry about. And it’s the one-day vacation everyone needs once in a while.

If you can’t lie one a Mexican beach by pristine waters and sip margaritas while listening to steel drum bands (am I mixing my metaphors like I do my day-drinks?), then why not just take the day off with a few friends and hit the local hole in the wall for an epic day of wasted money that you’ll never remember?

As long as you Uber and tip your bartender all is fair in love (apologizing to your spouse) and war (the fight it will cause later).

At the very least, you can take some Intox-Detox so that your day-drinking session won’t turn into the 48-hour hangover from Hell after the fact.

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Stay #LIVERSTRONG my friends!

intox detox liverstrong

Does Alcohol Really Make You Fat? (The Truth)

intox detox for happy hour

Does Drinking Alcohol Really Make You Fat?

NEWSFLASH – Alcohol Doesn’t Make You Fat

Yeah, I know that’s a bold and controversial statement to make, but it’s actually true. Trust me, I put about 10 years of my life into this research. Alcohol can’t possibly make you fat, by itself that is. Stay with me, I’ll prove it to you in 1 second…

First a VERY BRIEF chemistry background. Second, I’ll explain how alcohol can indirectly inflate your thighs. Then I’ll give you access to my top stay-fit alcohol secrets…


Alcohol metabolizes into Acetic Acid in the liver, not sugar like soooo many people think. And what does our body do with Acetic Acid? Recycles it into the Kreb’s Cycle (among other things) for energy purposes.

hangover science

Alcohol itself really can’t be stored as fat. Remember that the most EXTREME drinkers, alcoholics, usually die of malnutrition and other related degenerative diseases. When you live off of booze, you don’t have much of an appetite for food and getting your vitamins is a lesser priority compared to getting your alcohol fix. It’s sad, but it’s true.
There is a big BUT coming, but it’s not your BIG BUTT…

the big but

(Image credit stathakis.com)

Ways Alcohol CAN Make You Fat

There are a few ways alcohol can INDIRECTLY make you fat…


hangover nachos

(Image credit myrecipes.com)


What you eat before, during and after drinking makes you fat. Turns out our standards TOTALLY change when we’re tipsy. Suddenly that pizza, burger and fries or late-night Drive-thru window starts looking like a really good idea. Add the calories of the alcohol, especially beer which is high in carbohydrates, and you WILL get fat.


fat burning hormones

(Image credit Lifeextension.com)


Alcohol and (more accurately) its toxic byproduct Acetaldehyde cause hormone disruptions. They interfere with hormones like HGH (human growth hormone), DHEA and testosterone, which play direct roles in fat-burning. Incidentally, Intox-Detox may help eliminate the toxins faster so that your hormones don’t take such a hit when drinking; and some clinical research supports this.


liver alcohol hangovers

I’m an important fat-burning organ!


Since your liver plays crucial roles in nutrient partitioning and fat-burning, excessive drinking can change the way your liver functions. If it’s too busy constantly breaking down Acetaldehyde, fat-burning and converting dietary fats and sugars into energy becomes less of a priority, which may cause fat storage.


intox detox for hangovers?

I can promote healthy liver and weight management while knocking out the misery of hangovers!

Intox-Detox can help with all of these, but a targeted plan for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices can really give you a leg up to stay fit while enjoying a few drinks.

CONFESSION: Every so often I forget this information. I start eating and drinking like an IDIOT and guess what happens… I get a little FAT.

  • Most of you know me as the “Hangover Pill”, Intox-Detox guy. Some things you might NOT know about me…
  • I played college soccer
  • Power-lifted for some impressive numbers
  • Wrote thousands of articles online about fitness/nutrition/supplements/anti-aging and even did bodybuilding, dieting down to less than 5% body fat naturally


Not bragging, just guessing very few people know that about me. And I wouldn’t wish the Hell of a contest diet on anybody, but the point is that I know my stuff when it comes to the science of diet, supplements and exercise. In my old age, it’s no longer about deadlifting the world or keeping a six-pack all year round. Now, it’s about health, longevity and getting the most benefit out of the least amount of exercise and dieting.


I started thinking that this might be valuable information that you, my extended drinking family might be interested in. Both men and women enjoy a few drinks, but nobody wants to wear it on their tummy, thighs or butt. So, I’m working on putting together a program to share this valuable information with you.

And forget about a Personal Trainer; their goal should be to teach you everything you need to know to fire them within a month or two. But that’s not what they do, now is it? Nope, they bleed you dry month after month. And don’t get me started on how many of them smoke, drink and don’t stay in shape themselves (not judging, just saying…)

Next time, I’ll give you my Top 5 Stay-Fit Tips for Social Drinkers (UPDATED – click to go read it now! Amazing tips you won’t find anywhere else)

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intox detox for hangover




Hey Armchair Scientists! Leave the Hangovers to the Experts!

Everyone has an opinion about what causes the dreaded HANGOVER. Unfortunately, most of them are DEAD WRONG.

One thing we can all agree on is this: HANGOVERS SUCK. So, let’s start from that common ground and go from there. However, that’s probably all that we can agree on. The only difference is that we studied the science and researched hangovers for over 10 years. Yeah, we had a lot of free time on our hands. Few people can say the same.

The majority of you probably agree when people claim that hangovers come from dehydration, sugar, dark-colored liquors, etc. None of these are the primary cause, however each of them can make hangovers MUCH worse.

Not to mention that plain old OVER-DRINKING will get you every time…

Okay, so we have stumbled on another thing we can agree on. If you drink a whole bottle of whiskey, you are not going to feel so hot the next day no matter what you do. There is a simple fix for THAT KIND of hangover: Don’t binge-drink. Obviously, alcoholism is a whole different problem. That requires treatment. We can all agree on that. (Though some will argue over whether it is a disease or not)

Problem is that even responsible, moderate social drinking can lead to a hangover. Why is that? It’s because there is one specific toxin that comes from alcohol and creates the damage to your body and the misery of the next morning.

To learn all about the secret to stop that toxin from making you feel terrible, click here…

The picture below gives you one HUGE HINT about how to stop hangovers. Can you guess what it is…?

liver enzymes for hangover

(Image credit orendatech.com)


7 Foods That Crush Hangovers



7 Foods That Crush a Hangover

What you eat before, during and after drinking definitely affects how you feel the next morning. Where most people go wrong is that they wait until after the damage is already done. Everyone’s always trying to find a “hangover cure” when they wake up feeling terrible. How many times have you heard the old greasy eggs and bacon tip?

The science says that a grease-soaked breakfast does little for you physically. Some people end up more queasy than they started; or they have to take a long nap just to get over the food coma. If you can stomach the Grease Fest, the benefit is mostly psychological. The vitamins and minerals from the food will help, but you don’t have to eat junk food to achieve that.

The other huge MISTAKE is slamming down some loaded nachos or fast food from the Drive Thru before bed, after having some drinks. Most of us don’t need all the extra calories. It’s slightly better than going to bed drunk on an empty stomach, but not too much so.

Think of food as little nutrient bombs and protective shields for preparing your body to detox and protecting you from the damaging toxins that come from alcohol. Without further ado, here are…

7 Foods That Crush Hangovers


avocados for hangover

(Image credit avocadosfrommexico.com)

The “Alligator Pear” is one of the very best foods you can eat before you have some alcoholic drinks. Healthy fats like the monounsaturated ones found in avocados slow down the absorption of alcohol, giving your liver more time to cope. In addition, the avocado is loaded with antioxidants, especially ones that help to target alcohol detox by acting as precursors to the amino acid L-Glutathione (learn more about that here…). Short version of the story, Gluathione is what they use to save your life in the ER if you overdose on alcohol or certain medications.


asparagus for hangover

(Image credit allrecipes.com)

You might have experienced the “smelly pee” effect when you eat this healthy vegetable. Asparagus also contains precursors and nutrients to help your body detox the alcohol. Most leafy and cruciferous vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts are also excellent.


eggs for hangover

(Image credit incredibleedibleegg.com)

I know I trashed greasy eggs before, but it’s really more about the timing of eating them. And they don’t necessarily need to be greasy; hard-boiled eggs will do just fine. Eggs contain a lot of B vitamins, lean proteins and the amino acid L-Cysteine, which plays an important role in making the L-Glutathione needed to protect and detox the liver from alcohol.


whey protein for hangover

(Image credit orgain.com)

Whether you work out or not, whey protein can be a healthy part of your daily regimen. It’s a great way to add high-quality protein to your diet. Some people may prefer other milk-free or vegan choices, but whey’s strength lies in its high L-Cysteine content. It’s also easy and convenient to mix up a shake before you hit the town for the night. This is also a low-calorie choice for bedtime that can actually help your body to recover much faster.


green tea intox detox for hangover

(Found in Intox-Detox!)

This popular beverage from the East contains polyphenol antioxidants that help to prevent damage to the body from free radicals. There’s also convincing science showing it may improve Glutathione levels to detox alcohol. Drink a cup before you hit the bar for a quick pick-me-up, with much less caffeine than coffee. Have a cup of detox green tea before bed or pick up some capsules from the Vitamin Shoppe to take before bed. (I use their liquid extract, which is great because only a few drops will do)


red meat glutathione

(Image credit omahasteaks.com)

Veganism is sweeping the nation, but for those of us who enjoy it, red meat has some benefits. It’s high in Glutathione and can provide some saturated fats to slow down the alcohol absorption. So the answer is “YES”, you can have a big old steak before you go out for drinks.


olive oil

(Image credit blog.droz.com)


Chugging a shot of olive oil before embarking on a drinking session is a popular tradition in the Mediterranean. Like avocado, olive oil contains healthy fats that will allow the alcohol you drink to drip-feed into your system more slowly. That way you won’t get intoxicated too fast and crash out early. However, I’m not into drinking shots of oil. Whiskey…yes please! Instead, try the hangover-busting meal below…


steak salad

(Image credit asweetpeacchef.com)

Our favorite pre-drinking meal is the steak salad. Load it up with avocado, hard-boiled egg, green veggies, onions, tomatoes, carrots and olive oil. Each of these ingredients provides benefits for avoiding the hangover. Chase it with some refreshing iced green tea and you’re ready to go.


hangovers suck intox detox works

Safe, natural and clinically-proven!


Of course, the VERY BEST thing you can do is to take our amazing all-natural product Intox-Detox. It provides ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else, as well as a couple of the ones listed above. Just take 1 pack of Intox-Detox immediately prior to or during alcohol consumption.

Best of all, it works like a charm because it’s based on real science, so you can be sure to have fun tonight, without the misery of the next morning.

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Enjoy the steak salad and don’t forget to take your Intox-Detox!




Advice from Ron About How to Cure a Hangover

Not sure about the wet socks, but the steak is a great idea. One thing though…

Eat that steak before you drink your whiskey. Red meat is high in L-Glutathione, which protects the body from the damaging effects of alcohol.

Meanwhile the fats from that steak slow down alcohol absorption so you don’t build up toxic acetaldehyde – AKA THE HANGOVER TOXIN – nearly as fast.

What achieve these two feats even faster than wet socks and a steak? Intox-Detox. It boosts L-Glutahtione levels with patented Setria and speeds up the breakdown of alcohol’s #1 toxin by 60% or more, as shown in 2 humans research studies.

Hangovers Suck! Intox-Detox works!

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PS: Check out the hilarious extended cut of “You’re On with Ron” below!


Daily Use of Intox-Detox Powered by Setria L-Glutathione

Just a quick video blog about the benefits of using Intox-Detox daily. Taking it every day delivers a clinical dosage of Setria L-Glutathione proven to boost your body’s stores of this important “Master Antioxidant”. Watch the video above to learn more about how Setria helps enhance immune function, detoxify the body, promote anti-aging and protect you from the damaging toxins all around you.

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Have a great day and stay #LIVERSTRONG!

What is Japanese Raisin and Why Use it in Intox-Detox?

Japanese Raisin For Web

Get a free sample of Intox-Detox now…

One of the most common questions I get about ID is “What the heck is Japanese Raisin?” It’s understandable; very few people have ever heard of it. That’s actually a really good thing for us. If people realized how potent, safe and amazing this SUPER FOOD is, it would blow up overnight. My money is on that happening eventually. The main stream is so far behind the latest advances in dietary supplement science. Many people fear “NEW” things like Japanese Raisin because they haven’t heard of them before. Not only is there absolutely NOTHING to fear, but in reality this incredible herb is not new at all. It’s very VERY old. Let’s get to it…

What is Japanese Raisin?

First of all, it’s not really a raisin. Second, it’s not really “JAPANESE”, or not entirely anyway. It goes by many names, including Oriental raisin tree, Hovenia dulcis and most commonly Japanese Raisin. Known throughout Asia and the East, it is actually cultivated primarily in South Korea, where it is the MOST POPULAR HANGOVER REMEDY.

How can you forget the “Hangover” video Snoop Dogg did with S. Korean one hit wonder Psy? He is actually the face of a product called CJ Condition, which contains two out of the four Intox-Detox ingredients, most notably Japanese Raisin!

Historically, it has been part of many ancient medicinal systems, including Traditional Chinese Medicine. For at least centuries, though more likely millennia, this herb has been used to treat liver problems, promote detoxification and help with the dreaded HANGOVER.

So, if it’s not a raisin, then what is it really? Japanese Raisin is what’s known as thunb or peduncle, which as I understand it refers to the stock of the plant. However, it has a mildly sweet taste and aromatic notes that resemble cinnamon and berries, at least in my opinion.

Liver Super Food

The best way to think of Japanese Raisin is as a SUPER FOOD. Blueberries, pomegranates, acai berries, goji, mangosteen and maqui berry have all benn touted as cure-all supplements that can improve many markers of health.

Acai berries got a bad rap because of a few companies that filled us up with a bunch of marketing hype. They tried to sell many of these MIRACLE FOODS as weight-loss products that would melt off the fat without having to change your diet or lifestyle. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

On the surface, all of these foods are loaded with antioxidants that help to fight aging, scavenge free radical toxins and promote wellness. Japanese Raisin just hasn’t been hyped up up with a big marketing budget yet.

Our approach is a little subtler. We like to educate people about the unique benefits of this particular SUPER FOOD, rather than promising the world and cutting corners like so many other companies do. Instead, we did our homework, spent the money to make sure our product was safe and effective. In an industry of “snake oil salesmen”, we brought something to market that really works. It’s clinically-proven and dosed to DELIVER real results. See what I did there…? De-LIVER?

Unlike other super foods, Japanese Raisin offers unique benefits for liver detox in general and alcohol detox specifically. Well, how does it do that? To be honest, it’s not completely understood yet.

They are still discovering the active compounds (numbering in the thousands) in common supplements like green tea. For some reason this scares people.

What you need to know is that the human safety of Japanese Raisin has been THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED. There are a few good human studies that demonstrate this without a doubt. Jap. Raisin is what’s referred to as GRAS or generally recognized as safe by the FDA. Of course, you should always consult with your physician first no matter what.

What Does it Do?

Now that we covered the safety aspect, what does Jap. Raisin actually do? From the studies that have been done it’s clear that Jap. Raisin somehow up-regulates enzymes in the liver to facilitate the detoxification of both alcohol and its nasty byproduct known as ACETALDEHYDE.

We talk a lot about this nasty chemical because it is known as the “hangover toxin”, and it’s thought to be the primary reason why we get hangovers and why they take SO LONG to go away. It takes TIME and REST for your liver to regenerate the required enzymes to break this poison down. It’s likely related to many compounds in the plant, but primarily an antioxidant called DHM (dihyromyricetin).

Not only does Japanese Raisin seem to speed up detoxification, in developing the product we noticed that it also may have incredible liver-protective effects. That means that you can take it proactively to protect your liver and help mitigate the negative after effects of drinking alcohol. That’s why we recommend taking it BEFORE or DURING, rather than waiting until the damage is already done.

The Bombshell:

We are not the only company using Japanese Raisin. However, Intox-Detox is the ONLY company using the clinical dosage from the human research studies showing its efficacy. A lot of companies like to sprinkle effective ingredients into their products, but in ineffective amounts. It’s one of the dirty little secrets of our industry.
We took a stand and insisted on developing a product with the right amount of Japanese Raisin to do the job. That’s called integrity. It’s not cheap, but it creates a better product and, YOU, the customer knows the difference. We bet on quality over quantity. Otherwise, what’s the point?


To summarize, Japanese Raisin is new to the West, but not really new. It’s been around a long time, helping people detoxify their livers. It’s best to think of it like ACAI BERRIES or any one of a dozen popular SUPER FOODS that have hit the market in the last decade or so. Japanese Raisin just hasn’t gotten the press that some of it’s cousins have. Ultimately, that will change. Once a Dr. Oz-type jumps on the bandwagon, Americans will realize just how phenomenal and unique this particular Super Food really is.

So, pat yourself on the back, or maybe on the liver! You’re way ahead of the game. And Intox-Detox will continue to provide you with the highest quality Japanese Raisin on Earth at a reasonable price, so you can Detox, Recover and Protect your body, even if you enjoy a few drinks socially.

Get your FREE SAMPLE of Intox-Detox here…
If you have any more questions on the subject, feel free to ask by hitting up our Facebook page or direct to the source at info@intox-detox.com


Holi-Day-Drinking Guide – How to Be Naughty and Still Feel Nice


During the holidays, with family and friends around, and a few days off of work to relax, it’s a natural to kick back and celebrate with a few drinks. Sometimes a few drinks turns into a few more…

Hey, you can’t be “NICE” all year long! Life is a balance and it’s fun to get a little “NAUGHTY” from time to time. That’s why Intox-Detox was formulated to help you be naughty tonight and still wake up feeling nice. We want you to enjoy your life, protect your body and wake up to a BETTER TOMORROW!

While we would NEVER recommend binge drinking, we are partial to a little day-drinking during holidays. For my friends and me, it’s watching soccer the day after Christmas, for the holiday known as Boxing Day across “The Pond” in Britain. However, it’s REALLY EASY for things to escalate and leave you hungover. Not only do you damage your body and embarrass yourself by tapping out early, you also might miss a really good party! Both tragic outcomes!

Instead, let’s talk about how you can protect your liver, hang for the duration and even wake up feeling great.

Let’s start with a few tips for HOLI-DAY-DRINKING and then review how to take Intox-Detox to achieve the Holy Grail of the Holiday Season – The Hangover-Free Sesh!

Tips for Holi-Day-Drinking


Some of the best and worst things come in threes. But after about three alcoholic beverages, it’s easy for things to escalate out of control. It’s best to slow things down at this point. A meal, a snack or an activity can be a great buffer to keep you in the game for the long-haul. We love drinking games like beer pong, flip cup and power hours – don’t get us wrong – but, it might be better to get involved in an activity that doesn’t involve drinking. Perfect example, sipping on beers while playing cornhole, darts, shuffleboard, pool or croquet. Hell, even naked Twister will do! That way, the whole point of the game isn’t JUST DRINKING, but rather something physical that forces you to put that beer or wine down for a moment while you play. The three drink mark is also a great time to rehydrate if you forgot to do so between drinks like you should have. It might also be a good time to downshift. For example, if you’ve been drinking 10% Imperial Stout, reach for a lighter beer like a Session IPA, a Radler or even a Shandy (we recommend beer and Zevia Lemon Lime).


Watch the sweeteners when you are drinking alcohol. We like to avoid sugars altogether, but definitely make sure to avoid high-fructose corn sugar (HFCS) and refined “white” sugar. The HFCS from popular beverages like Coca-Cola is actually more damaging to your liver than the whiskey in your Jack and Coke. Our livers know what to do with alcohol (with a little help from Intox-Detox), but the “Franken-Sugars” are extremely toxic and known to cause many diseases, including diabetes. Also, sugar increases inflammation, which can make hangovers even worse. Calorie-free artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose seem to speed up intoxication, so that rules out the diet drinks as mixers too. Try Zevia sodas, which make great mixers and are sugar-free, calorie-free and have zero preservatives, additives and colors. FYI, they also make a great sugar-free tonic water! If you’re drinking cocktails, use Truvia in place of sugar. Xylitol, monk fruit and quality agave nectar can also be good options. Madhava’s Organic Agave 5 blends agave nectar with stevia and monk fruit to achieve a low calorie sweetener that goes great in cocktails. Be Mixed is a new company that is blending these calorie and sugar-free sweeteners into pre-made mixers to make it even easier.


To quote Jeffro, a college friend, “I’m going to get drunk 3 times today!” Despite the fact that we engaged in a bit of overindulgence back in our Slippery Rock University days, Jeffro knew something that I didn’t. He was wise in the way that only 8 years of undergraduate studies can make you! When he planned on “day-drinking”, he would schedule power naps throughout the day to take a break, rest up and let his body catch up. Not only is this a great idea, it’s also perfect for the Holidays when we have a few days off of work and could use a little extra R&R. A typical Christmas or New Year’s Day morning at my house starts with a couple Irish coffees or mimosas. After opening presents or taking in some football, there’s often an obligatory nap in the lazy boy while the kids play with their new toys. Around lunch time, there might be a few beers or Bloody Marys. In the late afternoon is another great opportunity for a power nap before the festivities of the evening. Even as little as 30 to 40 minutes of napping, a few times throughout the day can help keep you in the game, slow your drinking pace and keep you awake and alert for a few cocktails in the evening. Look, no one’s saying you should drink all day long, but since many of you are going to do it anyway, you might as well have a strategy. Adding Intox-Detox to your day, in the right amount and timed properly, can really help. More on that in a moment.


If you’re trying to do a job, then you need the right tool. And, you have to use the tool the right way. Trying to screw a nail into the wall to mount a picture will not produce a successful result. Even if you have the right tool, for example a screwdriver, it will do ABSOLUTELY zero good if you hold it backwards. The point is that people trying to avoid the dreaded hangover often reach for things like electrolytes (Gatorade or Pedialyte), hangover remedies, energy drinks (5-Hour Energy, Monster or coffee), without truly understanding how and when to use these tools for best results and what to realistically expect. Buying expensive solutions to the common side effects of alcohol consumption, like dehydration and fatigue, is often a waste of time. All you really need to do is to drink plenty of pure H2O water, eat healthy foods (a great source of electrolyte minerals), OTC pain meds and maybe utilize a little caffeine the morning after for a boost. Don’t waste your money when you already have the solutions at your disposal. For example, I’m assuming you have food, coffee, water and aspirin; if not you can easily acquire them at low cost. Many “hangover remedies” simply combine things that are irrelevant, ineffective or that you already have to part the uninformed from their hard-earned money. The only thing that really makes a difference, outside of the above, is something that uses real science to boost liver function and breakdown alcohol’s toxic byproduct known as ACETALDEHYDE. The faster you do that, the better you will feel tomorrow. And that’s exactly what Intox-Detox helps your body do. More on that coming…


Let’s face it, Intox-Detox is no miracle; and you can “out-drink it”. However, those who know how to use it, frequently tout its miraculous effects, their words not mine. It’s a tool, not a miracle. As mentioned above, no tool works properly when it’s used incorrectly. Bullet proof vests don’t work if they are hanging in your closet, or if you put them on after you get shot. Intox-Detox is no different. It does amazing things to expedite alcohol’s pathway through your body, ie liver. However, it is what is known as dose-dependent. The more you drink, the more you need to make it work. Again, no one is recommending binge-drinking or being irresponsible. The reality is that far too many people over-drink, sometimes on a regular basis. So, if they (you) are going to do it anyway, we want to help you, the best we can, to educate yourself, protect your liver and avoid feeling terrible the next day. If you are struggling with alcoholism, where you escalate and physically can’t stop drinking, that’s a different problem entirely. Intox-Detox is for the social drinker who wants to stay healthy while living life to the fullest. All that being said, a pack of ID is good for about 4 to 6 drinks or 4 to 6 hours, whichever comes first. For heavy drinkers, a pack prior to drinking and another before bed is often the best bet. Especially on an occasion like New Year’s Eve, when you are likely to be celebrating a little more aggressively. If you wake up the next morning feeling a bit under the weather, a pack of Intox-Detox usually picks you up within 45 to 60 minutes. Do recall, Intox-Detox is all-natural and safe in these quantities. An impressive human study was done with the equivalent of 3 packs of Intox-Detox and shown to be safe at those doses. If you think of Intox-Detox as a tool to support liver function, rather than a get-out-of-jail-free card or a miracle, and you follow this simple guideline, you will have amazing results. Best of all, you get the liver-protective effect of Japanese Raisin Extract and Setria L-Glutathione, in doses that produce incredible healthful effects in the body.

How Does it Work and When to Take Intox-Detox

Intox-Detox helps you achieve this feat by providing 2 ingredients clinically proven to BOTH protect your liver from your naughty doings and to help you feel nice the next morning. However, it’s very CRITICAL that you understand how and when to take Intox-Detox for  best results. Yes, it does matter!

People ask me all the time. My answer is always the same. We built Intox-Detox around some impressive research studies, so our recommendations come directly from the science. It’s always best to take Intox-Detox BEFORE you drink alcohol. That’s why we jokingly call it “The Condom for Your Liver”. Think of it as fortifying your liver proactively before the assault comes. Down here in Florida, no one would wait until the wind reaches hurricane force to put up their protective shutters or to evacuate. Another neat thing about our product is that the ingredients have a liver-protective effect, which you don’t get if you take it after the damage is done. Some people forget to take Intox-Detox before they have already had a drink or two; you get to talking and it slips your mind. For practical purposes, it’s best to take it within your first 2 or 3 drinks, before your liver gets backed up with toxins.

The Whole Pack?

The next questions is always “All 4 pills?” or “Why so many pills?”. The answer is the same; the SCIENCE says that we need this exact amount of the active herbal ingredients to be effective. If we could use less, we certainly would. However, we spent the money to spring for the full clinical dosage of Japanese Raisin Extract from the research. Can you take fewer pills, for example half of the pack? You can do anything you want. It’s a free country. We make no guarantees if you don’t follow our recommendations.

Recommendation: Take ALL 4 capsules in the Intox-Detox pack immediately prior to or during drinking, preferably within the first 2 or 3 drinks of the night. Repeat as needed, every 4 to 6 drinks or 4 to 6 hours, whichever comes first.

People have anecdotally reported having great results by taking half the pack now, half before bed. However, that’s hard to remember and often results in taking only half of the recommended serving size. The 1% of people who have not had great results with Intox-Detox do one of two things wrong. They take half the product, thinking they will try it out by going halfway. Or, they drink way too much for the one pack they took, misunderstanding the dose-dependency of the product. Remember, even the most ingenuous and helpful tools will not work if you don’t know how to operate them!

Please remember to always drink responsibly.

Grab a FREE SAMPLE of Intox-Detox here…

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Happy Holidays!


My Weekly Hangover Rant by Intox-Detox CEO Andy Bennett

My Hangover Rant

Here’s what we know: Intox-Detox works. I talk myself green in the face pretty much every day and night explaining exactly how and why it works better than ANYTHING ON THE MARKET. Not complaining, that’s my damn job; and I do it pretty darn well. Who else do you know who can still explain the biochemistry of the liver’s 2-stage process for detoxifying alcohol all while blitzed on high-gravity beer? Answer: NO ONE. I’m one of a kind and so is Intox-Detox.

For the uninitiated, Intox-Detox targets the specific chemical that causes the MISERY after drinking alcohol. Hangovers are actually caused by a wide array of physiological effects caused in the body when you drink alcohol. Those include inflammation, dehydration, gastrointestinal upset, low blood sugar and many, many more. However, the “hangover toxin” ACETALDEHYDE (which Intox-Detox targets) is the PRIMARY CAUSE of the worst side effects. Acetaldehyde toxicity causes side effects like nausea, headache, vomiting and wanting to crawl under a rock and die. Sounds EXACTLY like a hangover to me. Read on below video…


The other effects like inflammation and dehydration are actually pretty easy to handle, with nutrient-rich food, OTC pain meds and/or plain old H2O water. Acetaldehyde is a big hurdle for your liver to overcome because breaking it down depends on a finite amount of specific enzymes in your body.

It’s no surprise that we weren’t really built for guzzling 10% Russian Imperial Stouts. Our livers are tough as F, but we probably evolved the ability to breakdown Acetaldehyde from eating rotten fruit, which often contains alcohol. As the self-proclaimed “smartest species” on the planet, we quickly figured out how to make alcohol, which leads me to 2 fascinating, though possibly a little off target tangents…

Random Facts

  1. 10 Million Years – I read a convincing article recently that said we humans, and primates like us, have probably been ingesting alcohol-rich foods for 10 million years or so. Think about it; if food is scarce and the rotten, alcohol-soaked fruit is killing off those with WEAK LIVERS, the ones who survive to pass on their genes are  the good-timers who can stomach a little booze!
  2. Plants Farming Us – This is way off topic, but a Facebook post I saw and shared suggested that plants might just be so evolved as to give us oxygen and food so that we can exist just long enough to die, decompose and feed them with our lingering detritus. Fascinating!

Getting back to the point, while reviewing some Acetaldehyde research, I stumbled on a few more on-target facts that are meaningful for anyone who wants to consume moderate amounts of alcohol without feeling like total crap the next day.

  1. Live Enzymes are F-ing Complicated – Intox-Detox targets the ALDH2 enzyme that catalyzes the process of breaking down Acetaldehyde in the body. Our bodies depend on this enzyme and it is the rate-limiting factor for how fast we can recover from a night of partying. That’s the whole concept behind our product. How exactly our ingredients do this is still yet to be discovered. What we do know is that Asian cultures have been using these ingredients, especially Japanese Raisin (Hovenia dulcis), for detoxifying the liver and recovering from hangovers for centuries, and maybe even millennia. Two human studies clinically prove that our main ingredient does the job. 99.9% of people who try Intox-Detox experience it’s magic. The .01 that don’t usually need to reign in their drinking or take an additional pack before bed. We cannot account for people who are genetically (inferior sounds so Social Darwinist) – not good at breaking down alcohol’s toxins. When you get into the meat of the science you find that there are 19 different ALDH enzymes that affect all kinds of functions in the body. ALDH2 is just one of them. And it’s the one that is involved in stage 2 alcohol detox. Point is it’s a wild world inside your liver and you could spend a lifetime just studying this family of enzymes. The fact that we stumbled upon this pathway for detoxing alcohol is a combination of tradition, the insight of a smart biochemist I know and good old fashioned DUMB LUCK.
  2. Not Everything Natural Helps – For those obsessed with keeping it “natural” in all things – especially food, drink and supplements, we’re right there with you. But don’t kid yourself; not everything natural is good for you. And, not everything artificial is bad. Not to mention, there’s a huge philosophical debate to be had about how anything can really be “artificial” when it’s made by humans out of natural earthly materials. We’ll save that one for some night when you’re drinking old fashioneds with me at 5 am; it will be lively, spirited, possibly contentious and will DEFINITELY end up in religious debate, which I will win. The point is that there’s plenty of natural stuff that can kill you – off of the top of my head, let’s go with cyanide, rattle snakes, sulfuric acid, bleach and earthquakes. More specifically, there are antioxidants that will actually make your hangovers worse. Yes, I said it. I know we live in a time where the lauded ANTIOXIDANT angels are perfect and omni-benevolent, but some of them could possibly hurt you. For example, there are ingredients like kudzu, certain mushrooms and daidzen (from soy isoflavones) that are ALDH2 inhibitors. That means they do the opposite of Japanese raisin. They will inhibit your body’s production of ALDH2 enzyme and make your hangover worse! Others are natural upregulators of ADH or alcohol dehydrogenase. That sounds like a good thing because it speeds up stage 1 liver detox. However, speeding up your liver at this point in the process would actually theoretically cause your body to accumulate more Acetaldehyde (the hangover toxin), and faster. Yikes! My super-smart friend Brooke indicated as much when we first had our alcohol-inspired conversation about this over 10 years ago; that talk actually lead to the development of this product.
  3. Put Your Mouth Where My Pills Are – If you don’t believe that Acetaldehyde is the primary cause of the dreaded HANGOVER, I have a fun experiment for you. Actually it won’t be all that fun, unless you like the feeling of being poisoned and vomiting profusely. One of the best ALDH2 inhibitors, meaning it stops your body from breaking down the nasty Acetaldehyde chemical, is a drug called Antabuse. Here’s the fun experiement: I give you one of these pills. You swallow it down with ONE OUNCE OF VODKA. Yeah, just one little shot. You can mix it if you want, ya sissy! Within minutes you will be violently ill. No moderate dehydration, inflammation or stomach ache could ever compare to the little slice of HELL that you will eat a la mode. So, stop arguing with me when I say that Acetaldehyde is the primary cause of hangovers. You might be a doctor or a pre-med student, but the liver is a complicated UNIVERSE all it’s own. Unless you have spent 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars exploring that place, as I have, then you need to shut up and pick your poison. You can take Intox-Detox and see the MAGIC for yourself. Or you can take Antabuse and prove me wrong. The choice is yours.
  4. I’m Not Always Completely Right – Look, I spend a lot of time railing on “competitors” who pack their product with vitamins and antioxidants. As I proved above, not all antioxidants are helpful. Some can be harmful. Others are just irrelevant to the specific problem we are addressing – HANGOVERS. It’s not just about using natural products and antioxidants. It’s about using the right ones, and in the right amounts. None of our competitors do this. So, I pick on them for loading up their products with electrolytes and B & C vitamins. Notice that I never said these things were not helpful. I said that they were easy and cheap to acquire, so why the HELL would I sell you something that you already have or can get at low cost somewhere else? Looking back through the research, I was reminded that 500 mg of Vitamin C per day can actually boost your Glutathione levels significantly. Glutathione is an important antioxidant for protecting against Acetaldehyde (and breaking it down as well). It just so happens to be that B and C vitamins are also some of the cheapest supplements on the planet. FYI, you can also get them by just eating healthy food every day of your life. Point is that our competitors are giving you USEFUL stuff; but they’re actually just selling you oranges and eggs in pill form. I like to eat oranges and eggs. Vitamins are easy to find. Herbs that magically breakdown ACETALDEHYDE 65% faster, so you don’t feel sick after a few drinks – not so easy to find. I’m not always right; just ask any of my ex-girlfriends or my mom. But on this particular subject, I’m right. It’s expensive to do things right. It takes integrity and a commitment to quality. You have to sacrifice a lot of PROFIT MARGIN to achieve true efficacy. And that’s the special kind of idiot I am. I’d rather make less money and give you a product that works.
  5. What About the FDA? – While I’m at it, let’s bite the hand that spanks us! No, dietary supplements are not FDA-approved. You know what is though? Big Pharma drugs that kill so many people for so much money that they actually hire task forces and lobbyists to hide it from all of us. Sometimes they get caught, but usually they don’t even get prosecuted and they get to keep the majority of the profits. And, oops, it’s your fault because the fast,talking Micro Machine guy on the TV commercial warned you about the side effects (including death) in the last 3 seconds of the ad. I love Western medicine; they will save your damn life. And that’s what they are good for. Just remember, however, that before the drug companies took over the world there were several highly advanced societies who practiced medicine. So many people, including the FDA, tend to polarize the issue, as if we have to choose between “modern medicine” and the wisdom of the ancients. I think we should take the best of both and put them together. The only thing stopping this…you guessed it – Big Pharma and the FDA. They cannot make natural supplements into drugs without impinging on our rights. So they treat all natural supplements like scary snake oil, all the while peddling truly dangerous chemicals that kill people for top dollar. Then, as a knee-jerk reaction, people like me demonize the whole drug industry without giving credit for all the people they do save. We need to find balance on this issue. It’s right there in the Intox-Detox mission statement; we want to combine the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest ground-breaking dietary supplement science. Imagine how much money would be saved and how many human lives if we applied that maxim across all of medicine? One immediate offshoot…cannabis oil would be legalized (No THC required) and very few people would die of CANCER EVER AGAIN.

Here’s a funny example I will leave you with to illustrate the polarization of the American psyche when it comes to supplements and drugs…

Let’s say you go to a bar on any given night. Maybe your watching your NFL team on a Sunday or Monday. The bartender is giving out free beer and shots. Most people, including myself, will gladly indulge to their hearts delight in one of the most dangerous chemicals on planet earth – alcohol. It kills a lot of people, year after year, and there’s no indication that people are going to stop drinking anytime soon. That includes me by the way! But when you bump into me at that bar and I offer you an all-natural supplement that helps protect your liver and avoid the MISERY of the negative after effects (hangover), you look at me SIDEWAYS. I’m creepy. I know people are pill-averse and suspicious of anyone handing out “herbs”, but it’s fascinating to me that we will guzzle alcohol all day, yet we fear natural products. Ask yourself if this is how you really feel, or if this is just society and the establishment brainwashing you. Yes, the alcohol is FDA approved. Intox-Detox is not. I’ll summarize in one very clear statement…

Intox-Detox does not treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any disease, including a HANGOVER (yes, the FDA considers that a disease). We don’t want to be a drug. Then they might make us charge you $750 a pill. The difference with us is that our product works. And it doesn’t hurt people in the process.

Bottom Line

Acetaldehyde is the primary cause of hangovers. We put together a bad ass posse of ingredients that address the root cause and really work. There’s a lot of pretenders out there, so “Watch your cornhole, bud”. We took on the hangover and won. You’re welcome.

Don’t take my word for it. Grab a free sample at http://intox-detox.com/intox-detox-free-sample-2a/

You have to pay $4.99  for shipping, so we can keep researching hangovers and developing amazing products. Hell, for less than the price of one beer in that hypothetical bar you can avoid the MISERY of all the other ones you’ll drink for the night.







Intox-Detox Better Tomorrow Club Subscription


What is the Intox-Detox Better Tomorrow Club?

The Better Tomorrow Club is our monthly subscription that offers amazingly low prices for Intox-Detox, delivered to your door monthly, so that you always have a few packs on hand. Hey, you never know when an epic party will break out and you always want to be prepared to DETOX, RECOVER, and PROTECT.

Nobody plans on getting a nasty hangover. And failure to plan is planning to fail, as they say.

In the past we tried a subscription service for a box a month. The reality is that some people just don’t need 12 packs a month, unless your generous enough to share with all your friends.

That’s why this go around we set up a tiered subscription plan, where you can get 3, 6 or 12 packs auto-shipped to your door every month on autopilot. You can cancel anytime, and the more you buy, the more you save. It shakes out like this:

  • Bronze – 1 free sample for $4.99, 3 packs a month for $9.99 + shipping
  • Silver – 6 packs a month for $16.99 and FREE SHIPPING
  • Gold – 12 packs a month for $24.99 (FREE SHIPPING)

You won’t find better prices than that on Intox-Detox anywhere. And that’s why we’re doing it. We like to reward loyalty with amazing discounts. Not to mention, joining any of these subscriber lists gives you extra chances to win prizes and exclusive giveaways.

Click Bronze, Silver or Gold to join the Better Tomorrow Club now…

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Sugar-Free Strawberry Collins – Another Great Hangover-Busting Drink


Sugar-Free Cocktails Help to Avoid the Hangover

(Give me my free Intox-Detox Sample!)

Okay, we’ll repeat ourselves. We’ve said it so many times before, but chances are you’ve never visited the Intox-Detox blog, so welcome!

Here we try to educate people about how to protect their livers and avoid hangovers. By avoiding drinking? Hell no!

The point is to drink moderately and enjoy yourself while protecting your body and avoiding the MISERY of tomorrow. One of the best ways to do that is to avoid refined sugars, which are highly inflammatory and make your hangovers that much worse. Not to mention that a few summer cocktails can add up in terms of calories quicker than you think.

We’ll tell you more about other strategies for avoiding hangovers in a second, but first let’s get straight to the recipe…

Skip it and go straight to the FREE SAMPLE of Intox-Detox here…

Strawberry Collins Sugar-Free


4-5 Ripe Strawberries

2 oz Gin

1 1/2 Limes juiced

Zevia Strawberry soda

Few dashes Angosturra Orange Bitters



Muddle the berries, lime juice and bitters in a pint glass or Mason jar. Add a little Zevia Strawberry until it fizzes and muddle a little more to really bring out the sugars and oils.  Add ice and all remaining ingredients.

(See original non-sugar-free recipe here…)

Don’t know about Zevia sodas yet? You are totally missing out! It’s everything soda always should have been: 0 calorie, sugar-free, all-natural and delicious in cocktails. They even went totally clear to eliminate all dyes and artificial colors. You can give this stuff to your kid without worrying about a Mountain Dew temper tantrum that might scar both you and your child for life. Learn more about Zevia here… BONUS: Zevia also comes in a rainbow cornucopia of flavors, with something for everyone.

While you’re learning stuff, ever heard of Intox-Detox?

Our product is HANDS DOWN the best ALCOHOL DETOX & RECOVERY FORMULA on the market. It contains the ONLY 2 clinically proven ingredients (from human studies) that BOTH protect the liver and help avoid THE MISERY of the next morning when taken with alcohol. Best of all, it really works.

It’s also all-natural, safe, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and made in America

The only people who might not like it are MASOCHISTS who enjoy HANGOVERS and COMMUNISTS. (Probably not mutually exclusive groups!) There I said it.

Go get your FREE  SAMPLE of Intox-Detox now here…

Enjoy the recipe and stay #LIVERSTRONG because #HANGOVERSSUCK!

PS: Read below for a quick message from YOUR LIVER!


A Message from Your Liver About Intox-Detox – Hangovers Suck!

 Hangovers suck! Tough Love From the Toughest Organ in Your Body!

Hey bud, it’s Your Liver here. I was asked to write a little guest blog to explain a little bit about how Intox-Detox can help us when we have a few drinks together. Don’t get me wrong. I love a few drinks. It’s the byproduct of alcohol, known as ACETALDEHYDE, that really chafes my lobes. It just doesn’t have to be that way. With Intox-Detox, you get the only 2 ingredients clinically proven to both protect me and help avoid the MISERY of the day after the party.

Watch this brief video and then head over here to get you a FREE SAMPLE and join the INTOX-DETOX BETTER TOMORROW CLUB. You’ll get a sample for only $4.99 shipping. WHEN not IF you love it, you’ll get 3 packs every month for only $9.99.

For lest than the price of a couple beers in a bar, you can be the life of the party without feeling terrible the next day.

Click here to join the Better Tomorrow Club now…

Thanks for tuning in! #HANGOVERSSUCK so stay #LIVERSTRONG!




Guilt-Free Skinny Margaritas for Summertime – Pairs Well with Intox-Detox!


Perfecting the Art of the Skinny Margarita

Who doesn’t love a good margarita in the summertime? And yet, most of the ones you get at the bar have enough sugar to put you in a diabetic coma after only a few drinks. Why waste the calories when there’s a better way?

Anyone else severely disappointed by the “skinny margarita” option? Whether it comes out of a “skinny bitch” bottle or it’s just over-hyped agave nectar (most of which is neither natural, agave or low-glycemic) or just watered down margarita – my most common experience – yes, even at “good” tequila bars. There has to be a better way!

There are so many recipes out there, but this is one of the best ones that we at Intox-Detox have ever found. And depending on your devotion to being truly sugar-free, you can go a couple of different ways, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Below are all the details you need to adapt this recipe EXACTLY to your tastes and preferences.

I promise that I thoroughly tested this recipe to make sure that it was solid. I take this VERY SERIOUSLY. It’s my full-time job! It took a little adjusting, but this was the result we came up with….

Here at Intox-Detox, we like to keep the sugar to an absolute minimum. It’s not ENTIRELY for vanity. It’s no secret that refined sugar is terrible for you. However, because it causes an inflammatory response in the body, plain old WHITE SUGAR can make your hangovers worse too. Not to mention that a high-refined sugar diet is WORSE for your liver than drinking moderately, according to the latest research.

And sugar doesn’t just make your cells inflamed, it tends to do the same around your waist!

We’ll save our sugar intake for fun treats like the occasional cookie or piece of birthday cake. Here’s what you need to pick up to perfect this recipe:


  • Kosher or coarse Sea Salt
  • 1 3/4 – 2 ounces Espolon silver tequila
  • 1 ounce fresh lime juice
  • 1 ounce Trop 50 orange juice or fresh-squeezed
  • 2 tablespoons Madhava Agave Five or 1-2 tablespoons Truvia simple syrup (see additional recipe below)
  • 1 lime wedge for garnish


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and all ingredients. Apply the lid and shake for 30 to 45 seconds. Strain or poor into your chosen glass (pre-rimmed with salt if you choose).


  1. Tequila – We absolutely love Espolon; I’d go so far as to say that it’s better than Patron and at a fraction of the (usually about $23-25 for 750 ml) cost. Whatever tequila you choose, just make sure that it’s 100% Agave. You might prefer reposado or anejo, but quality isn’t all about price. And bad tequila will require more packs of Intox-Detox!
  2. Sweetener – Some people don’t dig the so-called “after taste” of Truvia. In that case, you can opt for fresh-squeezed OJ, rather than Trop 50 and use the agave nectar. That will add a little more sugar and calories, but what good is a calorie-free drink that you don’t enjoy? In the past, we have gotten lazy and opted for the Master of Mixes Lite, which is virtually sugar-free, but not nearly as good as either of these fresher options. If you go that route, you won’t need fresh juices or sweeteners and you should mix at a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio, tequila to margarita mix.
  3. Truvia Simple Syrup – We typically follow the wisdom of Zevia. If you don’t know about them, please check them out. They make sugar-free sodas in a rainbow of flavors, which are all incredible for making low-calorie cocktails. These are soft drinks that you can enjoy or even serve to your children with a clear conscience. Recently they have removed the artificial colors from their soda products. Zevia blends erythritol (natural fruit sugar alcohol found in grapes), stevia and monk fruit extract, which is a great sugar-free blend to mimic the taste of sugar. To make the simple syrup combine 1/2 cup warm/hot water with 3 1/2 tablespoons of Truvia spoonable sweetener. If you only have the Truvia packs, you need 12 of them for this recipe. Shake or stir until all the granules have dissolved. However, we recommend using 6 packs of Monk fruit extract and 6 packs of Truvia. You might also look into Truvia’s new Nectar product, which blends honey and stevia.  We found that it doesn’t mix easily and tends to aggregate at the bottom of the shaker, but the taste is very nice. It’s not completely sugar-free and you might use half of above recommendation because it is VERY SWEET.
  4. Madhava Agave Five – This sweetener surprised us. It’s also not sugar-free, but pretty low calorie. It’s agave nectar that has monk fruit and stevia added to cut the calories. And it mixes beautifully. While it adds a few extra calories, this was our favorite sweetener from the “experiment”.
  5. To Taste… – It’s hard to say exactly what you will like. Personally, I like a strong drink where I can taste the tequila. If you don’t, you might cut this back to 1 and 1/2 ounces of tequila. I also like a “fresh” drink. Exactly what that means is hard to define and probably depends a lot upon your taste buds. I don’t mind something a little sour and I absolutely hate the hyper-sweet concoctions that pass for margaritas at most places. So you can tweak this too. Try different sweeteners, as suggested, or add an extra 1/2 ounce if needed. Or cut it if you find it too sweet. This recipe is a great starting place with ingredients that both taste good and spare the sugars and calories. Not to mention that natural compounds in fresh orange and lime, erythritol, REAL agave nectar and monk fruit contain potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that may also help avoid the hangover.

Want to Make a Whole Pitcher for the Party?

To make about 6 – 8-oz drinks or approximately 45 ounces, use the following:

  • 2 and 1/2 cups of tequila
  • 1 cup fresh lime juice (15 limes worth)
  • 1 and 1/4 cup fresh-squeezed OJ (5 medium oranges) or Trop 50
  • 6 tablespoons of Madhava Agave Five OR Truvia simple syrup

NUTRITION FACTS:  1 Margarita with Madhava Agave 5 nectar and Trop 50…

  • Calories: 166
  • Carbs: 7 grams
  • Sugar: 4 grams

Enjoy and don’t forget to take your Intox-Detox!

Click here to save 50% for a limited time with our Summer Promo Sale…



Intox-Detox Summer Promo Sale – Because Hangovers Still Suck


INTOX-DETOX Rewards Feedback!

Save 50% now and submit your testimonial to start earning bonus packs now…

Our product tends to accumulate obsessed and loyal fans (new customers) everywhere we go. Almost every time I give away a free sample, the text or email comes in the next day. It usually says something like: “I didn’t believe you, but that stuff really works! Where do I get more?”

For the last 6 months our efforts have been focused on answering that question. We have been working overtime to hit every trade show and event possible so that we can bring Intox-Detox to the mainstream market. We want you to be able to hit your corner convenience store or gas station and pick up a pack of Intox-Detox before you go out for the night. We’re getting there, but we’re not quite there yet.

The word of mouth on Intox-Detox has always been amazing, but we need to start speaking a little more LOUDLY and turning up the volume on the conversation.

How we propose to do that is by rewarding you with bonus Intox-Detox product for sharing your experiences. So, how does that work exactly?

Written Testimonial = 1 free pack of Intox-Detox

Social Media Post = 2 free packs

Video Testimonial = 3 free packs

*Email testimonials and/or links to social media posts to info@intox-detox.com

Tell your local retailers what’s up. Ask them to carry our product in their stores. We even offer an Affiliate program so you can MAKE EXTRA MONEY when you give referrals that generate sales, either to individual customers or retail.

One thing is sure: There are over $200 billion spent every year just on off-premise alcohol sales – gas stations, grocery/convenience stores, etc…

And of all the people I’ve met traveling around and promoting Intox-Detox, I can say one thing for sure – NOBODY LIKES A HANGOVER.

Click here to save 50%

Have a great day!

Andy Bennett

Intox-Detox CEO/Founder

The Intox-Detox VIP Inner Circle – Join My Tribe


What is the Inner Circle?

A good friend of mine once told me that this company was perfect because it was the embodiment of my personality. I couldn’t agree more. I guess that’s why I love my job so much, because I get to be myself and get paid for it.

Allow me to expand on that, without writing my entire life story: I enjoy staying healthy with wholesome nutrition, as well as challenging, stress-relieving weight-training workouts & intense cardio. However, there have been times when I went too far, counting every calorie and forgetting to have fun in life. At other times, I have gone in the other direction – neglecting workouts and drinking a few too many beers and not enough iced teas. Anyone who remembers my tenure at Slippery Rock University knows what I’m talking about. I think we all did a bit of that in college, but I kind of made it into an art form, if I do say so myself. And art isn’t always pretty, but it certainly was educational. I also graduated with a pretty impressive GPA, considering my BAC!

The point is that both extremes made me unhappy. Life is about balance. And Intox-Detox is about helping people to balance fun with health. And hopefully, we do it with a little bit of tongue-in-cheek swagger, flawlessly-timed quips and a goofy spring in our step. That’s just how my friends and I roll. I don’t take myself too seriously.

One thing I do take seriously: HANGOVERS!

I hate them. And my goal in life is to banish them from the Earth. Maybe we’ll never get rid of them completely…but, 10 years of research and being the guinea pig for Intox-Detox has proven 1 thing for sure: there’s a lot we can do to help when we pay attention to the science.

(By the way, that’s not my ONLY GOAL in life; it’s not even #1. Being best friends with my daughter tops that list)

For the last 3 years I’ve been traveling across America promoting the Intox-Detox product and having a blast in the process. I met more people and took more plane rides in the last year alone than in my entire life up to this point. We gave out nearly 30,000 samples of Intox-Detox with 1 consistent result – Intox-Detox works. Yet, something has been missing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Thinking back on all those fun times, it’s the people that I enjoyed the most. I had the privilege to take some of my best friends and closest family members along for the ride – to the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas, Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL, the Talladega Geico 500, Police Week in Washington DC and so much more. My travels have been some of the best times of my life. We made new friends across the country who I consider to be more than customers. They are family. This Intox-Detox brand is about people. It always has been.


The Inner Circle is something I’ve been thinking about for a while.  What if I could extend my family and include all of these amazing people? And keep expanding to add all of the new people we meet every time we go out into the world to promote Intox-Detox?

Sure, a lot of those relationships start out a little contentious, if I’m being honest. Most of the time it’s someone telling me that I’m full of crap. They tell me dehydration (learn more) alone causes HANGOVERS, or sugar, or any one of a million other different pieces of misinformation bumping around the internet these days. The reality is that most healthcare professionals don’t even fully understand what’s really going on with hangovers. And that’s okay; they have more important jobs to tend to – i.e. saving people’s lives. I’m the joker who spent 10 years researching hangovers. But it paid off. And whether you believe it or not, the proof is in the no-hangover pudding.

(Click here to learn all 8 of the top causes of hangovers and what you can do about them…)

And nothing is more satisfying than going from “you’re full of crap” to the admiration and obsession that most users exhibit after their first magical Intox-Detox experience. Honestly, people look at me differently. And I like it. It’s probably because I was a shy kid who was always desperate for attention. But I don’t like to dwell on the “I told you so” of it all. Or try to act like I’m some kind of celebrity. I’m not. I’m a normal ass dude. I like to figure things out and educate people. And that’s my job. I love it. The new friends and free drinks just come with the territory.

I believe in this product. I take it myself every time I have more than a drink or two. It helps me. And people tell me all the time that it helped them. If nothing else, I love helping people. And when I find something great, my nature is to share it.

How do I share my success and everything I have learned from developing Intox-Detox with the world, and more specifically my friends, family and new friends who are becoming family?

My Intox-Detox Tribe

I have a tendency to want to give and give. I believe that when you give first you get so much more in return. And that’s why we have such loyal customers. (other than the fact that Intox-Detox works so darn well) Yet, we have to deal with the reality of our industry. We have to make money. I couldn’t care less about money as long as my daughter and my family are fed and safe. However, what money will do is allow me to develop more awesome products like our Intox-Detox Liquid Shooter and Energy Drink, which are both in R&D phase and looking for funding. This changing the world stuff isn’t cheap.

Yet, I know in my heart that the reason our brand exists and my inspiration for getting out of bed every day is the people in our circle. The Intox-Detox Inner circle allows them to lock in exclusive pricing that you won’t find anywhere else. Soon the extremely discounted coupon codes for Intox-Detox will be drying up to protect our business interests. The Inner Circle allows us to stay true to the fans and customers who knew us first. It also allows for so much more… Here’s just a few potential benefits.

Face Time

Unlike Coca Cola or Dollar Shave Club, I know most of my customers; and we hang out on a pretty regular basis. Of course that will change as we continue to grow. But not for the Inner Circle. My goal is to extend my Intox-Detox family and include Inner Circle members in our events and excursions. Off the top of my head, I’d love to give away tickets for concerts, beer fests, wine tastings and even vacations and cruises. So that my closest friends and best customers can hang out with me and we can enjoy our growth and success together. I’m a big picture, big goal type of guy. I want to fill a whole cruise ship with Intox-Detox peeps and sail into the Caribbean for a week or two. Who’s coming with?

Facebook Group

Look, not everyone is going to like you in life. In fact, if they do, there’s probably something wrong. If you get along with everyone, you probably have never taken a stand in your life. My point is that some people on Facebook just don’t get it. They come at me with moral judgments about drinking too much etc. For those who really know me, I’ve been too busy building Intox-Detox to be drunk all the time. Not to mention, I have a 3-year-old daughter. Half of the time I’m playing tea party and doing puzzles. At Intox-Detox events, drinking is literally my job. I always say it: Nobody trusts a skinny chef. And the “hangover pill” guy that doesn’t drink is not to be trusted either. Needless to say, I keep a balance in my life. I don’t care if some of them “get it” or not. But you guys get me. And I like that about people:) I want to have an exclusive Facebook Group where our tribe can do our thing and share Intox-Detox pictures, tips, tricks and experiences, without all the noise of the naysayers. We don’t want everybody. We want you.

Exclusive Pricing

I want to pass as much of the savings as I can onto the people who have been there all along. And the new people who get us and want to be a part of Intox-Detox. It’s your company too. I am a servant to my customers. What you want I will do my best to deliver. We are still working on coming up with a fair pricing setup for the Inner Circle. But my goal is to give you guys the best price possible and deliver so much additional value that the Intox-Detox product is practically free for you, like icing on the cake. And once you lock in that price, you get a box a month as part of your membership, with the option to buy as many additional boxes as you want. For example, if you had a wedding or an event planned, you might want to buy 8 or 10 boxes that month, rather than the one auto-ship box. And you would be able to purchase unlimited boxes at the exclusive price.

Other Benefits

We will also share news and updates, sponsor events, visits breweries and wineries, give away Intox-Detox apparel and let you be the first to try new product samples. Hell, the way things are going and with the plans I have in store for Intox-Detox, we will also be hiring shortly. Who can I trust more than my Inner Circle?

Bottom Line

In summary, my friend was right – Intox-Detox is me. I try not to take it personally when people don’t like the product or my vision for the brand. But if you don’t get “it” or me, then just move on. I want to focus on the people who made and continue making me and this company into what we are, as well as what we are going to be. I believe there are enough of us who “get it” to be plenty successful and have a great time in the process.

Above all, my vision for the Inner Circle is to be like a family. At the risk of sounding like I’m starting a cult, I really mean it. Success, celebrity and all the money in the world means nothing without people to share it with. You don’t have to tithe out to join my tribe. You don’t have to pledge allegiance, kiss the ring or bow to the crown. There’s no prima nocta up in this club. I just want a group of people who share in the ideals of Intox-Detox to gather and have fun and enjoy life together. If I can subsidize that by offering you the best price on the planet for Intox-Detox in the process, then so much the better.

Life is too short to spend not having a blast. And it’s damn sure too short to spend your time with negative people and a$$holes. We’re better than that.

Click here to learn more about the Intox-Detox Inner Circle.

I hope you will join my tribe and help me to create a better tomorrow for all.








Andy Bennett

Intox-Detox CEO/Founder

PS: Check out a little video of me goofing around at the Talladega Nascar Sprint Cup Geico 500. I try to explain what causes hangovers by the fence while the cars go zooming by.


The Top 8 Causes of Hangovers and What to Do About Them

hangover causes

Top 8 Causes of Hangovers

Everyone can agree that #HANGOVERSSUCK – what remains up for debate are two things…

A. What actually causes them?

B. What you should do about them?


There’s so much confusion and misinformation. Even many medical professionals don’t completely understand the true causes of hangovers. The fact is that there is no one cause. There are 8 major physiological factors that contribute. Here is a brief list with some tips for what you can do about it. (Click the image to learn more about each factor)

  1. Inflammation

hangover and inflammation

(Image credit to http://blog.lifestyleplus.net/health/natural-healing/ways-to-fight-inflammation)

Tip: Add anti-inflammatory foods, spices and natural supplements. Take NSAIDs – aspirin, Advil and Aleve – at your own risk. Avoid Tylenol or acetaminophen at all costs while drinking alcohol. Learn more about avoiding inflammation here…

2. Dehydration

dehydration hangover

(Image credit – indianapublicmedia.org)

Tip: Drink water! Coconut water is great because it naturally contains antioxidants and electrolytes to hydrate faster. Drink fluids before, during and after drinking alcohol. Learn more about avoiding it here…

3. Sleep Disrupters

hangover glutamine rebound

(Image credit – www.bbc.com – click image to learn more)

Tip: Get 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep. Learn how Intox-Detox can help you wake up more refreshed…

4. Gastrointestinal Upset

hangover nausea

(Image credit to www.schechtermd.com)

Tip: Use all-natural antacids like baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or potassium bicarbonate. OTC antacids can be used in a pinch, but may have side effects. Learn more about the natural way here…

5. Low Blood Sugar

hangover and low blood sugar

(Image credit www.johnsonfit.com)

Tip: Relieve low blood sugar in the short-term naturally with a tablespoon of honey, 4 oz. of juice or a handful of raisins. Follow with a more substantial meal or snack, containing healthy fats, lean proteins and low-glycemic carbohydrates. To learn how to prevent low blood sugar associated with alcohol intake click here…

6. Free Radicals

free radical hangover

(Image credit juicing-for-health.com)

Tip: Eat foods high in antioxidants like vegetables – especially the green and cruciferous varities – and fruits. Brightly colored foods like carrots, squash, berries, cherries and pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants. Learn more about the antioxidants found in Intox-Detox here…

7. Vitamin Deficiency

vitamins for hangover

(Image credit livingprettynaturally.com)

Tip: Most of the same foods that are high in antioxidants also contain the vitamins and minerals needed to make sure your body has everything it needs to detox alcohol. Include a multivitamin supplement with a meal prior to drinking alcohol to cover all your bases. Learn more about that here…

8. Acetaldehyde Toxicity

acetaldehyde hangover

Tip: Eat foods high in the amino acids L-Cysteine and L-Glutathione. Examples include red meat, avocados, onions, garlic, whey protein, greens and eggs. This is where Intox-Detox shines, containing 2 ingredients clinically proven to help detox this nasty chemical. Learn more here…


Hangovers are not completely understood. That doesn’t mean that science can’t help. We know that the 8 factors listed above are intimately involved. With natural approaches to addressing these root causes of hangover symptoms, we can alleviate some of the suffering and help protect our bodies in the process.

That’s why we created a cheat sheet for you called the 7 SIMPLE STEPS TO AVOID A HANGOVER. Download it here…

In less than 5 minutes, you can have a blueprint for avoiding hangovers through diet, lifestyle and, yes, supplements like Intox-Detox.  We spent 10 years researching the problem and turned our findings into this brief and free report.

Grab a sample of Intox-Detox here…





Life is Far Too Important to Be Taken Seriously

“Ah! my dear Count, life is much too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it” – Oscar Wilde

Hilarious! Thanks to The Onion for creating this video.

While fighting and acting crazy while drunk is not encouraged, there are a few good things to take away from this video…


I highly recommend doing fun activities while drinking. Don’t make drinking the activity. Play pool, darts, beer pong or whatever. Enjoy doing something while you have some drinks with friends.

Working Out

I don’t enjoy working out while drinking. My opinion is that you should do one or the other – or you end up doing both poorly. However, playing softball, kickball or recreational sports while drinking is pretty fun. For some reason beer is now mixed with running and yoga these days. And people seem to love it. Bottom line is to get your work out in somehow. Working out regularly helps your body recover faster and produce more detoxifying Glutathione. A quick workout the morning after some drinks can help you sweat it out and detox faster as well.


People who laugh are happier, healthier and more fun to be around. Don’t take life too seriously. Let yourself laugh. It’s one of the best medicines around.

Get Outside

The benefits of being out in the world among people far outweigh saving a few bucks. We are all on budgets, but take yourself out for a beer at happy hour with friends. Or host your own at your place. Go to the beach, go camping. Change the venue and go enjoy some drinks in nature. Sipping drinks on the beach is my favorite.


What does writing have to do with anything? Stay with me. I have a background in writing. I actually spent 5 years in Los Angeles pursuing a screenwriting career. It’s a tough road. Despite some fulfilling success, I determined that the movie industry is a tough nut to crack. Instead of fighting in the trenches, I decided to go start a profitable company, so that me and my friends can make the kinds of movies we love without having to jump through everyone else’s hoops. I have so much respect for good writing and I continue to write daily to this day. Comedy writing is one of the hardest forms of composition. So much work goes into doing it well and yet, at the end of the day, you are judge on one simple thing – did people laugh? Satire is particularly hard to master and no one does it better than The Onion. So big props to them because this video made me laugh out loud.

Most people don’t think their ideas are worth anything. So untrue. Every thing that crosses your mind is not going to be solid gold, but how will you know if you don’t retain the information? Keep a journal of your thoughts, goals and dreams. Weeks or months later, when you finger back through, you might just find a golden nugget that changes your life. That’s how Intox-Detox came to be. I kept a running journal of notes on the science behind hangovers. One day I woke up and it all just fell into place. But it never would have happened if I didn’t write down what I was thinking, no matter how seemingly nonsensical or irrelevant.

The whole point of Intox-Detox is enjoying life. One way people choose to enjoy and celebrate is to toast a few drinks. I wanted to help moderate drinkers do so without damaging their bodies and feeling terrible in the morning. We literally created a #BETTERTOMORROW for millions of people (soon to be billions!)

Grab a free sample here… ($4.99 for shipping)

Save 50% with our summer coupon code “WINESLUSHY” (not case sensitive)



Andy Bennett

Intox-Detox CEO/Founder

Join the Intox-Detox #LIVERSTRONG VIP List

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7 Steps to Being Hangover Free with Intox-Detox


Here at Intox-Detox we take a scientific approach to having fun. Most people like to have a few drinks with friends and family. No one wants a NASTY HANGOVER.

The problem is that when it comes to avoiding hangovers, no one can agree on what causes them. And there is a ton of misinformation out there. Everyone has their folk remedy or so-called HANGOVER CURE. But almost no one is actually committed to investing the time to learn what is really going on with hangovers and how you can intervene to fix them. If you want to read about all of the physiological factors involved, which cause hangovers, click here (COMING SOON)

We spent over 10 years researching hangovers. And not just by drinking! We hired some Grade A “smartypants” type of people to plumb all of the scientific research and find ingredients that really help. Here’s the key…

Don’t wait until after you have a hangover!

You need to stop it in its tracks before it ever happens. And I’m about to give you my complete guide to doing that right now. You’re welcome.

Grab a free sample now…

7 Simple Steps to Avoiding a Hangover

1. Get Fat

Eat healthy fats BEFORE you go out drinking.

Don’t wait until after the damage is done to have a greasy plate of eggs and bacon. Fats do a handful of good things for you when you are having some drinks. They slow down the absorption of the alcohol, which gives your body more time to process it. The nutrients and antioxidants can also help protect you from the damaging effects of booze, if you pick the right fats. For example, avocado delivers healthy fats and an important amino acid called L-Glutathione. (More on that in a second) My recommendation is to eat a steak salad with avocado, egg, olive oil, onions and a whole mess of greens. All of these nutrients will help your body better process the alcohol.

You had me at HELLO! Buy now for 20% off (Coupon Code = “ABID20”)

2. Glutathione Load

Eat foods that contain Glutathione and its precursors.

Glutathione is an amino acid, but it’s also a powerful antioxidant and liver detox ingredient. Your body makes it, but you run out quickly while drinking alcohol. It is crucial to detoxifying alcohol, but it also protects your body from the damaging effects. Some glutathione boosters are eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables – especially asparagus, artichoke, Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, collard greens, cabbage, watercress and kale. Others include red meat, whey protein, turmeric (like curry), garlic and onions. Tip: If you work out and keep whey protein in the house, a quick shake before, during or after drinking alcohol will help boost your Glutathione levels. Whey protein is high in cysteine, which is a precursor to Glutathione in the body.

3. Drink with Your Mouth and Your Brain

Choose drinks wisely.

Dark spirits can make hangovers worse. Beer before liquor will make you sicker. Wine and champagne can have nasty effects on some people. Typically, the cheaper the booze, the more hangover-causing impurities. But remember, the highest quality poison is still poison. Any alcoholic drink could potentially give you a hangover. It’s important to know yourself. You know your body better than anyone. If a certain drink doesn’t agree with you, then don’t drink it. Try to avoid mixing many different kinds of drinks. Don’t mix liquor with a lot of carbonation, excess sugar, artificial sweeteners and/or colors and dyes. That’s just a recipe for a nasty hangover.

So informative! I’ll reward you by purchasing Intox-Detox now (coupon code = “ABID20”)

4. Put the Lime in the Coconut

Stay hydrated!

It’s the easiest thing in the world to do, yet almost no one gets it right. The joke goes like this: It’s impossible to drink 8 glasses of water in a day, but 8 glasses of wine can be done in the space of an evening. People always want to get all fancy with their hydration, whether it be Gatorade, Pedialyte or whatever hydrating drink is in fashion. Pure H2O water works pretty darn well too. And, unlike so many other “hangover remedies” it’s usually free. It’s simple: Just drink 4 to 6 ounces of water between every alcoholic beverage. Load up before you start and again before bed. We really like all natural coconut water because of the healing properties and the high amounts of quality electrolytes like potassium. Try to pick one without added sugar (we love the ones with pulp!). Another great option for replacing electrolytes is to just eat a banana.

Free sample please!

5. Sweat and Swell

Get it on!

Exercise is good for you. Okay, that’s not news to anyone. Aside from burning calories, keeping your heart fit and building lean muscle, it also boosts your immune system. One way it does that is by forcing your body to produce more Glutathione. You mean the same Glutathione that is required to break down the nasty toxins from alcohol and keep them from damaging your body? Yup, one and the same. Wait, but I thought exercise could suppress your immune system…what the what? It’s true that one bout of exercise temporarily damages your body, but it’s a good form of damage. It forces your body to recover and rebuild stronger; that’s how muscle is built. People who exercise regularly recover more quickly and produce more Glutathione. In particular, resistance training and intense cardio like Tabata have immense benefits for health and detoxification. Get your workout in first and then go reward yourself with a few drinks. Also, doing some cardio the morning after drinking can help speed up the detox process a bit. You don’t have to go for broke, just get your sweat on for 15 to 20 minutes. (With the help of Intox-Detox, you might even be able to do a more productive workout – read more about that here – COMING SOON)

Just ship me some already!

6. What Supp?

Take vitamins and supplements that help your body detoxify alcohol.

You don’t have to become a “pill-popper” to get the benefits of vitamins and supplements. Rather than rattling off a huge list of supplements and vitamins to take before drinking, let’s keep it simple. Anything that is an antioxidant is going to help, but some are more helpful than others. That’s why we did all the hard work for you. We looked at the research and created Intox-Detox with ingredients that are clinically proven to both protect the liver (and body proper), as well as help to avoid the misery of the next morning. Setria L-Glutathione and its precursors helps to neutralize the damaging effects of alcohol’s dangerous metabolite ACETALDEHYDE (ALD). It acts like a bouncer helping to escort a troublemaker from a crowded night club. Japanese Raisin extract actually fortifies the liver so that it can more quickly detoxify ALD, and it also adds its own liver-protective effects with antioxidant properties. We added Green Tea and Korean Panax Ginseng because they have been shown in preliminary research to help detox the liver, especially that nasty ALD SOB. Take Intox-Detox, preferably BEFORE drinking, or with your first couple alcoholic beverages. For best results, an additional pack may be taken before bed.

Also, many of the Glutahtione-boosting foods listed in Step 2 can be obtained in supplement form. Here’s a few shortcuts to get all of the benefits without popping dozens of pills. Take a multivitamin and B complex with your pre-game meal and/or before bed. Add a greens powder to your regimen to cover all of your bases. Not only will this give you more greens than you could ever eat but, you will also get things like chlorophyll, superfoods, fruits, probiotics and herbal detox ingredients in many of these formulas. I recommend Greens + Organics Wild Berry Superfoods. Try a serving before drinking and another before bed. As mentioned above, whey protein is also a good idea because it contains L-Cysteine, the precursor to Glutathione. Taking it before, during and/or after drinking can be very helpful as well. Many people wonder… What about milk thistle? Milk thistle can be great for regenerating damaged liver cells, but it does not work nearly as well for preventing the misery of tomorrow. Milk  thistle and liver detox products can be taken as well, if you feel that you need a more comprehensive liver cleanse.

7. Flame Off

Fight cellular inflammation, preferably the natural way.

Alcohol causes inflammation, especially that pesky ALD metabolite we mentioned. It bounces around in your body and causes trouble. There are many foods that naturally prevent inflammation, including fruits, greens and fatty fish. Spices like cloves, cinnamon, oregano, sage, thyme, turmeric, ginger and rosemary can also be helpful. Powerful natural supplements like tart cherry fruit extract, aged garlic, ginger, turmeric, white willow bark, omega-3, green tea extract, boswellia serrata and capsaicin (chili pepper extract) fight inflammation. Many people choose to use NSAIDs, aspirin, Advil or Tylenol for this purpose. NEVER use acetaminophen (Tylenol or equivalent) because it alone can stress the liver. These can all be potentially dangerous drugs for some people, especially if taken on an empty stomach. If you choose to go the OTC route, aspirin is your best bet. Swallow it down before bed with some coconut water, greens drink or whey protein. Natural alternatives are highly recommended, some of which have proven to be as effective as the drugs, but without the negative side effects.

Send my free sample now…


You can have fun with a few alcoholic beverages without feeling terrible the next day. Some of these tips are just common sense. Others of them can help you address the root causes of your hangover and preempt the damage and misery with real science-based action. What if you do all of these things and still wake up hungover?

Chances are that you over-drank. There’s only so much that natural approaches can do. Alcohol is poison. And everyone’s body is a little different. You may just have to re-evaluate how much you drank and make better choices. That being said, an additional pack of Intox-Detox can be taken in the morning to help your body detox faster. Or maybe you forgot to take Intox-Detox altogether. Anecdotal reports suggest that taking Intox-Detox the next morning can help you to feel better within 45 to 60 minutes.

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Hang Over Cure in an Ice Cream Bar? Sweet! Intox-Detox Approves


Ice Cream as a Hangover Cure?

If only it were that simple. Just imagine. Everyone loves ice cream. What if it were a cure-all for the common hangover. What a beautiful world it would be…

But wait a company in South Korea is actually selling an ice cream bar that works as a hangover cure. We just had to share this with the world. It’s called the “Gyeondyo-bar”, (G-bar for short) which in Korean translates to “Hang in there”. It turns out that the South Koreans are the biggest drinkers in Asia per capita. Who knew?

Read the full article here…

Does it Work?

The coolest thing about this new product – it probably works. The G-bar contains Japanese Raisin extract, the same superfood in Intox-Detox. In fact, it’s all making sense now because we buy our raw material from a Korean-American company called Lifetree, one of the only suppliers of the ingredient in the US. We can’t speak for the potency of their ice cream product, but what a cool way to help fight a hangover. See what I did there?

Of course, our philosophy is to preempt feeling terrible by taking Intox-Detox before or during drinking alcohol to protect the body while eliminating the toxins. We prefer to address the root cause of the problem before it happens, rather than waiting until the next morning and trying to “treat” the hangover.

Also, Intox-Detox contains three other powerful ingredients that work in tandem with the Japanese Raisin to detox, recover and protect the body. One of those amazing ingredients is the patented Setria L-Glutathione, which was featured on The Doctors TV show. It acts like a MASTER ANTIOXIDANT for the body, especially against alcohol in the liver.

It’s unlikely that you could jam the whole clinically proven dose of Japanese Raisin extract into one little ice cream bar. That’s why our formula has 4 capsules; you need the right amount of the ingredient to do the job. However, the G-bar would make a great companion product along with Intox-Detox!

Have a healthy meal before you hit the bar and finish it off with a hangover-preventing ice cream bar for dessert. We are seriously thinking about importing these things. Say it with me…

I scream. You scream. We all scream…from HANGOVERS!


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Vine Pair’s Guide to Day Drinking and How Intox-Detox Can Help – Got Hangover?



Every once in a while our team reads an article that is so spot on that we just have to share. In this case it’s VinePair.com and their recent article The Official Guide to Day Drinking Like a Pro and Still Making it Out at Night. And what day would be better than Sunday Funday to give some real scientific analysis on the fine art of DAY DRINKING?

It’s not our first rodeo! Here at Intox-Detox we have done our share of day drinking. And we’ve probably made every mistake in the mistake book – yeah that’s a thing. Between Stagecoach, beer fests like Treasure Coast, trips to Ireland, Nascar races like Talladega, the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas and all of our other adventures creating and promoting Intox-Detox, we’ve seen and done it all.

Of course, our biggest concern these days is protecting the body and avoiding a miserable morning the day after. Day drinking is like the perfect storm for a wicked HANGOVER. By adding Intox-Detox to the equation you can get an even better result than using VinePair’s tips alone.

Because we like to go the extra mile to teach you how to keep balance in your life while having some fun, we are going a few steps further. We’re going to offer some tips and tricks for avoiding the hangover while also keeping it all low-calorie so you don’t wreck your diet in the process. Here we go…

No Liquor?

This was VP’s first tip and we don’t entirely agree. Our tip would be no straight liquor, which they sort of alluded to as well. It’s true that liquor is far more concentrated, but we like the versatility liquor offers. Your daytime cocktails should not be as stiff as the ones you make in the evening. It’s about longevity; it’s a marathon not a sprint. Make a pitcher of a beverage that’s a little lighter on the alcohol and let your friends and family add extra if they feel the need. Also, you can start with liquor and then move on to a light beer should the day drinking ware on longer than expected. “Beer before liquor, never sicker” is a real thing. The carbonation from the beer makes subsequent liquor infusions get absorbed QUICKER, making you SICKER. A downshift from liquor to beer in a pinch can make all the difference in the world and may solve a few other problems in the process (more to come on that). The sugar-free or low-sugar cocktail is the way to go. For one, sugars add up if you’re drinking margaritas, mojitos or daiquiris all day long. That’s a hell of a lot of extra calories and the sugar can make your hangover way worse. The best way to do this is to check out Zevia.com for awesome low and no-sugar cocktail recipes.

Counting and Buddy System

Counting drinks is not a terrible idea. Nor is sticking with a buddy to make sure that you don’t overdo it. As long as the buddy system doesn’t actually cause one of you to drink more, in trying to “keep up”. However, the number one mistake we see during drinking, at all times of the day, is failing to hydrate. So, we think that the buddy system should focus on a pact to drink a water between each alcoholic beverage. Count waters, not drinks.

Avoid Dehydration

Two more very good points made by VP were the importance of drinking water, mentioned above, and remaining vigilant about sun exposure. Sweating while drinking will accelerate dehydration and cause a significant loss of electrolytes. Why not make your “water pact” a coconut water party between each drink. Or consider incorporating naturally hydrating ingredients into your cocktails. Think banana daiquiris or coconut water ice cubes (easy to make and add tropical flavor to your drinks).

Also, as much as we love craft beer, day drinking might not be the right time for it. Don’t be afraid of super-low-cal beers like Miller 64, Bud Select 55 and our favorite Beck’s Light 64. Sure, most are watered down versions of their higher-cal counterparts, but remember that this is a marathon. Beer contains a lot more water than liquor cocktails or wine. That can help keep you better hydrated. These beers are also lower-alcohol, which in day drinking world is a good thing. You will still catch a good buzz, but you’ll do it while hydrating and avoiding passing out face down in the sand.

Do Something

Here’s an important tip we think they left out… Don’t make drinking the activity. Get involved in things to distract you from drinking. Perfect example: our friends were partying on the beach and we started playing an awesome game called Beersbee. The game is simple to set up. You need four thin uprights, like the orange parking sticks that you buy for $2 each at Home Depot, as well as a frisbee and four red Solo cups.

Stick two of the uprights into the ground or sand about 1 to 1.5 feet apart (hint: so a frisbee can fit through). Now pace out the distance between horse shoe pegs or Cornhole boards, further if you want a more challenging game. Set the other two uprights. Place a Solo cup brim down over each of the uprights so that they dangle in the wind. Grab a frisbee and 3 friends, each with a beer. Make teams of two. You stand next to your upright or “goal” and try to throw the fribee through the other team’s uprights. There are a few ways to score. If you get the “bee” through the uprights you get 3 points. However if it goes through and the other team catches it before it hits the ground, they steal those points and you get nothing. The other way to score? When the “bee” inevitably strikes an upright, the Solo cups on them will go flying. Knock one off and you get 1 point. If the other team catches the cup before it hits the ground, they steal that 1 point. Play to 15 or 21 or 301, whatever floats your boat. Before long  you’ll be diving on the ground and looking pretty ridiculous to passers-by.

Point is, it’s not conducive to holding a beer. You will have to put it down a good distance away. Not saying you shouldn’t just chill on a towel at the beach or chair by the pool, but activities do shift your focus from binge drinking. Just make sure to increase water intake even more if you are doing physical activities.

Eat Up

We all know that we should eat, but somehow we always forget.  Some calorie-conscious folks are too paranoid to eat anything while drinking. For one, many of us make terrible food choices when drinking alcohol. Secondly, others (especially females) think that they should choose booze or food calories and never the twain shall meet. Well, that’s a huge mistake. Not only will a few calories slow down the absorption of alcohol, some foods will even help you to avoid a hangover. (Read an article about that here…) Some good suggestions are deviled eggs, fruits and veggies, lean proteins and/or nuts and seeds. These are relatively easy to transport and will help keep you in the game. We like guacamole, salsa, veggies trays and shrimp.


For prolonged drinking, we strongly encourage our customers to use more than one pack of Intox-Detox. One pack is great for a night out or a dinner where you share a few bottles of wine with friends. When you hit the beach or a music festival for an all day “sesh”, you are giving your liver a significantly more difficult challenge. Try 1 pack per 6 hours of boozing. Are we saying this to sell more of our product? No. We just want to make sure that you get the results you want. Is it safe? Yes, Intox-Detox is very safe, which the human safety data confirms. The ingredients are dose-dependent, meaning that they work better in higher amounts, up to a point. When you reach about 3 packs of Intox-Detox in a day, you are not going to get much if any additional benefit from a 4th package. Are we saying you should drink all day long? No, but many people do it, so we wanted to address that eventuality.

Our recommendation: Take 1 pack of Intox-Detox before you start drinking and an additional pack when you are ready to call it quits.

Day Turns into Night

Still thinking of going out at night after a day of drinking? We advise that this might be a little excessive, but if you’re going to do it anyway we might as well address it. Not judging – maybe you have a barbecue to attend daytime and an important event to hit nighttime on the same day. We all have busy schedules; it happens. You definitely want to take VP’s advice and get a nap in. Even a 40 to 60 minute power nap can make a huge difference. Before you hit the town, make sure to get in a good meal. Include the types of foods mentioned above, with an emphasis on healthy fats, which help to slow down alcohol absorption. We like a steak salad with avocado, asparagus, egg, spinach, tomato and drizzled in a little olive oil. That’s a meal packed with alcohol-fighting ingredients and healthy fats. Make sure to re-hydrate before you re-emerge into the world.

If you make it a big night out, you might even consider a 3rd pack of Intox-Detox before bed, you party animal!

With these tips and the help of our incredible Intox-Detox formula, you should be able to get away with your Sunday Funday, while protecting your liver and avoiding the misery of the next morning. You’re welcome!

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Cause of Hangovers – Physiological Factors – Cellular Inflammation

hangover prevention

Physiological Causes of a Hangover

One of the biggest problems we see among the drinking population is a total lack of understanding of what really causes hangovers. How are you ever going to prevent a hangover if you have no idea what really causes it in the first place? Also, most people only start to address the hangover after it’s already here, when they are desperate and they feel terrible.

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A far better approach is to find out what the root cause of your suffering is and do everything in your power to take preemptive measures to avoid it. It’s true that there is no “hangover cure”. Anything that is a “cure” would have to be a drug, as defined by the FDA. And we all know how awful drugs can be. There’s literally one for everything. Because if everything’s a disease then they can sell you a separate drug for each of your aches and pains. In the case of the hangover, you did it to yourself by drinking too much of a poisonous substance. FDA defines that as a “disease state”, but for that matter, stupidity should also be considered an illness.

With a little bit of basic knowledge, the average person can understand what the root cause of hangovers actually is and plan accordingly to mitigate the effect. Don’t ever let them fool you into believing that it’s too complicated for you to understand. We did all the hard work for you.

We maintain that the #1 cause of the nastiest hangover symptoms – nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headache – is accumulation of the poisonous metabolite of alcohol known as acetaldehyde. That is specifically what Intox-Detox was formulated to address. And based on the science behind the ingredients, it does an incredible job of it.

However, acetaldehyde is only one of the physiological factors contributing to feeling terrible the next morning. So, we thought, why not create a series of blog posts to discuss each of the factors believed by the prevailing science to be implicated in the dreaded hangover. Then we’ll give you a quick solution for addressing that root cause.

Cellular Inflammation and Hangover

Ever wonder why NSAIDs help you feel better when you are sick, or in this case hungover? When we drink alcohol, the toxins create free radicals in our bodies, these cause cellular inflammation. Inflammation is a natural process in the body. Actually, it’s part of our immune response, allowing the body to heal. Since drugs that are anti-inflammatory stop inflammation unnaturally, do they also slow down the healing process? The answer is yes. It’s a trade off between managing pain and promoting healing.

Free radicals roam around like bored teenagers and cause trouble. They literally pluck electrons off of your cells and damage them. More specifically, they often damage your DNA, which can gunk up your body’s ability to repair itself, copy cells and regenerate. If that sounds like the big C (that ends in “ancer”), then you’re not far off. Many believe that free radicals and inflammation can play a big role in developing tumors.

The super heroes on the cellular level are known as antioxidants. They actually roam your body donating electrons to free radicals in order to neutralize them. Kind of like getting a juvenile delinquent a job or mentoring him or her to take up a hobby or get passionate about sports. Examples of common antioxidants are Vitamins C, E and D. Many natural substances that are “good for you” contain various antioxidants. This is one of the reasons that Intox-Detox contains Green Tea, Panax Ginseng, Japanese Raisin extract and Setria L-Glutathione. They are all powerful antioxidants, but especially for battling the toxins from alcohol, according to clinical research.

Glutathione in particular has been called the “master antioxidant” for the body – by The Doctors TV show – because it neutralizes particularly nasty free radicals and helps to recharge other antioxidants while enhancing the immune system. We added Setria L-Glutathione to our formula because it’s clinically proven in humans to increase blood levels of this important antioxidant. Glutathione is also intimately involved in protecting the body from alcohol’s toxins and helping to break them down.

So, Intox-Detox does much to counter free radicals and the cellular inflammation that they cause. With the right nutrition, you can do even more.

Most people wait until after the damage is done, in the morning when they are already hungover. The first thing they do is pop a few Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin or their off-brand equivalents. While these do help to deal with inflammation, as powerful drugs they have their own risks. In particular, acetaminophen (branded as Tylenol) is particularly dangerous with alcohol because of the undue stress it adds to the liver.

A better approach is taking an aspirin before bed to preempt the inflammation. Anecdotal reports suggest that this method is highly effective for helping to prevent the hangover. But even aspirin can be dangerous for certain people, so check with your physician first.

While Intox-Detox is not entirely opposed to OTC drugs being used properly, we are always searching for natural alternatives. So, what else can you do to counter cellular inflammation when drinking alcohol?

Addressing Cellular Inflammation the Natural Way

Here are a list of natural anti-inflammatory foods and supplements that you can take before, during or after alcohol consumption to help keep cellular inflammation at bay. Some of them are as effective as drugs, without any of the side effects of NSAIDs and other OTCs:

-Omega-3 from fish oil or eating salmon, mackerel, tuna or sardines. For vegetarians, check out chia seed, flax seeds/oil or Ahiflower from Clean Machine.

-Greens like kale, spinach, broccoli and asparagus are high in antioxidants that also help. If you hate eating greens consider a “greens powder” – supplements that blend many greens and antioxidants together in one convenient scoop. Chug it down in a few seconds and you’re done. No need to eat your greens. Some of them actually taste pretty decent. Check out Greens+ Superfood Wild Berry (bonus you get berry, cherry and superfruit extracts with it)

-Garlic and onions work like Mother Nature’s NSAIDs, containing quercetin and sulfur-rich compounds that can exert powerful effects in the body.

-Supplements like ginger, turmeric and boswellia are very powerful anti-inflammatory substances.

-Healthy fats – extra virgin olive oil, avocados, raw natural  almonds and other nuts and seeds

-Colorful foods – In particular, berries – blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and raspberries – exert powerful effects. In addition, consider purple corn, beets, apples, oranges, cherries, especially the tart variety, etc. If it’s bright-colored, it probably contains powerful phytonutrients that fight inflammation and disease. This includes the “superfruits” like acai berry, macqui, pomegranate, goji etc…

It’s simple. Add these ingredients to meals prior and during alcohol consumption to help contain cellular inflammation. If you’re as lazy as we are, consider the concentrated supplement forms of these things or a superfood powder that covers many of these bases like Greens+.

Supercharge your anti-inflammatory strategy by adding Intox-Detox. Our formula contains 4 powerful ingredients that fight free radicals and inflammation while helping your body eliminate acetaldehyde, the deadly metabolite of alcohol.

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We ship anywhere in the US in 3 days or less, so you could be partying regret-free by next weekend!

To read a summary of all the physiological effects of alcohol on the body and how to counter them naturally, click here (COMING SOON).




Spring Has Sprung Don’t Get Hung…Over – Intox-Detox and Yin-Yang


It’s that time of year: Spring has sprung. Aside from a few unseasonably frigid areas, America is warming up for summer. Down here in Florida, where Intox-Detox was born, the summer months often mean stifling heat and choking humidity. Hence the reason the “snow birds” go north and return in the Fall and Winter.

What does all this have to do with enjoying a few cocktails, protecting your liver and avoiding the misery of the morning after? The changing seasons often remind me of the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol, which has been inspirational in my life and contributed to the philosophy behind Intox-Detox and our unique logo.

I remember very clearly taking World Religions and Philosophy classes where we learned about Yin-Yang and the concept of the dark and the light being integral and necessary parts of our reality. Each with a piece of the other in itself, separate yet one in the same.

For one thing, Spring and Summer are excellent times to get outside and have a few drinks with friends and family. Barbecues, tailgating and cold beer on the beach are just a few of my favorite things to do. It feels like possibility is in the air and things are getting better with every new day.

What about Yin-Yang? Many people remark on the unique logo for Intox-Detox. The forwards “INTOX” meets the backwards “DETOX” in the middle and they share their X’s. It’s pretty bad ass if I do say so myself, the way it folds back in on itself like the symbol for INFINITY, but it’s become more than that to me.

We started Intox-Detox to promote balance in the life of moderate drinkers. By taking Intox-Detox before or during drinking alcohol you are protecting your liver and helping to mitigate the painful after effects of the next morning. Not only do “hangovers” suck, but they are downright debilitating and counterproductive for your life.

Who wants to spend the whole day in bed or on the couch when you could be at the beach, getting your workout in or spending time with family and friends? If you do nothing but “Intox” that can lead your life down a dark path. If you do nothing but “Detox” you turn into a different kind of addict. There’s nothing wrong with being healthy, but if you do it at the expense of enjoying your life, then it can be destructive. Of course this will always be up for debate, but there are a few things no one can argue with.

  1. You will NOT live forever no matter what you do.
  2. All things in life should be enjoyed with balance and moderation; alcohol is no exception.
  3. It’s scientifically proven that moderate drinking makes you happier.

In my personal life, this balance helps to keep me on track. If I go to the bar too much, I have to get back to the gym, eat healthy and “detox”. If I go to the gym too much, I have to lighten up and get out for a couple drinks with friends, a little more “intox”. Hangover or not, too much of either causes problems for me. And yes, by my account, there is such a thing as a Detoxification hangover – in my world it’s called BOREDOM.

However, to paraphrase the late and beloved Robin Williams: “If you need drugs and alcohol to enjoy life then you’re doing it wrong.” Fair enough. I might add that if you need to avoid social situations to stay “healthy”, you might also be missing out. Keep in mind, the disease of addiction is a totally different issue. The idea is not to “need” any substance, but to enjoy life as much as possible.

So, to celebrate navigating life’s confusing distinctions and contradictions – Life/Death, Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall Seasons, Love/Hate, Knowledge/Ignorance and of course Intox/Detox – here’s a little coupon code to enjoy 30% off of Intox-Detox for what’s left of this Spring.

Save 30% now with coupon code YIN YANG (not case sensitive).

Enjoy yourself, stay safe and liverstrong!


How to Take Intox-Detox for Best Results – What if I Got a Hangover Anyway?


Look, we all know hangovers suck. Nobody wants one. Yet so many of us get them. And it only gets worse as we get older. We were all 22 years old once; you’d stay up all night, do shots, mix every kind of drink like a cement grinder in your stomach, then chug a few glasses of water and wake up feeling okay – after a 10 to 12 hour nap that is. Who has time for that now?

Maybe you were never that resilient; some people never had that luxury. I however was. I didn’t even believe in hangovers until I was about 25. I also didn’t believe in getting fat when I was 17, when all I ate was pizza and burgers, all while rocking six-pack abs. No longer, those days are long gone. Young people are super humans because they own a commodity that none of us can cling to forever. It’s called youth.

For the rest of us, if you’re like me and enjoy a few drinks with friends on occasion, the hangover battle will be an ongoing struggle throughout your life. So if you’re not immortal, you better come up with another plan. That’s why I worked so hard to develop Intox-Detox. It’s not a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. It’s a natural way to prime your liver for the beating it takes when you drink, both by protecting your body and helping to alleviate tomorrow’s misery.

It’s not a magic pill; you have to know how to use it. Like a screwdriver, it’s a great tool and very useful, but it doesn’t do much for you if you hold it backwards; the handle isn’t going to budge the screw one iota.

It’s exactly the same for Intox-Detox. I was reminded of this fact when a very good friend mentioned that a mutual acquaintance had tried the product and “got a hangover anyway.” I always take personal responsibility for the .1 % of people we encounter who don’t have a good experience with Intox-Detox. A little further investigation revealed the real problem. She didn’t understand how to take the product properly. She was holding the screwdriver backwards. Or maybe she needed a different kind of tool altogether. There are multiple “tools” for nipping hangovers in the bud and a systematic approach is best. Go here to check out my ULTIMATE NO HANGOVER SECRET FORMULA…

So let’s take a moment to explore the “right” way to take Intox-Detox for best results.

How to Take Intox-Detox – Right Tool for the Right Job

We are going to assume that you are a moderate drinker and generally healthy; and in particular that you have a fully functioning liver and are not on any medication.

GENERAL RULE: Take 1 pack of Intox-Detox (all 4 capsules is one serving) for every four to six drinks or 4-6 hours, whichever comes first.

Many people who felt the product didn’t “work” the first time they used it, had outstanding results once they implemented this rule. If you are older, female, petite, a liquor lover or a “big drinker”, this especially applies to you. With age, our bodies produce less of the liver enzyme needed to break down alcohol’s toxins (acetaldehyde in particular). Females and older persons also have less of the L-Glutathione in their bodies needed to help neutralize the toxins in the blood and break them down in the liver.

So, here are a few typical scenarios to consider and how I would take Intox-Detox for best results. In no way is this an approval or indictment of these behaviors. I don’t tell people what to do with their lives, how to drink or what supplements to take. I’m merely sharing what has worked for me. Also, don’t drink and drive. Intox-Detox WILL NOT sober you up or prevent intoxication. Who would want it if it did?

  1. A Night Out – Intox-Detox works great for this. You go out for a meal with some friends and end up having drinks after at a restaurant or bar. As recommended in my No Hangover Secret Formula report, you prime your body with a meal that slows down the absorption of the alcohol and toxins. You take 1 pack of Intox-Detox within your first 2 or 3 drinks. After the 3rd drink most men and women have already begun to develop tomorrow’s hangover because it’s about then that your liver is losing the ability to keep up. The “Big Drinkers” among you may scoff, but this is absolutely true. If you have a higher tolerance, your body might be able to cope with a few more drinks, but you’re pushing your luck. You end up having 4 to 6 drinks socially and you head home for a few glasses of water to go to bed. By most standards that would be a pretty typical night out.
  2.  The After Party – Consider the above “Night Out” scenario, only you decide to keep it going instead of going home. Maybe it’s a Friday or Saturday and you want to keep the party going. Of course you’re NOT even considering touching a steering wheel! Don’t be a moron. UBER it or grab a cab to save lives and/or thousands of dollars in court fees. You decide to go to another bar, someone’s house or an “After Party”. It’s been 6 hours or 6 drinks, whatever came first, so you take another full package of Intox-Detox. Alternatively, you proceed to the next party, having a few more drinks and take another pack of ID before bed.
  3. The BBQ – Thinking of doing a little “day-drinking”? Let’s call it a Saturday or Sunday and you head to a friend’s house for a barbecue with a 12-pack of beer around 3 pm. You eat some burgers and dogs, washed down with a few cold beers. This is what you work so hard for the whole week, but the last thing you need is to cripple yourself tomorrow morning, especially if it’s a “school night”. As usual, take your ID before your 1st beer ideally, but certainly before you hit 3 or 4 drinks. Maybe it is Saturday and it’s a great party. You decide to go another round and turn it into a night. The Cards Against Humanity come out and your surrounded by good friends. Next thing you know it’s 8 pm. You grab another bite to eat and take another pack of ID. While it’s not recommended, maybe you’re having such a great time that you decide to go three rounds. the BBQ turned into a “Night Out” and now it’s morphing into an “After Party” – take one additional pack before you go to bed.

But Wait! Can I Take Too Much Intox-Detox?

Intox-Detox is all-natural and the human safety data on all the ingredients has been well-documented in the research. In fact, one human study used the equivalent of 3 packs of Intox-Detox with incredible results and no adverse effects. That being said, always consult with your physician anyway.

Anymore than the 3 packs recommended as a maximum intake would be a waste of money. There is no research showing any further benefit from taking more than that amount. And, large amounts of any food-based ingredient could potentially give you a stomach ache if you overdo it. If you want a painful example, eat 10 oranges or multiple bananas and call me from the bathroom. ANYTHING can make you sick if you overindulge, especially alcohol!

Other Considerations

  1. Occasion? – If you’re going to a wedding, Irish funeral, bachelor or bachelorette party, you better just assume it’s more than a simple “night out” and take 1 pack when you start and 1 before bed.
  2. What’s your poison? – If you drink hard liquor, especially shots, especially especially cheap liquor and expect to be switching back and forth between different kinds of drinks, you better err on the side of taking more Intox-Detox.
  3. Marathon or sprint? – Are you in for the long haul? Is it an all-inclusive on the beach in Mexico or a music festival like Stagecoach, where attendees have been known to drink all day for 3 days straight in the middle of the desert? Either way, you better have a couple of extra packs on you. It goes without saying that you can’t sprint a marathon. Pick your battles and know your limits. Which leads to the next point, which is very personal…
  4. Know thyself! – You know what your kryptonite is. For some of us it’s red wine. Others can’t handle whiskey, gin, champagne. If you know a particular drink doesn’t sit well with your body, do yourself a favor and avoid it all together. If you know you’re a lightweight, don’t think that popping a pack of Intox-Detox is going to change that.
  5. The morning after pills – If all else fails and you didn’t read this blog before you tried Intox-Detox, you can always take another pack when you wake up. Whatever you did to your poor body, the ingredients in Intox-Detox will enhance detoxification, energize, improve alertness and help shield your liver against toxins. In short, they will get you back on your feet sooner. Anecdotal reports universally claim that within 45 to 60 minutes of taking Intox-Detox the morning after you should feel much better.

Basically, it all comes down to common sense. Alcohol can be dangerous. It can also be fun. The whole point of Intox-Detox is maximizing the fun, while helping to protect from the danger and making the experience more enjoyable by minimizing the pain.

Once you learn how to use Intox-Detox the way it is intended, I know you will enjoy it. I bet my whole life on it. Yes, I’m the guy that devoted his life to trying to fix hangovers for the average Joe or Jill who just likes to have a few drinks with his or her friends. Before you criticize Intox-Detox for not “working”, learn how to use it. Turn the screwdriver around or you won’t be screwing anything. You’ll just get screwed.

Here’s to a better tomorrow for all,

Andy Bennett


PS: Don’t forget to check out my ULTIMATE NO HANGOVER GAME PLAN here. It’s a very useful checklist for anyone going for a night out. It teaches you about EVERYTHING you can do to help stay away from the dreaded hangover, including additional supplement recommendations and dietary tips.

PPS: Also, you have about 1 month left to grab a FREE SAMPLE of Intox-Detox before that deal goes away forever. Go get it here…

Last thing – if you want to buy some ID at a 20% discount, go here and use coupon code “ABID20” (not case sensitive)

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The Intox-Detox Free Sample Program is Ending Forever

hangover pill

Why the Intox-Detox Sample Program is Ending

Click to grab your FREE SAMPLE now before it’s too late…

Intox-Detox started as a concept on paper, inspired by the genius of a biochemist and friend of CEO Andy Bennett. A little research led to a collaboration with one of the smartest people developing supplements today, Geoff Palmer of Clean Machine (he has an amazing company with science-based Vegan sports supplements – by the way Intox-Detox is Vegan too!). We knew that formula worked on paper because it was backed by incredible human clinical studies.  But no one involved could have imagined just how amazingly effective the Intox-Detox formula would turn out to be. Our goal was to revolutionize the Alcohol Detox and Recovery industry.

However, as a new company in a market full of pretenders and ineffective products, we knew we had to prove ourselves. That is why we offered Intox-Detox samples to 10,000 people. Sure, we had to charge a $2.50 shipping fee. We are a small family business and we have to keep the lights on. Our vision was that anyone in America could try a sample of Intox-Detox for less than the cost of a beer at any bar. We don’t pull any punches. Anyone unwilling to spend a couple bucks on protecting their liver and alleviating the misery of the morning after drinking alcohol probably wouldn’t be our customer no matter what.

It’s been over a year since we started the free sample program and we have given away close to 20,000 samples across America, way more than our stated goal of 10,000. In the meantime, we’ve been to almost every major city in the country, to music festivals, beer fests, wine tastings, bars, night clubs, the World Series of Beer Pong, Nitro Circus shows, Spring Break and NASCAR races. We even became a sponsor for the #32 Go Green Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race team. We have come a long way. And we have proven ourselves and our amazing product time and time again every where we have gone with customer satisfaction in the 99th percentile.

The next step is a nationwide push into retail locations including convenience stores, gas stations, vitamin and supplement locations, bars, breweries and grocery markets. We are keeping good on our promise to our loyal customers so that you can buy Intox-Detox at your corner store or wherever you should choose to shop. We have seen your emails and calls, begging us to come to your local area and we are coming. It has already begun. Please help us do this by educating your local retailers about the product and requesting that they carry Intox-Detox on their shelves.

As always, you get incredible discount pricing by ordering via the website. Most locations in the continental United States receive their Intox-Detox orders within 3-4 business days.  However, we understand that sometimes you have a night out and you need the product now. You might not even know you are going out tonight, but something fun comes up and you don’t want to suffer tomorrow. We get it. This is a product created for responsible alcohol consumers by an Irish family who have tipped a few drinks in our day as well.

BAD NEWS: The free sample program is ending soon.

GOOD NEWS: You have until February 14, 2016 to go here to the Free Sample page and get your Intox-Detox pack mailed to you for only $2.50.

Also, because we love our customers we are extending a new deal  for those who want to try Intox-Detox, but have not yet seen the product in their local stores. For only $4.99, the full price of one serving of the product, we will send you a pack. Bonus: we are covering the shipping. So, if you arrived too late for the free sample deal, head over here and add 1 serving to cart to try Intox-Detox without having to pay any shipping.

Click here to grab that free sample before it’s too late…

Go here to save 20% off of Intox-Detox 12-ct boxes with coupon code “ABID20” (not case sensitive)


Intox-Detox Team

PS: Lastly, keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for additional discounts on Intox-Detox. You may find some seasonal free sample offers there. But it will be a lot like the storied McRib sandwich; those offers will be few and far between, so if you catch one do take advantage of it immediately.

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New Year, New Liver Resolution – Protect Your Fat Burning Organ

hangover remedy cheers

In the last post, we commented on the Los Angeles Times article, “Medical professional disagree about new hangover remedies”, where so-called “experts” denounced liver support and “hangover remedy” products like Intox-Detox. Go here to read about the proof that they are absolutely 100% wrong…

Let’s get on with today’s post…

New Year, New Liver Resolution – Protect Your Fat Burning Organ With Intox-Detox

It’s a new year and the masses are flocking back to the gym to burn off all those extra helpings of mashed potatoes, that slice of pie you weren’t going to eat but did anyway and all those booze calories that ride the fast lane all the way to your trouble spots! Did you know that your liver is an amazing fat burning organ and it’s intimately involved in your body’s rate of metabolism?

So, instead of all this “New Year, New Me” stuff. Let’s talk about a New Year, New Liver resolution. Most of us celebrate the holidays with some drinks among friends and family, especially for New Year’s Eve. And if your liver isn’t functioning on all cylinders, you can’t possibly burn as much fat as you would like. And if your liver is falling behind, you probably have a lot of excess toxins hanging around to do damage.

What does all this have to do with Intox-Detox?

Intox-Detox is an all-natural way to prime your liver before you drink alcohol. We use the mantra DETOX – RECOVER – PROTECT for a reason. Instead of waiting until after the damage is done, when you have a terrible hangover, you can be proactive. Taking Intox-Detox prior to alcohol consumption shields the liver from toxins. Your liver is like the magician of your body. It can do amazing things…

  1. Alcohol – Your liver turns damaging alcohol into acetaldehyde (the hangover toxin) and then makes it into harmless acetic acid, which is similar to inert vinegar. It’s an amazing trick; and it also saves your life. Intox-Detox helps  your body do it better.
  2. Nutrients – The liver can pretty much turn any macro-nutrient into anything else. It turns amino acids into sugars and vice versa. It even has an important impact on fat. If your liver is too backed up with toxins, you can bet your metabolism is not operating at peak capacity.
  3. Fat – Did you know that your liver is actually a fat burning organ? If you were paying attention in the 1st paragraph, you do. Few people understand this fact. Can you say beer belly? Not only does alcohol trick you into thinking the late night drive thru is a good idea, it also directly slows your metabolism by suppressing fat-burning hormones and directly intervening in the liver’s fat burning contribution. It does one more nasty thing to us…

Alcohol causes hangovers. That means you got extra calories from booze, had a late night eating binge, suppressed your fat-burning and then woke up with ZERO MOTIVATION to get to the gym. With Intox-Detox, you can wake up feeling refreshed after a night of fun and get back to your normal life, which hopefully includes regular trips to the gym to burn extra calories, so you can have fun when you do decide to have a few drinks.

There’s even research that shows Intox-Detox helps protect the body from acetaldehyde’s suppressive effects on fat-burning hormones. And it goes without saying that if you want to lift weights and get results, you need to keep a healthy hormonal profile.

So, there you have it. Intox-Detox can help you in the New Year to protect your liver (and whole body) from the damaging effects of alcohol. Am I saying Intox-Detox is a fat burner? Absolutely not, although it does contain ingredients like green tea, ginseng and L-glutathione that could be helpful.

What I am saying is that your liver is a fat burning organ that is very important to your metabolism and overall health. Intox-Detox helps to protect that organ from some of the fun things we do that might endanger it. You do the math.

Grab a free sample of Intox-Detox here…

Go purchase at a 20% discount with coupon code “ABID20” (not case sensitive)

Happy New Year!

Intox-Detox Team

“Experts” Dead Wrong on “Hangover Remedies” – Los Angeles Times Article

hangover remedies

The “Experts” Dead Wrong in Recent Los Angeles Times Article on Hangover Remedies

In the recent Los Angeles Times article “Medical professionals disagree about new hangover remedies”, some of the “experts” are just plain out of touch; they are missing some of the most impressive emerging science in their field. One such development being that the primary “hangover” culprit is alcohol’s metabolite acetaldehyde (or ALD), which is far more toxic and deadly than the alcohol itself.

Click here to learn what really causes hangovers and what you can do about it…

The article identifies the exact problem in the “hangover remedy” category: Even those who do understand the science of alcohol detox are skeptical and treat detoxification like a pseudoscience. Damon Raskin of the Cliffside rehab center in Malibu, California calls such products “hardly necessary”, adding that almost none of them are FDA-approved. Yet, he recommends a multi-vitamin as a cheaper alternative.

It sounds reasonable, but the problem is that multi-vitamins are also classified as dietary supplements. By definition, no dietary supplement is FDA-approved. Only drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Supplement companies must comply with the FDA’s rules, rather than win approval like drugs.

Maybe Raskin doesn’t understand that distinction or the fact that the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DHSEA) protects a consumer’s right to take dietary supplements without anyone’s approval, considered by many to be an important civil liberty. Raskin goes on… “…drink a sports drink and plenty of water, eat a banana, have some food in you – you can get all the same benefits, and it would be a lot cheaper.”

Not bad suggestions at first glance, but those familiar with alcohol’s 2-stage detox process in the liver will know that his claim that you get “all the same benefits” is categorically untrue. Raskin also says that none of them have gone through “rigorous studies to show they do anything at all”.

Three human studies show that the main ingredients in our product Intox-Detox, Japanese raisin and Setria L-Glutathione work together to enhance the detoxification of alcohol and its metabolite ALD and also shield the liver against toxins. That’s not nothing; it’s something.  Even if helpful, no vitamin, food, rehydration drink or specialized water has been shown to be as effective.

It’s hard to disagree that “…the best thing for a hangover is to drink in moderation, and not to get one”, but it seems a little disingenuous since hangovers are quite literally one of the civilized world’s oldest problems. Unfortunately, humanity consistently seems to struggle with moderation when it comes to drugs and alcohol; if they didn’t, Raskin’s rehab center would be out of business in no time!

There is a new paradigm in the alcohol recovery and liver detox market, moving away from folk remedies toward real science-based ingredients. Intox-Detox is leading this charge by combining the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine with ground-breaking supplement science.

The “experts” have fallen behind. Even medical professionals don’t seem to really understand the problem, much less how to take a science-based approach to addressing it.  These natural supplements are for moderate, social drinkers who want to protect their bodies and avoid the misery of the morning after. The point is not to enable binge drinking or create a “get-out-of-jail-free card”.

If the impending hangover is the “prison”, then products like Intox-Detox are more of a “stay-out-of-jail-altogether card” to protect your body from toxic elements that might threaten your health and well-being in “jail”.

So, to all the would-be experts out there – go look at the science for yourself. When you do, you will quickly realize that not all “remedies” are created equally. And further, the ones suggested by Raskin to be as good if not better (and cheaper) are actually vastly inferior to the latest in dietary supplement research.

Here’s to your #BETTERTOMORROW,


Andy Bennett – Intox-Detox CEO & Founder

Learn more about how Intox-Detox works at http://intox-detox.com/how-it-works/

Grab our FREE no-hangover checklist at…

PS: We don’t just stamp the word “EXPERT” on our chest and publish articles proclaiming to be the only source of accurate information about hangovers. We’ll leave that to experts at the rehab centers. We actually back our claims up with our own dollars by giving FREE SAMPLES of Intox-Detox.

Click here to get a free sample now… (only $4.99 shipping)

The Best Way to Take Intox-Detox on New Year’s Eve – Hangovers Suck!

How to Take Intox-Detox on New Year’s Eve

What is the Best Way to Take Intox-Detox?

For moderate drinkers doing a typical night out on the town, take 1 pack of Intox-Detox (yes, all 4 capsules) immediately before drinking. Another option is to wait until your 2nd or 3rd drink. Maybe you don’t know you’re making a night of it when you start. The science says that most guys and gals have exhausted their ability to break down the poisons in the liver by about drink 3 or 4. By that point, you are already starting to build tomorrow’s hangover! As long as you get 1 pack in sometime during drinking, you should get all of the liver-protective and misery-alleviating benefits.

What’s a typical night though? If you don’t get out much and tend to overdo it a little when you get the chance to have a few drinks, you are not alone. A lot of our friends have kids and stressful jobs too; we get it. The point is that we can’t define what your typical night out would be like. We always recommend moderate drinking, but we’d never pretend to know what’s right for you or your life. Here’s a good rule for taking Intox-Detox:

*Take 1 pack for every 4-6 hours or 4-6 drinks, whatever comes first

Remember that Intox-Detox is all-natural and has proven safe in human studies. (Always consult your physician first anyway). In fact, one study used the equivalent of 3 packs of the main ingredient, with impressive results. Keep in mind that not everything “natural” is good for you – see hemlock, cyanide and sulfuric acid for examples. It just turns out that multiple human studies show that Japanese raisin (the main ingredient) is very good for you, especially if you choose to drink alcohol.

And that brings us to the point of this blog post…

What About New Year’s Eve?

For most, New Year’s Eve tends to be anything but a TYPICAL NIGHT. That’s why CEO and #1 Intox-Detox guinea pig Andy Bennett recommends 2 packs for a night like this. Many of us go a bit harder on New Year’s Eve than usual. Letting go of the old year and welcoming a new one among friends and family lends itself to having a few extra drinks and really putting your liver to the test.

And remember, Intox-Detox has its limits. It’s not a magic pill or a “get-out-of-jail-free card”, though many users have made those comparisons. It’s for moderate, social drinkers who want to protect their bodies and help alleviate some of the pain of the next morning before it ever develops. We don’t know how much you are going to drink and we don’t know what your liver is bringing to the table genetically. The quantity of liver enzymes needed to detox alcohol is highly genetic. We do know that drinking more quantity can require some extra “help”. So, here’s our recommendation:

*Take 1 pack prior to or during drinking. Take 1 additional pack before bed.

Many users have told us that this is their “magic formula” for helping with a big night out.

And that’s it. Try to get a big meal in prior to your first drink, preferably with some healthy fats to help slow down absorption of alcohol from the digestive system. Think olive oil, egg yolks and avocado. All of those suggestions also contain other antioxidant components that could help. Greens and vegetables are a great choice for their natural detoxifying nutrients. It’s not a bad idea to take your multi-vitamin or B complex with this meal to be sure your body is well-stocked to do battle. It goes without saying that you must stay hydrated prior to, during and after drinking.

If you really overdid it or you forgot to take 1 or both packs on New Year’s Eve and you still woke up feeling a little under the weather, you can take a 3rd package upon waking. Most anecdotal reports from users indicate that doing so helps them feel much better within 45 minutes to an hour.

Whatever you do, be safe for the rest of this year. Enjoy the night, but keep it responsible. Use our Uber coupon code UBERINTOXDETOX to receive a discount on your first ride.

Happy New Year,


On the 12th Day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox Gave to Me…

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Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

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On the 11th Day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox Gave to Me…

On the 11th day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox gave to me…


Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

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Happy New Year From Intox-Detox! Hangovers Suck! Intox-Detox Works!

Happy New Year from Intox-Detox!

Everyone knows New Year’s Day might as well be called “National Hangover Day”. Yet, there’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with a few great friends and some bubbly, or your personal drink of choice. If only you could avoid the misery of the day after.  What if you could do something to help alleviate that misery? I’m not talking about greasy food, OTC pain medicine or Pedialyte. Sure, you have to drink water to stay hydrated, get some decent sleep and eat healthy food with some B vitamins and antioxidants.  However, honesty bomb:  Most of the other products on the market are total BS. Until Intox-Detox…

Click here to grab a FREE SAMPLE now…

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What’s so different about Intox-Detox?

Intox-Detox is the only Alcohol Recovery and Detoxification product on the market that you take BEFORE the damage is already done and the misery of tomorrow has begun. It contains the two ingredients clinically proven to both shield the liver from alcohol’s toxins and help breakdown the nasty metabolite Acetaldehyde (ALD is up to 30 times more toxic than alcohol) that causes the majority of the nasty after effects of drinking. BONUS: Intox-Detox is safe, effective, all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, made in America and even vegan. So what exactly are those ingredients? Great question!

  1. Japanese Raisin – Clinically researched (in real humans) and clinically dosed in the Intox-Detox formula, Japanese Raisin enhances detoxification of both alcohol and its nasty byproduct in the liver known as ALD.
  2. Setria L-Glutathione – Clinically proven (also in human studies) to increase the levels of Glutathione in the blood. The Doctors TV show featured this patented ingredient, calling it the body’s master antioxidant. It’s how they save your life in the ER if your liver gets a lethal dose of toxins like alcohol or acetaminophen. Setria has been proven to increase blood levels of Glutathione by up to 35% in humans.
  3. Green Tea and Panax Ginseng – Preliminary research suggests that they help the body detox, recover and protect from the damaging effects of alcohol consumption.

*See label at bottom of page for full details

Even better, both ingredients help to protect the liver from alcohol’s toxins. That’s why you take it BEFORE or during drinking to help keep the damage from ever happening in the first place. That’s why the Intox-Detox mantra is DETOX – RECOVER – PROTECT. Click here to learn more about how Intox-Detox works…

Okay, great, but how do you take advantage of this information right now to wake up on New Year’s Day with no regrets? You may have your share of regrets from 2015, but this year it won’t have anything to do with celebrating New Year’s Eve.

*LAST CALL FOR INTOX-DETOX – Get your orders in by 3:30 pm EST on December 24th to receive by New Year’s Eve!

We currently have several deals you can take advantage of, but you can grab a FREE SAMPLE now. Why now? Because tomorrow December 24th is most likely the last day to get your product shipped to you before December 31st. You can grab a free sample here…

Recommendation From the CEO and #1 Intox-Detox Guinea Pig

You could do the free sample above, but here’s what CEO Andy Bennett recommends for a holiday like this. Grab this deal right here and for $3.99, less than the price of one drink at a bar, you will get 2 packs so you don’t have to regret a night of fun. Here’s why we recommend 2 servings…

A lot of us drink a little harder on New Year’s Eve than we normally would. Call it catharsis or peer pressure; call it whatever you want, but it happens. Intox-Detox always advocates moderation when drinking alcohol. What is moderation though? We would never pretend to know what is right for you. If you are 21 years of age it is your right to decide that for yourself. Just choose wisely and protect your body.

Intox-Detox is all-natural and it has its limits; we admit it. It helps your liver do what it naturally does, only better. One thing we can’t change is the genetic potential of your unique body and liver. For those who may get a little carried away, it is recommended that you take 1 pack before or during consumption and another before bed. Remember, Intox-Detox is very safe, even in quantities larger than the single serving pack. Always remember to consult with your physician first! In fact, there is one very impressive study using the equivalent of 3 packs. However, many users of the product have found 2 packs to be the magic formula.

Hosting a New Year’s party? Here’s the perfect chance to give the gift of a better tomorrow! If you want to buy more, there are a bunch of incredible deals featured in our 12 Days of Xmahanakwanzika holiday promotion. All are good until midnight on December 25th, but we can’t promise delivery by the New Year unless you order ASAP… Click here to purchase now…

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Whatever you do, be safe for the rest of this year. Enjoy the night, but keep it responsible. Use our Uber coupon code UBERINTOXDETOX to receive a discount on your first ride.

Happy New Year,


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On the 10th Day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox Gave to Me…

On the 10th day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox gave to me…


Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

It’s simple. Go here, add a FREE SAMPLE to cart and we will send you 3 additional packs of Intox-Detox at no cost. Shipping is free too, so we’re talking 4 servings at zero cost.

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On the 9th Day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox Gave to Me…

On the 9th day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox gave to me…


Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

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Grand Prize: Replica die cast #32 Go Green Racing Nascar Sprint Cup Series car signed by Bobby Labonte (literally priceless)

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On the 8th Day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox Gave to Me…

On the 8th day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox gave to me…


Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

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Grand Prize: Replica die cast #32 Go Green Racing Nascar Sprint Cup Series car signed by Bobby Labonte (literally priceless)

1st Prize: 3 Months Supply of Intox-Detox

2nd Prize: 2 Months Supply of Intox-Detox

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On the 7th Day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox Gave to Me…

On the 7th day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox gave to me…


Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

It’s simple. Go here, add a 6 pack or box of Intox-Detox and get a Pilsner beer glass for free.

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On the 6th day of Xmahanakwanzika Intox-Detox gave to me…


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Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

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Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

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Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

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2nd day xmahanakwanzika intox-detox

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Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

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hangover remedy

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holiday party hangover

Happy Holidays from Intox-Detox!!!

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Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

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Hangover Cure? Tipsy Bartender’s Secret Formula

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Hangover Cure?

Intox-Detox is always on the lookout for new products and strategies that claim to be a hangover cure. The last one came from Mojo.com and you can check it out here – Discover the Secret – How to Avoid a Hangover

Since we’ve been doing this hangover research for over a decade, you can bet that we’re a little more than skeptical. Everyone claims to know what “works”. The difference is that we really do know. As much as we enjoy the utter nonsense being propagated throughout the internet about hangovers, we feel we have a civic duty to debunk the bunk. We also like to educate and open minds as to what really causes hangovers. We take a scientific approach to help you learn how to have fun tonight and feel great tomorrow. Why? Because hangovers suck.

We’ve all been there. We here at Intox-Detox wouldn’t wish it on our worst enemy. This entertaining (though not necessarily all that helpful) video comes from Tipsy Bartender:

Flamboyant and entertaining performance aside, advising people to drink more water and eat food when drinking gets filed under the following categories: no sh*t, so what, everyone already knows that and maybe even stop wasting my time.

It may sound harsh, but the internet is full of people that claim to “compete” with Intox-Detox. Reality is there is no competition. Very few – NO ONE – is doing real science and delivering quality ingredients that are clinically proven and dosed. Like what?

Here’s an example – the only two ingredients clinically proven to help detox, recover and protect the body from the damaging effects of alcohol consumption:

  1. Japanese raisin
  2. Setria L-Glutathione

So, let’s break down the above video just a little further by looking at Tipsy Bartender’s two genius suggestions:

  1. Drink More Water

Let’s get over the fact that everyone already knows this but nobody does it. Alcohol is a diuretic. It actually tricks your body into making a hormone that forces you to pee out more fluid than you’re taking in. You “break the seal” and your body keeps pumping much needed water out of your system. Drinking water before, during and after alcohol helps to replace what you’re losing.

Dehydration is a key component of a hangover, but dehydration alone is not a hangover. Just like a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t a square. Dehydration makes a hangover worse. In particular, it can cause headaches, muscle cramping and low energy the day after drinking. Staying hydrated helps your body detox in general and will speed up the elimination of the poisons that come from alcohol. (We’ll revisit the poison issue in a moment and tell you why Intox-Detox is a real solution.)

In summary, stop being lazy and drink more water.

2. Eat Food

Like water, food is essential to life. And yes, it can help avoid a hangover in many ways. Food contains important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help your body detox and restore balance after drinking alcohol. However, we recommend you not rely on eating greasy comfort food the morning after drinking. Who needs all the extra calories? Also, some of us are so nauseous the next morning that the sight of an omelet makes us wanna vomit. A much better option is to eat certain foods that help your body to better process the alcohol. Making the right choices can also slow down the absorption of alcohol to buy more time for your liver to do its job.

Intox-Detox: The Acetaldehyde Avenger

The real problem is that no one really understands the hangover problem. Yes, hangovers are caused by many factors: inflammation, dehydration, free radicals, glutamine rebound, low glutathione levels and acetaldehyde poisoning.

Some of them are easier to remedy than others. We’ll assume that you know how to drink water, eat food and sleep it off. What we offer is a product clinically proven to help your body eliminate the acetaldehyde poison that comes from alcohol faster than you could do otherwise. Clinically proven means that our ingredients have been tested in real humans, with real gold-standard research studies.

But hey, don’t take our word for anything. Head over here and grab your FREE SAMPLE today.

You’re welcome!


Intox-Detox Founder and #1 Guinea Pig

Guilt and Hangover-Free Cocktail Recipes

Looking for Guilt and Hangover-Free Cocktail Recipes?

So, summer is over. It happens. The planet goes around the sun and tilts at different angles. Totally out of your control. What you can control is what you drink and how much it damages your body. That’s where Intox-Detox comes in. We created our product to help you have a good time without destroying your body and waking up feeling like a zombie the next day. You’re welcome.

Hangovers suck! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it probably at least a million times more: a hangover is not caused by DEHYDRATION, SUGARS or CONGENERS. These things make hangovers worse. Think gasoline on the fire. Not the fuel that makes the fire of your own personal hell burn the day after a few too many. If you want to learn what exactly causes a hangover and how to fix it, go here.

Today our focus is singular. Here are 6 awesome low-sugar alcoholic libations that can spare your waistline and keep the sugars down, so that you don’t pour to much extra gasoline on the fire. Thanks to Zevia for being awesome and making incredible calorie-free sodas! Don’t forget to take your Intox-Detox!

fall brew recipe with zevia

  1. Fall Brew

For a drink called “Fall Brew” this sure tastes like kissing summer a bittersweet good-bye. Pineapple and cranberry with rum and lemon lime soda rocks. You know the words, so sing… “Captain Jack will get you high tonight, And ake you to your special island…” At 110 calories, you can afford to visit a few of your private archipelagos.

fall brew recipe

If that Fall Brew recipe makes you feel like another year is in the bag, this next one might just make you feel like a kid again…

shirley temple recipe

2. The Grown Up Shirley Temple

We all have to grow up. It doesn’t mean you have to stop putting cherries in your Sprite. The vodka just makes life a little better, doesn’t it? Fans of the Arrested Development show know that stuff goes bad if you don’t drink it fast, so get to it!

grown up shirley temple recipe

Maybe you want something a little more grownup, but no less sweet and colorful. Try this…

atomic cat recipe

3. Atomic Cat

You don’t need to be an atom-splitting rocket scientist to make this one. With Zevia’s awesome sugar-free tonic water, a little OJ and vodka, you can throw this together in seconds. We’re also a fan of Tropacana’s Trop 50 to further reduce the sugar content. And since it contains orange juice, I think you can even call this drink breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day…

atom cat tonic drink

Like your drinks a little more tart? This drink looks delicious…

cranberry lime tart recipe

4. Cranberry Lime Tart

The recipe below is for a pitcher, so this one might just be your new party favorite. The red cranberries and green limes could make a great seasonal punch for those holiday parties. Both are also full of antioxidants that can help ward off the dreaded holiday party hangover. Highly recommend Just Cranberry or another pure, not-from-concentrate cranberry juice.

sugar free cocktail

Need something a little more “summery”. Just because this next one contains bitters that doesn’t mean it tastes that way…

blood orange G & T

5. Blood Orange G&T

This slight variation on a classic G&T adds orange bitters and fresh blood orange juice. Gin lovers unite! Most of today’s drinkers are strangers to bitters; and that’s a darn shame because they are awesome. I recommend you drop the orange slice in with the blood orange juice and bitters and muddle briefly before adding the gin and tonic water. That will really bring out the flavor of the the oranges.

gin and tonic

Not a gin fan? This next one is highly flexible. It works with almost any liquor of your choosing…

moscow mule recipe

6. Zevia Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is quickly becoming a new fan favorite everywhere. Sub bourbon for vodka and  you have yourself a Kentucky Mule. Best of all, you save on calories by using half Zevia Ginger Ale and half ginger beer. Barritt’s makes a decent sugar-free ginger beer if you really want to keep the calories low, but it’s not all-natural like Zevia.

moscow mule

So there you have it – 6 awesome low-calorie and low-sugar drinks to get you through the end of the year. Any bartender worth his or her salt will tell you that quality liquors and fresh ingredients are the path to avoiding hangovers.

We agree, with the exception that we know based on the science that even the highest-grade poison is still poison. Any drink can give you a hangover. Drinks with artificial sweeteners and high sugar content can definitely make your hangover much worse.

Avoid all of that noise by taking your Intox-Detox before you party. It contains clinically proven Japanese raisin and Setria L-Glutathione to help to detox, recover and protect your body from the damaging effects of alcohol.

Click Here to Get Your Free Sample of Intox-Detox Right Now


Setria L-Glutathione Brings Amazing Science to Intox-Detox


hangovers suck intox-detox with setria works

Hangovers Suck! Intox-Detox Works!

When we created Intox-Detox, we really shot for the moon. Who else do you know that has the whiskey stones to take on HANGOVERS with real science?

Some people are happy to shoot for the stars and land in the clouds. We tried to lasso the moon and discovered a whole new universe. An alternate reality where you can enjoy moderate (depending on your definition) amounts of alcohol while protecting your liver and avoiding the misery of the morning after.

Please share this blog post so that more people can experience the amazing effects of Intox-Detox, what our friend Glenn called “sorcery” in his testimonial here

Once people try Intox-Detox, they look at us a little differently. Healthy (and sometimes outright belligerent) skepticism turns into admiration and awe. So…


The answer is simple; and we’ll let CEO Andy Bennett tell you in his own words:

“We had the courage to take on what seemed to be an unsolvable problem. We had the humility to hire people much smarter than us to ask all the right questions. And we had the wisdom to settle for nothing less than the most expensive and highest quality ingredients on the planet.”

So, today’s post is about one of those ingredients; and it’s called Setria L-Glutathione. We spend a lot of time talking about how amazing Japanese raisin is (read about that here), but today we need to give credit where it’s due. Setria takes our incredible science-backed herbal blend to a whole new level. If you saw them featured on “THE DOCTORS” TV show (watch the video here), you know that Setria is kind of a big deal. What’s even more important to know is that IT REALLY WORKS…

So What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a tri-peptide amino acid, meaning it’s made of three amino acids. From biology class you know that amino acids are the things that make up proteins. And glutathione is one that our body manufactures from the amino acids in our diet. Glutathione is now considered the body’s MASTER ANTIOXIDANT. And it plays a very important role in your health. Glutathione helps with detoxification, anti-aging, neutralizing free radicals and boosting immune function.

It Can Save Your Life!

Perfect example of how important this stuff is – if you are rushed to the ER for alcohol poisoning or Tylenol overdose, the first thing they will do (besides pumping your stomach) is to give you an IV of a substance that increases your body’s Glutathione levels.

Yes, that means Glutathione literally has the power to save your life. No big deal. Here are just a couple of ways it can improve your life and health daily…

How Glutathione Can Save Your Life

  1. Antioxidants – Remember that your body is constantly being attacked by free radicals. Think of these as terrorists roaming around your body looking to cause trouble. Antioxidants neutralize these trouble-makers and keep them from damaging you inside and out. More specifically, Glutathione recycles or recharges other important antioxidants like vitamins C, E and A. Not only does it attack the bad guys by itself, Setria is also like a medic to keep the other allies on the team healthy for the fight.
  2. Body Bouncer – Glutathione is also like a bouncer for your body. It binds in the blood steam to toxins (like acetaldehyde), heavy metals, solvents and pesticides, helping them to be excreted in the urine and bile. It’s no wonder our kidneys, liver, lungs and intestines contain Glutathione. It also protects against the absorption of pollutants from the air and industrial chemicals.
  3. Immune Defender – Glutathione helps to fortify your immune system, making white blood cells and T cells better at killing the bugs that try to invade your body.
  4. Skin Protector – If you want to keep your skin looking young and healthy, you better learn about Glutathione. It helps protect the collagen fibers that keep skin elastic. And it also reduces melanin production, which can help prevent the darkening, spotting and aging of your skin.

In general, higher glutathione levels are associated with longer lifespan, healthier cholesterol levels, blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index, as well as overall feelings of well-being.

Okay great, it’s really good for you, but let’s talk…


Booze is a huge source of free radicals and toxins, so let’s take a quick look at how Glutathione helps with that:

  1. The Terminator – Glutathione binds toxins and marks them for removal from the body, specifically the poison that comes from alcohol and is processed in the liver.
  2. Acetaldehyde (ALD) – The science is boring, so we will keep it simple. This is the number one harmful toxin from alcohol. Don’t take our word for it; according to Wikipedia: “Acetaldehyde is more toxic than alcohol and is responsible for many hangover symptoms.”

Your liver has a 2-step process for breaking down alcohol. First, it turns it into the much more harmful ALD mentioned above, which quickly builds up in the body, damaging everything it touches and making you feel awful the next day (HANGOVER). Second, ALD becomes a harmless substance similar to vinegar (acetate). Glutathione is not just helpful, but required for this process.

The problem is that our bodies only produce enough Glutathione to fend off about 2 or 3 drinks worth of ALD. For better or worse, many of us enjoy a few more than a few drinks. So, we run out of glutathione and accumulate too much ALD. Welcome to Hangover City, population you.

Why Setria?

Setria L-Glutathione has been proven to increase blood levels of glutathione by 35% in humans. It’s truly an amazing ingredient because many believed this to be impossible prior to their ground-breaking research.

Intox-Detox didn’t stop there. We added Japanese raisin to the equation to support liver enzyme levels. Now, you have the only two substances on the planet proven in gold standard human clinical trials to protect the body and help avoid the misery of the day after when drinking alcohol. You’re welcome!

Next time, we’ll focus specifically on the many sources of the toxin ACETALDEHYDE – it’s not just alcohol people! Some of them will surprise you.

You may be getting a lot of this specific poison even if you rarely drink and live what you thought was a healthy lifestyle.


Grab a FREE SAMPLE of Intox-Detox here

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Or read our amazing testimonials.


hangovers suck



Hangover Cure Myths vs. Science – What Really Works?


thumbs up to a real hangover cure

Every society since the beginning of time has had a “hangover cure”. One reason for this is that over-consumption of alcohol truly is one of the civilized world’s oldest problems. Here at Intox-Detox, we don’t just use that expression for dramatic effect.

What sets hangovers apart from other world problems like war and starvation is the fact that we truly can’t blame anyone but ourselves. Hangovers are crimes we commit against our bodies. A hangover is personal and it’s different for each of us. You will never know for sure what your friend’s hangover feels like, and vice versa.

The general confusion about hangovers is what actually causes them. Actually, the cause is simple; it’s alcohol. However, the impact of alcohol on the body is complex. There’s a cascade of effects that add up to a hangover. Examples include inflammation, dehydration, free radicals, acetaldehyde buildup and too much acidity in the stomach. Let’s focus on a very specific, so-called “hangover cure” – H20.

The Water

To call dehydration by itself a “hangover” would be highly inaccurate. Remember that hot summer day when you were dehydrated? Did that feel like a hangover? No, because dehydration is merely part of what can go wrong when you drink alcohol. So why would we attempt to mitigate our hangover as if it were just dehydration? That makes no sense.

Water absolutely does help you to feel better. Dehydration causes a bunch of problems that suck. By all means, drink plenty of water. Have a glass between each alcoholic drink. Alcohol is a powerful diuretic; it tricks your body into pumping out much more water than you are taking in. Ever “broke the seal” before?

Drinking H20, Pedialyte or coconut water (electrolytes) helps fix dehydration. However, it does nothing for acetaldehyde poisoning, for example.

You would think we would take a broad scientific approach and address all of the specific effects of consuming alcohol instead of just picking one of the problems.

In the real world, people often try to scam other people and sell them worthless products to make money. The bigger the problem, the bigger the potential to take your money. And the bigger the lie, the harder we all fall. So every other week there’s a new “hangover cure” on the internet. (Last time it was Sprite) It catches our eye because we’ve all been through it; and nothing gets our attention like a cure for our specific pain. So, let’s look at the hangover cure that has recently hit the internet hard.

The Pear

For the last few weeks, the internet has been abuzz with articles and press releases about how Asian pear juice cures hangovers. In fairness, I have not seen the study. From what we can tell, they just gave a bunch of people some pear juice and asked them how they felt the next day. Then they compared them to a placebo group who had something other than pear juice.

This is a great start, but there is much work to be done before we can scream from the mountaintops that a hangover cure has been found. My fear is that the reason they have totally jumped the gun is that it’s just another fad. This is yet another marketing play to take your money.

Is it the Asian pear industry looking to offload inventory or sway a huge percentage of the drinking population to run out and buy up all the pears? Or is it a product that contains pear juice, seeding the market with PR stories to boost sales when it hits the shelves? Either way, it’s a very simple manipulative marketing strategy to move the masses of sheep into the pen where you can be sheered.

The interesting thing about hangovers is that many of the problems are quite easily handled. For dehydration, all you have to do is drink water. Inflammation? Take NSAIDs like aspirin or Advil. I recommend natural anti-inflammatories, but it’s your life. (To learn about alternatives to powerful drugs read this article) Antacids like Maalox or Tums can help with the stomach acidity. Vitamins and antioxidants from supplements or food fight free radicals to help detox and recover. All of these things are cheap and readily available.

The one problem no one addresses is acetaldehyde, which is not easy to deal with. And that’s where Japanese raisin and Intox-Detox come in.

The Thumb

What does a thumb have to do with hangovers? Not much, it stands for a big THUMBS UP for Japanese raisin. Unlike the Asian pear, Japanese raisin has been studied thoroughly in humans and we better understand exactly how it helps to prevent the misery of the morning after drinking. It addresses the acetaldehyde poisoning. More on that in a moment. The “thumb” is actually “thunb”; and it describes the part of the plant from which this incredible supplement comes. Japanese raisin is not a traditional raisin.

Raisins are just shriveled up grapes. Japanese raisin thunb is the stalk of the Hovenia dulcis plant. It has a pleasant, fruity (yet less sweet than raisins) taste. This non-raisin, raisin helps the body eliminate the acetaldehyde poison from alcohol up to 65% faster than normal, according to gold standard human clinical trials. This particular poison, acetaldehyde, is 12 to 15 times more dangerous than alcohol. The longer it lingers in your system, the more damage it does and the worse you will feel the next day.  Not to mention, when taken before drinking, Japanese raisin has liver protective effects.

The science shows that Japanese raisin works. However, Intox-Detox didn’t stop there. We also added Setria, Green Tea and Panax Ginseng (More on these in the next post). Each of these helps to fight acetaldehyde buildup in its own way.


The water, the pear and the thumb can all potentially be helpful. Water is just essential to life; and even more important when you are consuming a diuretic like alcohol. Pears are healthy, containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And it seems that preliminary research shows they “might” help with a hangover. Japanese raisin has been proven to help eliminate the poison from alcohol. The science is clear. Try it for yourself and see. Whatever you do, just don’t be a sheep because sheep always get sheered. Look for real science that lasts the test of time.

Intox-Detox has distributed close to 15,000 samples across the country with one consistent result – feeling better the morning after a night out. Click here to read our testimonials.

Or grab your FREE SAMPLE of Intox-Detox right here.

Or purchase your 6, 12 or 48 pack for 20% off here with coupon code ABID20.

Here’s to a better tomorrow!

Team Intox-Detox

The Elephant in the Room – Can a Natural Hangover Remedy Help You?


natural hangover remedy

On a Quest for an All Natural Hangover Remedy?

AB here – the CEO and Founder of Intox-Detox. Every once in a while I like to wax philosophical by publishing a little mini-rant on our blog. Today’s is focused on a few things that are bugging me. There’s an elephant in the room. Actually, there are several; and they are getting hard to ignore. The more I avoid calling attention to them, the more they put on elaborate interpretative dances to distract attention from the good work that Intox-Detox is trying to do. I know; I’m being very vague right now. So, what am I talking about? I’m about to get there.

(Learn more about the Benefits of Herbal Medicine here…)

1. Essential Versus Helpful Hangover Remedies

For a long time I have been trying to put into words this point; it’s hard for people to decide what dietary supplements they should take. You can’t take everything. Trust me I tried that. It’s too expensive. And to my shock and horror, when I stopped taking all the “build muscle” supplements entirely, my results didn’t change that much.

When it comes to supplements, there is a major difference between what is “essential” and what is just “helpful”. Goals differ widely. People are different too. Yes, we all have unique biochemistry; and a natural substance – like Japanese raisin for example – will affect one person differently than the next. However, we are all 99% genetically the same and statistically we can expect a mean average result across a large enough group of people. That’s why we do human clinical trials in the dietary supplement industry.

If you want to achieve good results (whatever the goal), it’s critical to have good information, based on good science. There’s plenty of bad science masquerading as real science. Intox-Detox didn’t pay for our studies. We lucked out. The research was already done for us by a third party. We were just smart enough to recognize an opportunity. Unlike a little (massive) company called Himalaya. They have a similar product called Party Smart. Their “science” was done in India, was not published or peer-reviewed and mostly based on questionnaires. They also paid for their “science”. When you pay for it, you expect a certain result; and you’ll get the result you want no matter the price. Our science guy Geoff Palmer looked at their “research” and one of the only studies that measured blood levels of anything actually showed an increase in acetaldehyde – the biological target for helping to avoid feeling terrible the day after you drink.

I use the word “hangover” cautiously because the FDA considers it a disease. The FDA likes us to be diseased because they get big kickbacks from all the new drugs that are necessary to treat all of our many “diseases”. Hangovers are no more a disease than the act of shivering. Shivering is a symptom of being cold. Hangovers – the by product of acutely poisoning yourself with ethanol, most specifically its metabolite in the liver – acetaldehyde. Products like Party Smart contain things that are helpful. This is not a full scale attack on them – they have great herbal products. Why the FDA doesn’t crack down on Himalaya for calling themselves a “drug” company, I will never know. They formulated their hangover remedy product as a 1-pill dietary supplement that supposedly does the same thing as Intox-Detox. It contains 250 milligrams of material. Compare that to our 3+ grams of material. I’m not saying more is better; but I know for a fact that accurate is better. Good science is better than bad. Our science says there’s a certain amount of Japanese raisin needed to achieve the result we want. So we use that amount.

Knowing what I now know, from experience and the published science, Japanese raisin is as close to “essential’ as you can get if your goal is to break down acetaldehyde. The 6 ingredients sprinkled into the 1-capsule dose of Party Smart might be helpful, but based on the science, they are nowhere near essential. I will say with no qualification that any product formulated to address hangovers that does not contain Japanese raisin is total BS. Sure, B vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and milk thistle are all helpful. But based on this goal, recovering from a night out drinking, they are nowhere near essential. You can easily get B vitamins from food, for example. You can hydrate with water. Milk thistle is a great supplement; don’t get me wrong. It just takes a lot of time to work. With Japanese raisin, you take it today and feel a difference by tomorrow.

That’s powerful. The elephant in the room is that there are companies trying to do what we are doing, but they can’t because…

2. They Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us

The first trade show where I bumped into Himalaya and Party Smart was in Orlando. I like a little friendly competition, so I walked right up to them and introduced myself. I gave them samples of Intox-Detox. Their marketing reps said something like “Oh, we see what you’re trying to do with this product. We’re doing the same thing.” I asked to see their “human clinical trials” and of course they could not provide them. “We’re just marketing reps”. It was pass the buck stuff. I seriously doubt they have even read their own research, which is really just bad, bought-and-paid-for science anyway. Am I afraid that someone will copy my formula and put Japanese raisin into their product? Yes and no.

First of all, it’s bloody expensive to do it right. I don’t think anyone else has the cajones to spend the money to use clinically proven amounts of the highest quality ingredients on the market. That’s my gamble and it’s one that I have to live with. I chose to make less money and create a quality product that works. And even if they do copy us, what does it matter? Among snake oil sales people and charlatans, we are offering a product that really works and has real science to back it.

And if you come to an event and bump into Intox-Detox, you will meet me. Mr. Intox-Detox. Or, at the very least, you will meet my sister or my mom. We are a family owned business. We stand behind our product. And we drink. We’ll most likely be toasting a few with you. Needless to say, I have never met Mr. Himalaya or his shady mistress Miss Party Smart – only a bunch of marketing reps who don’t know anything and have no answers to give. I guess we should be so lucky as to grow so large as a company that nobody can get a straight answer from us at a trade show and yet people just buy it and swallow the lie hook line and sinker. I don’t want to be a company like that. I want you to see my face and I want you to ask hard questions. I will do my best to answer them. And if I can’t, I will refer you to someone who can.

A woman actually got in my face at a bar yesterday, telling me how shady I am. Giving pills out at bars is “creepy” and she wouldn’t let her daughter take my product. What can I say? Exactly what I did say – then don’t take the product. It’s not for everyone. I wasn’t forcing the pills down anyone’s throat. Sure, if I go to a bar I always take some Intox-Detox with me. It’s just good networking. If someone asks me what I do, and I tell them, they are going to expect me to give them samples of Intox-Detox. That’s just the reality I live in. I am a walking billboard and I’m always on the clock – my cross to bear.

If you know me, you know that I’m the worst salesman ever. I never push the product on anyone. If anything, I am constantly being hounded to answer questions and give away free stuff. And I comply because it’s just good business. Here’s a woman who gets in my face about a product I’m giving away for free. Her rant was inspired by a few too many beers. I’m not judging because I’ve been there. However, a person indulging in one of the most abused drugs on the planet who is trying to preach to me about how my all-natural supplement is “shady” – well, there are words for people like that. And I will keep them to myself.

After all, I was  only trying to enjoy a couple of craft beers at my local bar because I won a $10 gift card playing beer pong weeks prior. Oh, and not to mention the fact that we created a product based on real science that protects your liver from the drug you are guzzling like it’s going out of style, all the while ranting about how I should be ashamed of myself for trying to help people for free. Haters going to hate.

Like I said, they hate us because they ain’t us. And if you don’t “get it”, what Intox-Detox is all about, then feel free to go on living your life. But I don’t need to hear about it. You do you and I’ll do me. Church.

3. What is Moderation?

In the spirit of addressing the efficacy of Intox-Detox, let’s talk about the other elephant in the room. After giving out close to 15,000 samples across the country I can honestly say that we have an anecdotal success rate of 99.999999%.

Yet, there have been a handful of people for whom Intox-Detox has not “worked”. Of course I will say that it’s an all-natural, herbal hangover remedy product and you can’t expect it to work exactly the same for everyone. While this is true, it’s also a dodge. I take full responsibility for the product. That’s why the first thing I do when someone gets in my face about how “it didn’t work” is to apologize. I said it above and I stick to it that we are all genetically almost identical and the mean experience of a person taking our product, based on the science, should be about the same. In any data set however there are always outliers. It is not my goal to explain them away, but to figure them out and learn about how we can make the product even better.

One such person, who claimed Intox-Detox did not “work”, drank a bakers dozen plus of Long Island Iced Teas. That’s definitely not MODERATION. I do some drinking, but even I wouldn’t EVER attempt to do something that stupid. That’s enough booze to kill an elephant. Which certainly wouldn’t help me with the elephants in my room!

To get to the point, one person’s “moderation” may differ from the next. Who’s to say what is the “right” amount to drink or not drink for that matter. It’s a personal choice. A linebacker can probably handle a few more beers than a super model or a ballerina. I would never encourage anyone to binge drink or treat alcohol with anything but the serious respect and caution it requires. That being said, there is really good research that shows drinkers may benefit from using more than one package of Intox-Detox in a day. Again, I’m not promoting over-drinking.

Drink or don’t drink whatever you want; that’s one of your freedoms as an American over the age of 21. Personally, I like to lie on the beach or by the pool, preferably in Mexico, and drink beer all day when I’m on vacation. If that’s you too and you know that you will be drinking more than usual, you can actually take multiple packs of Intox-Detox. There is one study showing that the equivalent of 3 packs is very efficacious. Any more than that and you probably won’t get any further benefit.

The safety testing is clear on these ingredients; you can take large amounts without negative effects. Of course, I always have to qualify that statement by urging you to consult with your doctor and read labels carefully. Don’t sue a brother for trying to help you protect your liver and feel okay the morning after your night out.

My personal rule of thumb is to take a package of Intox-Detox for every 4 or 5 drinks, or every 4 or 5 hours, whichever comes first. Also, for those who enjoy liquor like I do, it can be helpful to take more than one package. Obviously it  goes without saying that liquor is a more concentrated form of alcohol and can make you intoxicated quicker, speeding up the rate with which you accumulate the poison we are targeting, known as acetaldehyde. My advice for big liquor drinkers is to take a package before your first drink and another before bed.

That’s all for this edition. I just wanted to keep it real and address some of the dancing elephants in the room. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at info@intox-detox.com.

To a better tomorrow,

Andy Bennett

PS: To learn more about the many benefits of herbs that can have medicinal properties, check out this link here… There’s a time for Western medicine and there’s a time to explore the often untapped riches of nature’s wisdom.

Intox-Detox Hotter Than a Hoochie-Coochie Down on the Chattahoochee!

hangover supplement and ribs

Best. Ribs. Ever. And they pair well with moonshine and Intox-Detox!

Over the weekend Intox-Detox attended the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival July 24-26 at the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrolton, Georgia. It was a weekend of country music, barbecue, beer (pong) and camping. And according to CEO Andy Bennett (AB): “We finally learned firsthand just how hot a ‘hoochie -coochie’ really is!”

Intox-Detox finds the beer

It truly was “hotter than a hoochie-coochie”.

The lineup featured Stephen Dennis, Lorrie Morgan, the Kentucky Headhunters, Jesse Keith Whitley, Cowboy Troy, Brian Collins, Corey Smith, JJ Lawhorn, Bubba Sparxxx, The Lacs and Deana Carter.

bubba sparxxx and Intox-Detox

Intox-Detox meets the one and only Bubba Sparxxx, who seemed anxious to try the product.

All of these incredible acts performed well. The Intox-Detox team especially enjoyed Deana Carter, Brian Collins, JJ Lawhorn and Bubba Sparxxx. We even got the chance to grab a quick photo and share some of our amazing product with some of them. Bubba is a Georgia boy, hailing from not too far down the road from the venue. JJ Lawhorn was a standout as well; he’s from AB’s home state of Virginia, from just outside of Richmond, VA. JJ said it best: “Virginia people gotta stick together.” Amen.

JJ Lawhorn and Intox-Detox

Shaking hands with JJ Lawhorn. Watch out for this guy. He’s a true talent.

Intox-Detox set up shop across from the beer vendors, in the perfect spot to watch adults and children alike battle with gravity while riding the mechanical bull.

riding the bull0724151858d







When we weren’t accepting beer pong challenges at the booth, we were chowing down on a few racks of Gilbert’s Rib King BBQ. In the process, we discovered that they are local to Southern Florida, the place where the Intox-Detox revolution all began. It goes without saying that the ribs were washed down with some cold beer and a few healthy pulls of moonshine – not without a pack of Intox-Detox of course.  That’s how we do it!

beer pong and Intox-Detox

Intox-Detox always goes well with beer pong!

Friday and Saturday night there were some pretty bad ass after parties with a few of the performers working over time until 3 am to make sure everyone got their fill of great music, dancing and good times.

As usual, Intox-Detox was met with a healthy dose of skepticism, which is fine with us. It just makes it that much more fun to say “I told you so” the next morning. Our team practices what we preach. Yes, we drink, but we always keep it responsible and take Intox-Detox beforehand to prevent the next day’s misery and protect our bodies in the process. How else do you think we could handle partying like rock stars for three days straight in the hot Georgia sun?

I guess “preach” is the wrong word. There’s no sermon and no sales pitch. The product works. Don’t take our word for it. Go here and read some real testimonials. Or visit here and grab a free sample to find out for yourself. There’s nothing to lose. And you’ll know whether it worked in the morning. We don’t pull any punches. We just created an amazing product to deliver the knock out punch to one of the civilized world’s oldest problems – the painful after effects of drinking.

Already convinced, click here to go save 20% off Intox-Detox, by entering the coupon code “ABID20” at the top of the checkout page.

Why not come hang out with us at the next event? We’ll share some good drinks, awesome times and a whole lot of Intox-Detox.

A Hangover SuX. Intox-Detox WorX!

PS: Thanks to Bankhead Beverage for trying out our Intox-Detox samples and supplying a whole lot of beer and moonshine. It’s a great local place in Carrolton to pick up some liquor, wine or beer. Great selection and prices!

Stephen Dennis and Intox-Detox

Intox-Detox meets Stephen Dennis.

Intox-Detox – Changing the World One Liver at a Time


Intox-Detox CEO Andy Bennett here. I thought I would drop some knowledge on this little blog of ours and speak directly to our fans and customers. If you know me, you know that I’m a man of the people. I do too many shots and drink beers like it’s my job (it actually is) with the best of them, and the worst of them. And don’t even get me started on a bottle of bourbon. Actually, do – Old Fashioned made with a nice rye or bourbon whiskey – that’s my wheelhouse. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m actually here to talk about how Intox-Detox became a reality and why it’s the best “hangover” pill on the market. Anyone who says otherwise, please feel free to challenge us. A little company with a pill called “Party Dumb” tried that once. There’s only one thing worse in the dietary supplement industry than having no science; and it’s having bad science. Unpublished, non-placebo controlled or even “science” based on questionnaires. Do NOT fall for impostors. We did and are doing REAL SCIENCE. And we’re not done. We have big plans for this little company. So, how did Intox-Detox come to be?

I’ll be completely honest with you and say that I can’t in good conscience take all of the credit for Intox-Detox, but I will anyway. The concept for the product came from a former Slippery Rocky alum and friend – let’s call her Brooke. I got into the dietary supplement world way back in college (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth!). I wanted to build all the muscle and maybe make up for the fact that I was such a shy kid. Some supplements were very effective. For example, creatine, while controversial always (for no reason at all), is truly an amazing supplement with the ability to improve performance in ways that persuaded my young mind that there was something to this supplement thing. Now, I know it’s not really consistent with my fitness goals, but I enjoy a drink or several. You can’t live forever and who would want to anyway? You have to find a balance. My balance became going to the gym to punish myself for the “sins” of yesterday. Then, I would celebrate the victory with a few drinks among friends. Over time the punishments started to outweigh the rewards; it got harder to get to the gym too. And because I actually do care about my health, I started looking at what the fallout might be from a little too much fun. Most of my best ideas come from being a little on the spectrum so to speak. My mind wanders and I start comparing apples to oranges, kind of like mental alchemy, just letting my mind wander like a canoe adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It turns out that my best thinking is done when I’m not thinking. Go figure.

I did. I figured that if enzymes could speed up digestion, why could they not speed up other chemical reactions in the body governed by enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for all of the amazing things I don’t understand that go on in the human body, including the ability to write this blog. Deep! I knew that liver enzymes were responsible for breaking down alcohol. And it was clear that some people had more of them than others. I’m looking at you Sara F. So, why then couldn’t you supplement liver enzymes the way you do digestive enzymes and speed up the process. No! There’s two reasons why that doesn’t work. Brooke informed me that breaking down alcohol faster would only make things worse because the body’s process for that has two stages. Much like a cows stomach or a rabbits bowels, the human liver is not really an intelligent design. We turn alcohol into something far MORE toxic and deadly before we completely detox it. That toxic chemical is ACETALDEHYDE (ALD for short). It’s nasty; and it’s responsible for most of the negative effects of drinking alcohol. My SRU drinking buddy alerted me to the fact that ALD should be targeted and not ethanol. I had that idea more than 10 years ago. I did nothing about it until 2013. Let’s just call it a 10-year hangover. I didn’t forget; I just didn’t know how to make it happen. Then I met Geoff Palmer.

Geoff is a guy who makes real science-based and quality dietary supplement formulations. He’s my “science guy” and really deserves the lion’s share of the credit for Intox-Detox. And now that I’ve given him and Brooke their due, I will shift the focus back to my visionary genius. Someone had to ask the questions and push the envelopes. And that someone was destined to be me. Look, we are not dealing in drugs or vaccines. My legacy will not be that of Jonas Salk, who created the Polio vaccine. Hangovers suck; and they always, always will. If Mother Earth created a few natural plants that help us to enjoy a few drinks and not feel like we actually contracted Polio than so be it. The alcohol game is a $200 billion playground. And I’m just a kid at heart, who can’t resist a playground. So, come play with me!

No, we couldn’t isolate the actual liver enzyme (ALDH2) and use it as a supplement, as I had first imagined. However, Geoff the science guy found a little gem called Japanese raisin. This ain’t your grandma’s raisins, pal. When people realize how effective this stuff is, it’s going to a REVOLUTION. No seriously. But because we are smarter than the average bears we didn’t stop there. We added Setria L-Glutathione. That’s a patented version of the amino acid L-glutathione. It’s reduced. Much like the liver enzyme we failed to procure, this particular amino acid gets gobbled up in the stomach or intestines and never makes it to the bloodstream. Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. LTD figured out how to get L-glutathione into the bloodstream to actually increase GSH levels. That’s a complicated way of saying it’s a minor miracle. Let’s say you get a case of alcohol poisoning or gobble up two many Tylenols. They rush you to the ER and give you an IV of what? Glutathione. That’s correct. Setria increases GSH levels by 35%. And there are real human studies that show that. Sorry, Party Smarties, that’s what we call REAL SCIENCE. So, you can take your questionnaires and use them for what fiat currencies and all worthless paper is good for deep in the woods. Wiping your pretentious and over -bloated behind. You guys make great products, but that is NOT one of them.

I digress. Along with Japanese raisin and Setria, we added Green tea and Panax ginseng. Not for energy, my babies, but as support ingredients for further expediting the breakdown of ALD – that awful poison from alcohol that lingers in your body and causes you to feel like crap.

So, there you have it. Intox-Detox – a formula based on real science that solves a real problem and hopefully contributes something useful to the world. Remember when American corporations used to make stuff? I know it’s hard to recall, but I do. We started the company to change the world. We wanted to create a BETTER TOMORROW for everyone. And that’s exactly what we are doing. All I ask is that if you enjoy a few drinks from time to time, give Intox-Detox a shot. I refuse to let a single drink pass my lips without taking it. Not only does it help you avoid feeling awful tomorrow, it also protects your liver. And your liver is important. It’s called the “LIVER”. You need it to live. So take Intox-Detox, live long and prosper.

Here’s to a better tomorrow,

Andy Bennett

BREAKING NEWS – Intox-Detox Launches A Better Tomorrow Wit Beer

no hangover beer

Intox-Detox tackled one of the civilized world’s oldest problems by creating an all-natural supplement taken BEFORE drinking alcohol that both prevents the damage to your liver and helps you avoid the misery of the day after. Yeah, we did that. And by the way, yes, it works. Read these testimonials. Thousands have tried it and confirmed that it really works. Now we are taking it to the next level by adding our ingredients to a delicious craft beer called A BETTER TOMORROW WIT – named after our tagline: “Take Tonight for a Better Tomorrow”; more to come on that in 10 seconds.

Grab a free sample here and find out for yourself…

Here’s what we know: Alcohol can cause hangovers. Hangovers suck. However, they are not inevitable. There are many things you can do to intervene and stop the misery and the damage before it even starts. Go read this for a checklist of how to get away with a night out drinking, and do it practically hangover-free.

One of the number one ways to “get away with it” is to take Intox-Detox. Sure, the science is a little boring. Basically, we break down the poison from alcohol much faster, so it can’t linger around in your body and cause trouble (watch this video to learn more). But we post plenty of epic dissertations on that subject. Today we want to focus on BEER HISTORY in the making. As in we are currently making beer history!

Intox-Detox has partnered with Sailfish Brewing Co., a craft beer brewery in Fort Pierce, Florida; They make amazing craft beers that are high-quality, local and fresh. Having already revolutionized our supplement category, we thought: “Why not put the ingredients right into the beer?” So that’s exactly what we did. No pills to swallow, you just drink the beer for a better tomorrow!

“A Better Tomorrow Wit” is a wheat beer that contains Japanese raisin, Panax Ginseng and Green Tea – three of the main ingredients in Intox-Detox. And, based on preliminary research conducted by CEO Andy Bennett, the stuff works. Sure, it’s only anecdotal for now; that’s how science starts – someone has to be the guinea pig!

Our guinea pig has pledged not to take a single Intox-Detox pill the night of the event. The beer will have to work the magic all by itself.

A Better Tomorrow Wit is being launched at an event on Friday July 10th at 6:00 pm at the Sailfish Brewery on 2nd St in Ft. Pierce. Check it out here on Facebook for more details…

With the help of Treasures of Ft. Pierce, Anchor Boards and Sailfish Brewing Co, Intox-Detox is throwing a launch party with live music, food and $5 craft beers, including the very first samples ever of A Better Tomorrow Wit. This beer is exclusive to this event and it will go fast.

See you there!

For those unable to make the event, grab a free sample of Intox-Detox here.

sailfish brewery