What really causes a hangover?

Club La Vela Spring Break 2015 (2)

Our CEO Andy was at Spring Break 2015, Panama City Beach, Florida this month! From the gorgeous beaches of America’s third coast and the country’s largest Spring Break party, Andy offers a scientific explanation of what causes a hangover. Spoiler: it’s not dehydration.


Spring Break 2015 Panama City Beach

Club La Vela Spring Break 2015 (2)

We came. We Conquered. We Kicked Ass.

Intox-Detox™ made an incredible impact at the country’s largest Spring Break party week.

For a week in March, hundreds of thousands of college students descend on the coastal city of Panama City Beach Florida and take part in what undoubtedly is the biggest Spring Break party in the country. This year, Intox-Detox™ was a corporate sponsor with Club LaVela, the nation’s largest day club outside of Las Vegas. Club LaVela acts as the hub that all Panama City Beach activity surrounds. Mega-stars of Hip Hop & Dance music graced the outdoor pool stage all week as thousands upon thousands of young people had the party of their lives.


Spring Break 2015 at Club La Vela: Panama City Beach, Florida

Club La Vela Spring Break 2015 (2)

Join us for the largest college party of the year! Intox-Detox™ has partnered with Club La Vela, the largest day-club in America for Spring Break 2015!

We’ll be in Panama City Beach, Florida March 8-14

Club La Vela

We’ll be partying hard at the Vegas of the South, legendary Club La Vela. “Party with Thousands” is their mantra, and they don’t mess around. Headlining the week-long party will be mega stars Lil’ John, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, T-Pain, Juicy J, Shaggy, and many more.

Spring Break 2014 was INSANE and we expect Spring Break 2015 to be even better! Spring Break 2014:

Acevedo Photography_SB 2014 2

Acevedo Photography_SB 2014

Acevedo Photography_SB 2014 3

Where to Find Intox-Detox™

Find us on the beach for giveaways and massive sales. Buy Intox-Detoxat Club La Vela checkout counters. See our banners & signage by Club La Vela’s massive & world-famous club pool!

Club La Vela Pool


Photo credit: ClubLaVela.com, ShotByAcevedo.com