How to Make BCAA Jell-O and an Intox-Detox Twist

a new kind of jello shot

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Recently, I published a minor Magnum Opus called Top 5 Stay-Fit Tips for Social Drinkers (read it here).

Hang in there because after a brief introduction I will give you a really cool recipe that I use for staying lean and healthy, despite my penchant for a few alcoholic beverages…

It was controversial for some because I claimed that ALCOHOL DOESN’T MAKE YOU FAT. It’s abusing alcohol and/or what you do while you’re drinking that actually causes the problem.

The number one way that alcohol indirectly promotes weight-gain is by disrupting important hormones that burn fat and regulate calorie-usage. Hint: your liver plays an important part in both.

One of my favorite ways to compensate for the extra calories and hormone disruption of moderate alcohol intake is FASTING.

But before I dive headlong into that, let me share my recipe so that you can get value first…

BCAA Jell-O Shot Recipe



Pour 2 cups of water into a large bowl or pitcher for mixing. Pour all 4 packs of Knox gelatin over and place into the fridge or freezer to cool. Boil the other two cups of water. Remove cold water and gelatin mix and add 4 scoops of Scivation Xtend. Pour boiling water on top and use a fork or wire whisk to mix thoroughly. Add Hovenia dulcis now if so desired. Mix for about 1 minute. Pour into large flat container or 4 individual Tupperware bowls. Place in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours or overnight.

*Makes 4 servings BCAA Jell-O

*Hovenia dulcis is the Japanese raisin ingredient in our all-natural liver detox and alcohol recovery formula Intox-Detox. Even if you are not drinking, it promotes recovery and adds only 4 grams of carbohydrates. Our extract  is far more concentrated, but this stuff is delicious to add to many things, including iced tea and alcoholic cocktails. You get a liver boost and you fight the hangover all at once. Tip: Add this ingredient and chow down a serving of jell-O before bed to help feel better the next day, after a a night out drinking.

*For a fun twist use any flavor of Zevia sugar and calorie-free, all-natural soda in place of the 2 cups of cold water. This will make a much sweeter end product, so you may want to use 1 cup cold water and 1 cup Zevia.

*Replace cold water with vodka (or liquor  of choice) to make healthier Jell-O shots! We like Titos.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving:

Protein/Amino acids: 18 grams (includes 7 g BCAA, 2.5 g Gluatmine, 1 g Citrulline and 8 g gelatin)

Carbohydrates: 0

Fat: 0



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For me, the authority on the subject  of fasting is Mr. Brad Pilon with his excellent book “Eat Stop Eat“. Fasting does amazing things to your body, one of which is damage. Say what? How could damage be good for you? In life, there’s nothing like failure and being broken down to motivate us to new heights. And it’s the same with our bodies…

Brad Pilon probably explained it best with another metaphor. Without a doubt, exercise is good for you, especially resistance training (awesome for balancing fat-burning and sex hormones). However, if you look at a calf muscle after an intense training session, it appears to be a total disaster, according to Pilon. It basically looks like a disorganized heap of mush because you literally destroyed the muscle with micro-tears and trauma from training against resistance. But what happens next is beautiful and amazing. The fibers get to work repairing themselves to be bigger, stronger and more efficient. Assuming proper nutrition and rest, within a few days the muscle fibers are perfectly reformed into the sinewy perfection of human design. In the process, many other markers of overall health were improved by the challenge to your body. It took controlled damage to improve the calf muscle.

Fasting does the same thing to your whole body, especially your vital organs and cells that are dead or dysfunctional. Your body literally has to clean house and eat the dead waste for energy.

If that sounds hard, that’s because it is. Fasting is not easy, which is why I “practice fasting”. I don’t always succeed. I try to fast for 20 to 24 hours once per week. I don’t always make it the full duration, but I always see benefits immediately.


  • People actually tell me I look younger and the whites of my eyes are brighter
  • I look visibly leaner, especially in the abdomen
  • After initial hunger pangs have been satisfied, I have LESS desire to eat junk food
  • I appreciate food far more after having abstained
  • Blood sugar levels seem to stay more stable (I have struggled with hypoglycemia in the past where I would feel manic, erratic, starving hungry and sweaty when my blood sugar dropped)
  • Fasting engenders a unique euphoria of clear-minded, big picture thinking


  • You lose muscle. Nope, it’s just not true. If you train regularly, your body knows you need that muscle. It will be the very last thing you burn off. It’s also Pilon who taught me that protein is not what maintains muscle. Over the long-term, yes you need it for recovery. In the short-term it is resistance training itself that signals the body on multiple levels to maintain muscle mass in order to survive. Fasting for up to 3 days does not burn much muscle away in trained athletes. It burns fat. That’s why we store fat, as reserves to burn when we don’t have adequate nutrition.
  • Fasting is bad for you. Nope. It’s bad for you in the way that doing a tough workout is bad, in the short-term. Big picture, it will improve your health in almost every way.
  • Fasting has to be religious. Nope.
  • Fasting has to be for a long duration. Nope.


nice butt

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Fasting is hard! My best advice for “practicing” the art of fasting is to have a somewhat large and fulfilling meal (but not binging or cheating) around 2 or 3 pm. Don’t eat again until 2 or 3 pm the next day. In the meantime, drink calorie-free beverages, chew gum and if you really suffer consider my little fasting cheats like BCAA Jell-O.

If it gets too hard after 16, 18 or 20 hours and I feel bad, then I just eat. No harm done. You still get some benefit out of the practice. Next week, you try to  go a little longer. It’s not for everyone, but I hope these tips help you out.


quest bar smores

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Pilon actually predicted the future when he said that companies would start selling “fasting foods”, which is a total oxymoron of course. Fasting by definition is abstaining from calories entirely, with copious amounts of water to stay hydrated. Now, look at the rise of the Quest protein bar (fiber stick with a little almond fat and whey/casein protein), collagen-based supplements, MCT oil (we like Now brand) and bone broth. These are essentially very low-calorie foods you can eat during fasts without significantly “breaking your fast”. From my experience, “cheats” or helpers (as I call them) like these can make the difference between an 18-hour fast and a 20-24 hour one. Pilon was exactly right and I think it’s hilarious. But I still see the value in these functional pseudo-foods.

Also, anyone who has fasted before knows that when you eat again, you may have a tendency to overdo it. For me, it makes sense to gradually add calories back gently, as not to shock your body, create a huge insulin hormone spike and send you running to the bathroom. Here’s my fast disaster plan, when everything goes wrong and I can’t make the 24 hours:


disaster button

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Break glass in case of extreme hunger, descend downward as you gradually break the fast.

  • Add low/no-calorie cheats or helpers – including coffee sweetened with Truvia, BCAAs (the Xtend Jell-O), bone broth soup, collagen protein, MCT oil (Now Foods), Apple Cider Vinegar or creatine.
  • Add protein with very low/no fat or carbohydrates, leafy green or cruciferous vegetables
  • Add healthy fats in small doses, such as 90% Lindt dark chocolate, almonds, half & half/grass-fed butter/cream in coffee
  • Add back low-glycemic carbohydrates like quinoa, berries, apples etc.

When you decide the fast is over, have another sizable and satisfying meal combining protein, fats and carbohydrates.


fasted training

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After 18 to 20 hours of fasting, ADVANCED FASTING TRAINEES can hit the gym for a quick workout. Don’t set any personal bests and there’s no need to train to failure. This is not a workout for moving mountains. This workout is for burning pure body fat. Try actively avoiding failure,  but using 3 to 4 sets per exercise and 30 seconds or less rest between sets. Full body workouts work great for this. Add 15 to 20 minutes of cardio and then go eat something! Here’s one of my favorite fasted full-body super-set workouts:

Leg Press/Lat Pulldowns – 30 reps, 20 reps, 15 reps (rest only while moving between equipment)

Machine Shoulder Press/Calf Raises – 30 reps, 20, reps, 15 reps (rest same as above)

Chest Press/Reverse Curls – 30/20/15

Triceps Pushdown/Bicep Curls – 30/20/15

Cardio: 4 min. Tabata, followed by 15 to 20 minutes on the elliptical


intox detox for hangover

Although my main business is helping social drinkers protect their livers and avoid the dreaded hangover, I am also very passionate about fitness. So I decided to add-value to my amazing product by educating folks about how to stay fit and healthy without giving up social drinking and having fun. It’s all about balance. This is the information I wish I had known 10 years ago! I would have done things a lot differently… Why not turn my failures and valuable hard-learned lessons into your success and better tomorrow?

Intox-Detox contains 2 ingredients clinically-proven protect your liver and help avoid the misery of the morning after drinking, when taken BEFORE the alcohol. It’s also amazing for your health even if you don’t drink at all. Not to mention, that all of the ingredients – Green Tea, Panax Ginseng, Glutathione and Japanese Raisin – can indirectly promote energy, balance and healthy weight management.

Many of our customers have begun taking Intox-Detox daily for the caffeine-free boost and liver detox. Not to mention the immune system bump from a clinical dose of Setria L-Glutathione.

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intox detox for hangovers?

I can promote healthy liver and weight management while knocking out the misery of hangovers!


Sugar-Free Strawberry Collins – Another Great Hangover-Busting Drink


Sugar-Free Cocktails Help to Avoid the Hangover

(Give me my free Intox-Detox Sample!)

Okay, we’ll repeat ourselves. We’ve said it so many times before, but chances are you’ve never visited the Intox-Detox blog, so welcome!

Here we try to educate people about how to protect their livers and avoid hangovers. By avoiding drinking? Hell no!

The point is to drink moderately and enjoy yourself while protecting your body and avoiding the MISERY of tomorrow. One of the best ways to do that is to avoid refined sugars, which are highly inflammatory and make your hangovers that much worse. Not to mention that a few summer cocktails can add up in terms of calories quicker than you think.

We’ll tell you more about other strategies for avoiding hangovers in a second, but first let’s get straight to the recipe…

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Strawberry Collins Sugar-Free


4-5 Ripe Strawberries

2 oz Gin

1 1/2 Limes juiced

Zevia Strawberry soda

Few dashes Angosturra Orange Bitters



Muddle the berries, lime juice and bitters in a pint glass or Mason jar. Add a little Zevia Strawberry until it fizzes and muddle a little more to really bring out the sugars and oils.  Add ice and all remaining ingredients.

(See original non-sugar-free recipe here…)

Don’t know about Zevia sodas yet? You are totally missing out! It’s everything soda always should have been: 0 calorie, sugar-free, all-natural and delicious in cocktails. They even went totally clear to eliminate all dyes and artificial colors. You can give this stuff to your kid without worrying about a Mountain Dew temper tantrum that might scar both you and your child for life. Learn more about Zevia here… BONUS: Zevia also comes in a rainbow cornucopia of flavors, with something for everyone.

While you’re learning stuff, ever heard of Intox-Detox?

Our product is HANDS DOWN the best ALCOHOL DETOX & RECOVERY FORMULA on the market. It contains the ONLY 2 clinically proven ingredients (from human studies) that BOTH protect the liver and help avoid THE MISERY of the next morning when taken with alcohol. Best of all, it really works.

It’s also all-natural, safe, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and made in America

The only people who might not like it are MASOCHISTS who enjoy HANGOVERS and COMMUNISTS. (Probably not mutually exclusive groups!) There I said it.

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Enjoy the recipe and stay #LIVERSTRONG because #HANGOVERSSUCK!

PS: Read below for a quick message from YOUR LIVER!


Guilt-Free Skinny Margaritas for Summertime – Pairs Well with Intox-Detox!


Perfecting the Art of the Skinny Margarita

Who doesn’t love a good margarita in the summertime? And yet, most of the ones you get at the bar have enough sugar to put you in a diabetic coma after only a few drinks. Why waste the calories when there’s a better way?

Anyone else severely disappointed by the “skinny margarita” option? Whether it comes out of a “skinny bitch” bottle or it’s just over-hyped agave nectar (most of which is neither natural, agave or low-glycemic) or just watered down margarita – my most common experience – yes, even at “good” tequila bars. There has to be a better way!

There are so many recipes out there, but this is one of the best ones that we at Intox-Detox have ever found. And depending on your devotion to being truly sugar-free, you can go a couple of different ways, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Below are all the details you need to adapt this recipe EXACTLY to your tastes and preferences.

I promise that I thoroughly tested this recipe to make sure that it was solid. I take this VERY SERIOUSLY. It’s my full-time job! It took a little adjusting, but this was the result we came up with….

Here at Intox-Detox, we like to keep the sugar to an absolute minimum. It’s not ENTIRELY for vanity. It’s no secret that refined sugar is terrible for you. However, because it causes an inflammatory response in the body, plain old WHITE SUGAR can make your hangovers worse too. Not to mention that a high-refined sugar diet is WORSE for your liver than drinking moderately, according to the latest research.

And sugar doesn’t just make your cells inflamed, it tends to do the same around your waist!

We’ll save our sugar intake for fun treats like the occasional cookie or piece of birthday cake. Here’s what you need to pick up to perfect this recipe:


  • Kosher or coarse Sea Salt
  • 1 3/4 – 2 ounces Espolon silver tequila
  • 1 ounce fresh lime juice
  • 1 ounce Trop 50 orange juice or fresh-squeezed
  • 2 tablespoons Madhava Agave Five or 1-2 tablespoons Truvia simple syrup (see additional recipe below)
  • 1 lime wedge for garnish


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and all ingredients. Apply the lid and shake for 30 to 45 seconds. Strain or poor into your chosen glass (pre-rimmed with salt if you choose).


  1. Tequila – We absolutely love Espolon; I’d go so far as to say that it’s better than Patron and at a fraction of the (usually about $23-25 for 750 ml) cost. Whatever tequila you choose, just make sure that it’s 100% Agave. You might prefer reposado or anejo, but quality isn’t all about price. And bad tequila will require more packs of Intox-Detox!
  2. Sweetener – Some people don’t dig the so-called “after taste” of Truvia. In that case, you can opt for fresh-squeezed OJ, rather than Trop 50 and use the agave nectar. That will add a little more sugar and calories, but what good is a calorie-free drink that you don’t enjoy? In the past, we have gotten lazy and opted for the Master of Mixes Lite, which is virtually sugar-free, but not nearly as good as either of these fresher options. If you go that route, you won’t need fresh juices or sweeteners and you should mix at a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio, tequila to margarita mix.
  3. Truvia Simple Syrup – We typically follow the wisdom of Zevia. If you don’t know about them, please check them out. They make sugar-free sodas in a rainbow of flavors, which are all incredible for making low-calorie cocktails. These are soft drinks that you can enjoy or even serve to your children with a clear conscience. Recently they have removed the artificial colors from their soda products. Zevia blends erythritol (natural fruit sugar alcohol found in grapes), stevia and monk fruit extract, which is a great sugar-free blend to mimic the taste of sugar. To make the simple syrup combine 1/2 cup warm/hot water with 3 1/2 tablespoons of Truvia spoonable sweetener. If you only have the Truvia packs, you need 12 of them for this recipe. Shake or stir until all the granules have dissolved. However, we recommend using 6 packs of Monk fruit extract and 6 packs of Truvia. You might also look into Truvia’s new Nectar product, which blends honey and stevia.  We found that it doesn’t mix easily and tends to aggregate at the bottom of the shaker, but the taste is very nice. It’s not completely sugar-free and you might use half of above recommendation because it is VERY SWEET.
  4. Madhava Agave Five – This sweetener surprised us. It’s also not sugar-free, but pretty low calorie. It’s agave nectar that has monk fruit and stevia added to cut the calories. And it mixes beautifully. While it adds a few extra calories, this was our favorite sweetener from the “experiment”.
  5. To Taste… – It’s hard to say exactly what you will like. Personally, I like a strong drink where I can taste the tequila. If you don’t, you might cut this back to 1 and 1/2 ounces of tequila. I also like a “fresh” drink. Exactly what that means is hard to define and probably depends a lot upon your taste buds. I don’t mind something a little sour and I absolutely hate the hyper-sweet concoctions that pass for margaritas at most places. So you can tweak this too. Try different sweeteners, as suggested, or add an extra 1/2 ounce if needed. Or cut it if you find it too sweet. This recipe is a great starting place with ingredients that both taste good and spare the sugars and calories. Not to mention that natural compounds in fresh orange and lime, erythritol, REAL agave nectar and monk fruit contain potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that may also help avoid the hangover.

Want to Make a Whole Pitcher for the Party?

To make about 6 – 8-oz drinks or approximately 45 ounces, use the following:

  • 2 and 1/2 cups of tequila
  • 1 cup fresh lime juice (15 limes worth)
  • 1 and 1/4 cup fresh-squeezed OJ (5 medium oranges) or Trop 50
  • 6 tablespoons of Madhava Agave Five OR Truvia simple syrup

NUTRITION FACTS:  1 Margarita with Madhava Agave 5 nectar and Trop 50…

  • Calories: 166
  • Carbs: 7 grams
  • Sugar: 4 grams

Enjoy and don’t forget to take your Intox-Detox!

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Guilt and Hangover-Free Cocktail Recipes

Looking for Guilt and Hangover-Free Cocktail Recipes?

So, summer is over. It happens. The planet goes around the sun and tilts at different angles. Totally out of your control. What you can control is what you drink and how much it damages your body. That’s where Intox-Detox comes in. We created our product to help you have a good time without destroying your body and waking up feeling like a zombie the next day. You’re welcome.

Hangovers suck! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it probably at least a million times more: a hangover is not caused by DEHYDRATION, SUGARS or CONGENERS. These things make hangovers worse. Think gasoline on the fire. Not the fuel that makes the fire of your own personal hell burn the day after a few too many. If you want to learn what exactly causes a hangover and how to fix it, go here.

Today our focus is singular. Here are 6 awesome low-sugar alcoholic libations that can spare your waistline and keep the sugars down, so that you don’t pour to much extra gasoline on the fire. Thanks to Zevia for being awesome and making incredible calorie-free sodas! Don’t forget to take your Intox-Detox!

fall brew recipe with zevia

  1. Fall Brew

For a drink called “Fall Brew” this sure tastes like kissing summer a bittersweet good-bye. Pineapple and cranberry with rum and lemon lime soda rocks. You know the words, so sing… “Captain Jack will get you high tonight, And ake you to your special island…” At 110 calories, you can afford to visit a few of your private archipelagos.

fall brew recipe

If that Fall Brew recipe makes you feel like another year is in the bag, this next one might just make you feel like a kid again…

shirley temple recipe

2. The Grown Up Shirley Temple

We all have to grow up. It doesn’t mean you have to stop putting cherries in your Sprite. The vodka just makes life a little better, doesn’t it? Fans of the Arrested Development show know that stuff goes bad if you don’t drink it fast, so get to it!

grown up shirley temple recipe

Maybe you want something a little more grownup, but no less sweet and colorful. Try this…

atomic cat recipe

3. Atomic Cat

You don’t need to be an atom-splitting rocket scientist to make this one. With Zevia’s awesome sugar-free tonic water, a little OJ and vodka, you can throw this together in seconds. We’re also a fan of Tropacana’s Trop 50 to further reduce the sugar content. And since it contains orange juice, I think you can even call this drink breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day…

atom cat tonic drink

Like your drinks a little more tart? This drink looks delicious…

cranberry lime tart recipe

4. Cranberry Lime Tart

The recipe below is for a pitcher, so this one might just be your new party favorite. The red cranberries and green limes could make a great seasonal punch for those holiday parties. Both are also full of antioxidants that can help ward off the dreaded holiday party hangover. Highly recommend Just Cranberry or another pure, not-from-concentrate cranberry juice.

sugar free cocktail

Need something a little more “summery”. Just because this next one contains bitters that doesn’t mean it tastes that way…

blood orange G & T

5. Blood Orange G&T

This slight variation on a classic G&T adds orange bitters and fresh blood orange juice. Gin lovers unite! Most of today’s drinkers are strangers to bitters; and that’s a darn shame because they are awesome. I recommend you drop the orange slice in with the blood orange juice and bitters and muddle briefly before adding the gin and tonic water. That will really bring out the flavor of the the oranges.

gin and tonic

Not a gin fan? This next one is highly flexible. It works with almost any liquor of your choosing…

moscow mule recipe

6. Zevia Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is quickly becoming a new fan favorite everywhere. Sub bourbon for vodka and  you have yourself a Kentucky Mule. Best of all, you save on calories by using half Zevia Ginger Ale and half ginger beer. Barritt’s makes a decent sugar-free ginger beer if you really want to keep the calories low, but it’s not all-natural like Zevia.

moscow mule

So there you have it – 6 awesome low-calorie and low-sugar drinks to get you through the end of the year. Any bartender worth his or her salt will tell you that quality liquors and fresh ingredients are the path to avoiding hangovers.

We agree, with the exception that we know based on the science that even the highest-grade poison is still poison. Any drink can give you a hangover. Drinks with artificial sweeteners and high sugar content can definitely make your hangover much worse.

Avoid all of that noise by taking your Intox-Detox before you party. It contains clinically proven Japanese raisin and Setria L-Glutathione to help to detox, recover and protect your body from the damaging effects of alcohol.

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Gin Gimlet – Sugar-Free + Intox-Detox = a Healthier Better Tomorrow

alcoholic mixed drinks gin gimlet

(Photo credit to

Last week we shared one of our favorite lower-sugar alcoholic drink recipes, the no-sugar added Pina Colada. If you missed it, go check it out at

Today, we offer another classic with a new twist, this time for all you gin lovers. However, if if you don’t like gin, this one might be worth a go. We have actually made this for people who “don’t drink gin” and they absolutely loved it. As always, we are keeping the sugar to a minimum. In this case it’s virtually zero. Sure, there are minute amounts of sugar in the lime juice, but, for all intents and purposes, it’s about as sugar-free as you can get. And don’t forget all natural too.

When we developed the Intox-Detox product, it had to be all natural; and we wouldn’t accept anything less. Intox-Detox is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and made in America. Let’s get on with the recipe all ready. These are technically in the family of classic martini cocktails and can be enjoyed day or night. Just be careful because they can sneak up on you.

Gin Gimlet Sugar-Free

What You Need

-1.5 to 2 shots gin

-1 shot of fresh squeezed lime juice

-3-4 packets of Truvia or Monk fruit extract (preferably half and half)

-1/2 teaspoon orange extract

-Lime wedge garnish

What You Do

Pack a shaker full of ice. Add gin, lime juice, optional orange extract and sweetener, 2 packets Truvia + 2 packets Monk fruit extract and 1/2 shot water or lemon/lime flavored soda water. If you like your drinks more “fresh” and not so sweet, use only 3 packets of sweetener. Shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds. Strain into a fancy martini glass, or any old cup for that matter. Garnish with a lime, cherry optional. If you absolutely can’t stomach the gin, you can substitute vodka for a milder less “ginny” taste. For a simpler prep, with no shaker, you can make this drink stirred, not shaken. Just put all the ingredients into a glass with ice and stir thoroughly. In for a long night? Make it a double in a 12 to 16 oz glass!

Happy Friday and don’t forget to take Intox-Detox for a better tomorrow.

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hangover remedy cheers

Pina Colada Recipe – Intox-Detox Fav Alcoholic Mixed Drinks



Here at Intox-Detox, we love our cocktails. Actually we never met a drink we didn’t like. Well, that’s not entirely true… We have met a few drinks we didn’t like, but we never hold a grudge! Hold tight and we will share a drink recipe that will change your life! No seriously, it will.

The problem with a lot of cocktails is that they are often loaded with sugar. And this tropical favorite – the Pina Colada – is no exception. Not only will sugar bulge your waist-line, but it’s also highly inflammatory, which could make your hangover even worse if you over do it.

Years ago, Intox-Detox CEO Andy Bennett set out on a quest to find great alcoholic mixed drinks that taste great, yet contain lower or zero sugar. After all, if you are going to be indulging in sugar, save it for something really good like a piece of cake or a big old chocolate chip cookie. This recipe is one of his favorites. It is not entirely sugar or fat-free because coconut and pineapple inevitably contain some natural sugars and fats. However, these things are loaded with antioxidants and help to give you energy. They are unlikely to make you “fat” the way traditional Pina Coladas will; these contain large amounts of both fat and added sugars. Without further ado, here is your first Intox-Detox recipe…

The No-Sugar-Added All-Natural Pina Colada

What You Need

-1 to 1.5 shots Light Rum (we like Cruzan)

-1 shot of Organic Coconut milk – make sure you get the one in a can in the Asian food section of the grocery store.

-1/2 tablespoon Truvia

-1/2 tablespoon Monk Fruit Extract

-1/2 cup frozen pineapple

-One all-natural dye-free maraschino cherry for garnish

-Black or dark rum to float on top (optional)

*Makes 1 drink. Since Pina Coladas go best with friends on the beach, make sure to scale up for your party. Most conventional blenders will do 6 to 8 drinks max at one time.

What You Do

Add all ingredients to a blender. Spiced or dark rum can be used in place of light rum, but we like to save that for the float at the end! For your calorie free sweetener, you can go with just Truvia or Monk Fruit if you don’t have both. However, the reason Zevia makes outstanding sugar-free sodas is because they mix the two. (If you don’t know about them, you better figure it out because their rainbow of flavors will appear frequently in our drink recipes to come) Blend for 30 to 45 seconds. Pour into a fancy glass, preferably with a colorful little umbrella. Garnishing with cherry is highly recommended, while the pineapple and orange slice skewered on one of those little plastic swords is totally optional. Float your dark rum on top; Myers, Black Seal or even the Kraken works wonders for that!

Happy blending! Enjoy and don’t forget to take your Intox-Detox!

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