Intox-Detox Nascar Summer Giveaway to Celebrate America


Great news for our Nascar fans! We’ll get to how you can win in just a second…

What is Intox-Detox?

Besides being a frequent sponsor of the Go Fas Racing #32 car, driven by Jeffrey Earnhardt and Bobby Labonte this season? We also love a few drinks on race day. Maybe more than just a few if we’re being honest. But we hate hangovers, especially Mondays after Sunday race day. So we did something about it. We formulated what one Talladega race fan called “Racing Medicine”!

We created the worlds best Alcohol Detox & Recovery Formula. You take it before or during drinking and it’s clinically proven to protect your body and help avoid feeling terrible the next day. It’s called Intox-Detox, not because we want to go to rehab or anything. The name means that the faster you detox, the sooner you can have fun again.

Click here to grab a free sample of Intox-Detox… (and an extra entry into the contest for only $4.99 shipping)

On to the Contest

On to what you really came for!

We got our hands on some more old school Go Green Racing hero cards signed by the one and only Bobby Labonte! As you know, Bobby is a legend in the sport and he won’t be around forever. Who knows what these things will be worth once he retires.

The details of the contest are as follows: THREE winners will be drawn at random on June 30th, 2016. Winners will be announced and the prizes will be shipped in time for the July 4th Independence Day celebrations. Simply fill out the form below and you receive one entry. No purchase required to enter. However, every 6-pack of Intox-Detox you buy gives you another entry to win.

To sweeten the deal, I’ll even give you an extra entry if you go grab a sample of Intox-Detox here… You can’t find a better deal than that!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to check out a great picture from Talladega 2015 of our CEO/Founder Andy Bennett with Bobby Labonte, his two best friends and sister below. Click the pic to get a FREE SAMPLE.

 REMEMBER – Deadline to enter is June 29, 2016 – winner be be drawn on June 30th and announced shortly after.

Also, when filling out the form below, it might not seem like it worked, but it does. As long as you hit “Subscribe” after entering the information, you will be in!

Good luck race fans and stay #LIVERSTRONG because #HANGOVERSSUCK!

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Intox-Detox Holiday Giveaway – Big Prizes and Better Tomorrows!

intox-detox prizes

Happy Holidays from Intox-Detox!

To celebrate the season we are offering outlandish deals on Intox-Detox and giving away a bunch of prizes. Like what you ask…?

  • T-shirts
  • Pilsner beer glass
  • Coozie
  • Wine opener
  • Chill Puck
  • Cooler bag


Don’t know what Intox-Detox is? It’s the first and only alcohol recovery product that contains the two ingredients clinically proven to protect your liver and help you avoid the misery of the morning after. Enjoy your holiday parties without all the regrets the next day. Click here to learn more about how it works…

Remember, every 6 packages of Intox-Detox you purchase gives you another entry into the Holiday Giveaway. For example, if you purchase a 12-pack of Intox-Detox, you get 2 additional entries to win the prizes below.

*No purchase required for entry. See entry form at the bottom of this page. By entering you are signing up to receive Intox-Detox news, Nascar updates and ongoing contest information.

Also, every day of the 12 Days of Xmahanakwanzika (December 14-25) a winner will be chosen from the list of entries to win their choice of Intox-Detox prizes. Click here to learn more…

See all the deals for the 12 Days of Xmahanakwanzika here… (link coming soon)

Grand Prize – NASCAR Sprint Cup Series #32 Go Green Racing Ford Fusion replica signed by legendary driver Bobby Labonte

nascar sprint cup series go green racing car

This is the real #32 car from the 2015 Talladega Geico 500. The one we are giving away is actually signed by Bobby Labonte. On paper it’s about a $55 value. For those who have followed Bobby’s career and understand its significance, this prize is truly priceless. Only a very limited number of these have been produced. And even fewer were actually signed by Bobby himself.

intox detox logo

1st Prize – 3 Months Supply of Intox-Detox

Win this prize and you will receive one 12-count box of Intox-Detox a month for 3 months!

2nd Prize – 2 Months Supply of Intox-Detox

Win this prize and get one 12-count box of Intox-Detox a month for 2 months!

Enter the Intox-Detox Holiday Giveaway

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intox detox holiday sale

What Freedom Means to Me – Creating a Better Tomorrow for All


How does one even write about freedom? It’s all been done, right? Our Declaration, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, didn’t they already say it all? Why even talk about freedom anymore? It’s sophomoric. We won freedom and so now we have it, forever. Right? Wrong! Freedom and apathy have never gone hand in hand. Freedom must be defended. Many societies throughout history have toiled, fought and died to win freedom. Few have succeeded in defending and protecting it for long. We would all do well to remember the question posed to Benjamin Franklin by Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia during the Constitutional Convention of 1787: “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin’s response is telling:

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

The cover model for our $100 note, “the Benjamin”, knew something that many of us often forget. Freedom is hard won, but it is much harder kept. So, on this historic holiday, our Independence Day, I say to you defenders of liberty and freedom; keep it. Our Founding Fathers, and all of the others, who carved America from the untamed rock of a new world were intellectual, philosophical and political geniuses. A true mastermind of thinkers who combined their strengths to create something stronger than anyone of them alone could have imagined. They are downright intimidating. How do you follow that?

So, I ask myself, what can I do to protect freedom? Like me, many of you might think it’s above your pay grade, beyond your reach or perhaps even lost already. I’m writing this to tell you that it is not. We keep our freedom by exercising our will to be free in everything we do, every day of our lives, and not just on July 4th. No gesture is too small. No kindness is without merit. Tyrants fear the masses because We the People have power. Everything we say matters. When we speak in unison, we can shake the bowels of the very earth upon which would-be tyrants stand. We are powerful.

When we pursue our happiness and defend that of others, we fuel the fire of this American experiment. We work arm in arm to keep our freedom. For my part, I started a little company called Intox-Detox. I believe that almost nothing celebrates our American freedom more than becoming an entrepreneur to build industry and deliver quality goods and services to our fellow citizens. We defend our liberties by taking an active role in the pursuit of our happiness, and the happiness of those around us.

In my case, this has translated to developing the Intox-Detox product, to help all of you enjoy yourselves with a few drinks, while protecting your liver and preventing the misery of the next day. As color swatches blended into the American mixing pot, we all have traditions and heritage baked into this big old red, white and blue cake. My batter is Irish, among other things. Like so many others, my family enjoys a few drinks, especially during holidays like this one. There is freedom in a drink. With that freedom comes responsibility. We defend all of our liberties by protecting those around us, avoiding drinking and driving and respecting the rights and wishes of others. So, remember to stay safe this July 4th. Exercise your pursuit of happiness and defend that of others. Enjoy your freedom, but also remember to keep it.

They say “freedom isn’t free” and I believe that. But also, freedom is not a zero sum game. Freedom given is freedom returned. There is freedom in giving freedom. When we keep it we don’t keep it for ourselves. We share it with everyone. That’s what freedom means to me. And it’s America’s gift to the world. Defend it and it will defend you.

Here’s to a better tomorrow,

Andy Bennett

Intox-Detox™ available at Wonders Of Nature Marketplace Retailer

Won Marketplace Logo

Intox-Detox™ is proud to announce that our product is now available in the Wisdom of Nature online marketplace, a premier digital retailer of health & wellness products. The Wisdom of Nature marketplace is so much more than a health & wellness retailer, integrating an ingredients wiki into their site. Every product is organized and categorized by their ingredients, and products & ingredients can be cross-referenced and categorized by ingredient.


Intox-Detox™ featured in May’s release of Bulu Box™

Bulu Box Logo

Intox-Detox™ has begun a retail relationship with Bulu Box™, an American-based door-front & online retailer. This is an exciting and creative expansion of the Intox-Detox™ brand with a retailer that also thinks creatively.


Spring Break 2015 Panama City Beach

Club La Vela Spring Break 2015 (2)

We came. We Conquered. We Kicked Ass.

Intox-Detox™ made an incredible impact at the country’s largest Spring Break party week.

For a week in March, hundreds of thousands of college students descend on the coastal city of Panama City Beach Florida and take part in what undoubtedly is the biggest Spring Break party in the country. This year, Intox-Detox™ was a corporate sponsor with Club LaVela, the nation’s largest day club outside of Las Vegas. Club LaVela acts as the hub that all Panama City Beach activity surrounds. Mega-stars of Hip Hop & Dance music graced the outdoor pool stage all week as thousands upon thousands of young people had the party of their lives.


Spring Break 2015 at Club La Vela: Panama City Beach, Florida

Club La Vela Spring Break 2015 (2)

Join us for the largest college party of the year! Intox-Detox™ has partnered with Club La Vela, the largest day-club in America for Spring Break 2015!

We’ll be in Panama City Beach, Florida March 8-14

Club La Vela

We’ll be partying hard at the Vegas of the South, legendary Club La Vela. “Party with Thousands” is their mantra, and they don’t mess around. Headlining the week-long party will be mega stars Lil’ John, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, T-Pain, Juicy J, Shaggy, and many more.

Spring Break 2014 was INSANE and we expect Spring Break 2015 to be even better! Spring Break 2014:

Acevedo Photography_SB 2014 2

Acevedo Photography_SB 2014

Acevedo Photography_SB 2014 3

Where to Find Intox-Detox™

Find us on the beach for giveaways and massive sales. Buy Intox-Detoxat Club La Vela checkout counters. See our banners & signage by Club La Vela’s massive & world-famous club pool!

Club La Vela Pool


Photo credit:,

Key West Florida Promo Tour

We spent the first week of February taking Key West, Florida by storm. We met some amazing people and shared our product with Key West’s hottest bars, the Key West Yacht Club, and even the unofficial mayor of Key West.

This was the view from our resort… we could get used to this!

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Resort View

Yacht Club next to our resort.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Yacht Club

CEO Andy having a corporate board meeting.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Board Meeting

Now that the political/economic tensions between the US and Cuba have loosened, we’re looking to bring Intox-Detox™ to the good people of Cuba! What would go better with a Cuban cigar & a cocktail than Intox-Detox™?

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Cuba

Our Promotional Tour spanned the famous bar circuit on Key West. Surrender the Booty!

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Surrender the Booty

Like fine wine and chocolate, The ‘Key West Key Lime Pie Martini’ goes perfectly with Intox-Detox™.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Key Lime Pie martini

CEO Andy evangelizing about Intox-Detox™ with some fellow Martini drinkers.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Martinis

Leaving our mark at the infamous ‘Graffiti Truck’… can you see us?

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Graffiti Truck

New Intox-Detox™ evangelists! They love the product.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Irish Keys

With the one and only Craig Oral Somerford.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Craig Oral Somerford

We gave samples to these folks and the next day they found us and were BLOWN AWAY with how Intox-Detox™ worked for them! She couldn’t believe it.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Customers



Sponsorship of Go Green Racing NASCAR® Team

Go Green Racing (JPEG)


Intox-Detox Becomes an Official Sponsor of Go Green Racing NASCAR® team. 

Revolutionary Alcohol Detoxifying Product Teams Up with NASCAR® Racing Team

Port St. Lucie, January, 29, 2015- Intox-Detox™ has announced its official sponsorship of the NASCAR® team, Go Green Racing. The upcoming NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series™ will feature high speeds and thrilling finishes, and Intox-Detox™ will be there to help racing fans enjoy every lap.

Helping Race Fans Enjoy Race Day
Go Green Racing is one of the most exciting up and coming teams in NASCAR® and Intox-Detox’s™ official sponsorship could not have come at a better time. Using a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and revolutionary dietary supplementation science, Intox-Detox™ allows race fans to enjoy drinking on race day without the worry of feeling sick the next morning.

To celebrate, free samples of Intox-Detox™ are available on our website! Race fans can learn more about Go Green Racing on their website,

CEO Andy with #32 Ford Go Green Racing lead driver, Bobby Labonte. 

Intox-Detox Bobby Labonte Daytona 500

Giveaways and Announcements facebook and Twitter
Race fans around the world can expect to see Intox-Detox™ sponsorship logos on Go Green Racing team cars in NASCAR races throughout the 2015 season, as well as free product samples and gear during tailgating parties and other pre-race events. Fans of both Intox-Detox™ and Go Green Racing should look for opportunities on facebook and Twitter to win promotional giveaways by using the hashtag #BetterTomorrow.

To participate in social media giveaways, follow Intox-Detox™ on Twitter (@intox-detox) and facebook. Race fans can cheer on the Go Green Racing team on twitter too @GoGreenRacing.

How Intox-Detox™ Makes for a Better Tomorrow
With ingredients like the “super antioxidant” Setria® Glutathione, Japanese Raisin, Green Tea, and Ginseng, Intox-Detox™ is quickly becoming a trusted way to enjoy all of the fun of race day without the negative feelings the next morning. Racing fans around the world will now know that Intox-Detox™ wants them to have all of the excitement of watching NASCAR® racing without the worry of negative feelings the next morning due to alcohol.

Intox-Detox™ is distributed by Food Funktions in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Intox-Detox: The only alcohol-recovery product with master antioxidant Setria Gluathione

Setria Logo 2There’s nothing better than going out for drinks with friends. Now it doesn’t have to mean a cringe-worthy next morning. A ground-breaking antioxidant called Setria® Glutathione is the key to feeling healthy and vibrant. Find out what it is, how it works, and the quickest way to get it.


2015 World Series of Beer Pong!

Intox-Detox 2015 World Series of Beer Pong

What better way to ring in the new year with the world’s largest beer pong tournament?! We’ll be in fabulous Las Vegas January 1-5 to attend the World Series of Beer Pong! Look for our team to be handing out samples of Intox-Detox all weekend long. Post pictures to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the hashtag #BetterTomorrow!

We can’t wait to see everyone there!

Orlando Holiday Brew Fest

Orlando Holiday Brew Fest

Join us Friday December 5th at the Orlando Holiday Brew Fest! It’s sure to be a great night for all!


Official Partnership with UBER


Intox-Detox and UBER are working together to give you the ultimate night out. Both believe that you should not only get home safely, but also feel great the next morning. Intox-Detox and UBER are committed to helping you live life to the fullest, and with this promotion you can feel free enjoy yourself.