Annihilating Hangovers with Science is Our Business

Here at Intox-Detox we absolutely hate hangovers! We’re not a hateful bunch. We generally have a positive outlook about the world. Negativity is NOT cool. But, much like lying to a liar, getting negative about something that itself is very negative is actually positive. Yup, when it comes to HANGOVERS, you’re mom was wrong; 2 wrongs do make a right.

For our sake, we are righting one of the civilized world’s oldest wrongs. Science has finally caught up to the Hangover. You can enjoy a few drinks socially and moderately, even a few more than a few (but no binge-drinking!) without waking up feeling like you got hit by a Mack truck!

Not to mention that Intox-Detox is good for you even if you don’t drink. The antioxidants inside protect your body from damage, energize, balance and promote anti-aging and general health and wellness.

You don’t have to say THANK YOU because you’re already welcome.

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Hang Over Cure in an Ice Cream Bar? Sweet! Intox-Detox Approves


Ice Cream as a Hangover Cure?

If only it were that simple. Just imagine. Everyone loves ice cream. What if it were a cure-all for the common hangover. What a beautiful world it would be…

But wait a company in South Korea is actually selling an ice cream bar that works as a hangover cure. We just had to share this with the world. It’s called the “Gyeondyo-bar”, (G-bar for short) which in Korean translates to “Hang in there”. It turns out that the South Koreans are the biggest drinkers in Asia per capita. Who knew?

Read the full article here…

Does it Work?

The coolest thing about this new product – it probably works. The G-bar contains Japanese Raisin extract, the same superfood in Intox-Detox. In fact, it’s all making sense now because we buy our raw material from a Korean-American company called Lifetree, one of the only suppliers of the ingredient in the US. We can’t speak for the potency of their ice cream product, but what a cool way to help fight a hangover. See what I did there?

Of course, our philosophy is to preempt feeling terrible by taking Intox-Detox before or during drinking alcohol to protect the body while eliminating the toxins. We prefer to address the root cause of the problem before it happens, rather than waiting until the next morning and trying to “treat” the hangover.

Also, Intox-Detox contains three other powerful ingredients that work in tandem with the Japanese Raisin to detox, recover and protect the body. One of those amazing ingredients is the patented Setria L-Glutathione, which was featured on The Doctors TV show. It acts like a MASTER ANTIOXIDANT for the body, especially against alcohol in the liver.

It’s unlikely that you could jam the whole clinically proven dose of Japanese Raisin extract into one little ice cream bar. That’s why our formula has 4 capsules; you need the right amount of the ingredient to do the job. However, the G-bar would make a great companion product along with Intox-Detox!

Have a healthy meal before you hit the bar and finish it off with a hangover-preventing ice cream bar for dessert. We are seriously thinking about importing these things. Say it with me…

I scream. You scream. We all scream…from HANGOVERS!


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DIY “Hangover Cures” Reviewed – Intox-Detox Hangover News

Today we will take a look at some so-called DIY “hangover cures”. This quick video demonstrates how to use each of these novel strategies. Take a quick look and then we will break down each and analyze how it compares to Intox-Detox.

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First of all, we want to thank Yahoo for this content. Anyone who goes out of their way to make a video to help people overcome a hangover is all right with us. After all, that is the whole reason we are in this business.

However, for us this is just more of the same. The tips are somewhat novel but they still operate on the flawed premise that we should “cure” a hangover after the damage is already done. Let’s take a quick look at each of these “cures”.

DIY Pedialite

This is our favorite of the bunch. We love things all-natural, which is why we created Intox-Detox that way – FYI it’s also gluten-free, non-GMO, preservative-free and vegan. No big deal. Anyway, I like putting a natural spin on electrolyte drinks, which can often be loaded with a lot of unnecessary chemicals from dyes and preservatives. We suggest getting organic coconut water and cranberry juice not from concentrate with no added sugars. An even better idea would be a juice cocktail including any of the following, lemon, lime, blueberry, strawberry, acai, pomegranate, tart or sweet cherry, goji, macqui, pineapple and/or aloe vera juice. All of these have unique benefits and are loaded with antioxidants. One more crucial tip: drink this mix before you start drinking, between beverages, prior to bedtime and when you awake the next morning. The best way to fix dehydration is to avoid it all together.

Electrolyte Ice Cubes

While novel, this solution is more of the same. It’s not a bad idea, but why would you go to the trouble of making this ahead of time and then wait until after you feel terrible to use them? You certainly would not wake up early, after a night of drinking, to throw this together and then wait a few hours for the ice cubes to freeze. A more interesting solution might be to use flavors for these frozen electrolytes that will go well with the drink you are enjoying. For example, imagine freezing coconut water with orange slices and then placing them in your Malibu and pineapple juice cocktail. Now that’s synergy; and you would be hydrating as you go, rather than waiting until the damage is done. We also suggest replacing the Gatorade or Powerade with a natural alternative.

Pickle Juice “Cure”

Some people love drinking pickle juice, but for others it’s a disgusting suggestion. Our tip is to avoid it if you don’t like drinking vinegar. For that matter, you might as well just use one of the solutions above. Or add a little pickle juice and a gherkin to your dirty martini.

Fried Eggs

Eggs are a legitimate suggestion because of the many nutrients they bring to the table for detoxifying alcohol. High in B vitamins and the amino acid L-cysteine, eggs are a natural powerhouse for helping to break down the toxins from booze. The amino acid cysteine is a precursor to L-glutathione, known as the body’s master antioxidant and an important part of neutralizing alcohol’s poisons and eliminating them from the body. The very reason that Intox-Detox uses Setria L-Glutathione in our product. What we dislike about this tip is that you are waiting until the morning after when the misery has arrived and the damage is done. A better suggestion would be to eat this meal prior to drinking alcohol. The fats from the yolk and butter will help to slow down the uptake of alcohol into the bloodstream. That means you can rage longer and give your body more time to break down the toxins.

Not to beat a hungover horse, but our preference is for mitigating hangover symptoms with preemptive strikes. If you really overdo it, there’s probably almost no way to avoid feeling a little under the weather the next day. However, you might be able to turn what could be a 48 hour hangover into a manageable few hours of just feeling a little off or low-energy.

The other more critical problem with these solutions is that three out of the four are focused only on dehydration. Despite what so many people believe, a hangover is not just dehydration. It is merely one of the physiological factors involved; and not the most important by far. While poor hydration can give you headaches, the primary culprit for the nastiest hangover symptoms – nausea, vomiting, headache and general malaise – is alcohol’s more evil twin (and natural metabolite in the liver) ACETALDEHYDE.

What makes Intox-Detox different from all the other so-called “hangover cures” is that we combined 2 clinically proven ingredients to be taken BEFORE you drink in order to both protect your liver and help avoid the misery of the next morning. Some of our competitors, the more progressive ones, know about the acetaldehyde connection. They use the science to justify their ingredients. We salute them for understanding the primary cause of hangovers.

However, that is where our praise begins and ends. No other product on the market uses the 2 clinically proven ingredients in the exact clinical dosage used in human studies.

Yes, we have all seen John Oliver’s recent rant about scientific studies (if you haven’t go watch it now!). We agree that people are not mice or rats. That is why Intox-Detox was based on quality human research. Because as cute as mice are, they don’t often get drunk outside of laboratories; and they certainly don’t buy hangover pills. To learn more about the causes of hangovers and what you can do about it to enjoy your drinks without feeling terrible the next day, click here… (COMING SOON).

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Hangover Cure Myths vs. Science – What Really Works?


thumbs up to a real hangover cure

Every society since the beginning of time has had a “hangover cure”. One reason for this is that over-consumption of alcohol truly is one of the civilized world’s oldest problems. Here at Intox-Detox, we don’t just use that expression for dramatic effect.

What sets hangovers apart from other world problems like war and starvation is the fact that we truly can’t blame anyone but ourselves. Hangovers are crimes we commit against our bodies. A hangover is personal and it’s different for each of us. You will never know for sure what your friend’s hangover feels like, and vice versa.

The general confusion about hangovers is what actually causes them. Actually, the cause is simple; it’s alcohol. However, the impact of alcohol on the body is complex. There’s a cascade of effects that add up to a hangover. Examples include inflammation, dehydration, free radicals, acetaldehyde buildup and too much acidity in the stomach. Let’s focus on a very specific, so-called “hangover cure” – H20.

The Water

To call dehydration by itself a “hangover” would be highly inaccurate. Remember that hot summer day when you were dehydrated? Did that feel like a hangover? No, because dehydration is merely part of what can go wrong when you drink alcohol. So why would we attempt to mitigate our hangover as if it were just dehydration? That makes no sense.

Water absolutely does help you to feel better. Dehydration causes a bunch of problems that suck. By all means, drink plenty of water. Have a glass between each alcoholic drink. Alcohol is a powerful diuretic; it tricks your body into pumping out much more water than you are taking in. Ever “broke the seal” before?

Drinking H20, Pedialyte or coconut water (electrolytes) helps fix dehydration. However, it does nothing for acetaldehyde poisoning, for example.

You would think we would take a broad scientific approach and address all of the specific effects of consuming alcohol instead of just picking one of the problems.

In the real world, people often try to scam other people and sell them worthless products to make money. The bigger the problem, the bigger the potential to take your money. And the bigger the lie, the harder we all fall. So every other week there’s a new “hangover cure” on the internet. (Last time it was Sprite) It catches our eye because we’ve all been through it; and nothing gets our attention like a cure for our specific pain. So, let’s look at the hangover cure that has recently hit the internet hard.

The Pear

For the last few weeks, the internet has been abuzz with articles and press releases about how Asian pear juice cures hangovers. In fairness, I have not seen the study. From what we can tell, they just gave a bunch of people some pear juice and asked them how they felt the next day. Then they compared them to a placebo group who had something other than pear juice.

This is a great start, but there is much work to be done before we can scream from the mountaintops that a hangover cure has been found. My fear is that the reason they have totally jumped the gun is that it’s just another fad. This is yet another marketing play to take your money.

Is it the Asian pear industry looking to offload inventory or sway a huge percentage of the drinking population to run out and buy up all the pears? Or is it a product that contains pear juice, seeding the market with PR stories to boost sales when it hits the shelves? Either way, it’s a very simple manipulative marketing strategy to move the masses of sheep into the pen where you can be sheered.

The interesting thing about hangovers is that many of the problems are quite easily handled. For dehydration, all you have to do is drink water. Inflammation? Take NSAIDs like aspirin or Advil. I recommend natural anti-inflammatories, but it’s your life. (To learn about alternatives to powerful drugs read this article) Antacids like Maalox or Tums can help with the stomach acidity. Vitamins and antioxidants from supplements or food fight free radicals to help detox and recover. All of these things are cheap and readily available.

The one problem no one addresses is acetaldehyde, which is not easy to deal with. And that’s where Japanese raisin and Intox-Detox come in.

The Thumb

What does a thumb have to do with hangovers? Not much, it stands for a big THUMBS UP for Japanese raisin. Unlike the Asian pear, Japanese raisin has been studied thoroughly in humans and we better understand exactly how it helps to prevent the misery of the morning after drinking. It addresses the acetaldehyde poisoning. More on that in a moment. The “thumb” is actually “thunb”; and it describes the part of the plant from which this incredible supplement comes. Japanese raisin is not a traditional raisin.

Raisins are just shriveled up grapes. Japanese raisin thunb is the stalk of the Hovenia dulcis plant. It has a pleasant, fruity (yet less sweet than raisins) taste. This non-raisin, raisin helps the body eliminate the acetaldehyde poison from alcohol up to 65% faster than normal, according to gold standard human clinical trials. This particular poison, acetaldehyde, is 12 to 15 times more dangerous than alcohol. The longer it lingers in your system, the more damage it does and the worse you will feel the next day.  Not to mention, when taken before drinking, Japanese raisin has liver protective effects.

The science shows that Japanese raisin works. However, Intox-Detox didn’t stop there. We also added Setria, Green Tea and Panax Ginseng (More on these in the next post). Each of these helps to fight acetaldehyde buildup in its own way.


The water, the pear and the thumb can all potentially be helpful. Water is just essential to life; and even more important when you are consuming a diuretic like alcohol. Pears are healthy, containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And it seems that preliminary research shows they “might” help with a hangover. Japanese raisin has been proven to help eliminate the poison from alcohol. The science is clear. Try it for yourself and see. Whatever you do, just don’t be a sheep because sheep always get sheered. Look for real science that lasts the test of time.

Intox-Detox has distributed close to 15,000 samples across the country with one consistent result – feeling better the morning after a night out. Click here to read our testimonials.

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