Intox-Detox Nascar Summer Giveaway to Celebrate America


Great news for our Nascar fans! We’ll get to how you can win in just a second…

What is Intox-Detox?

Besides being a frequent sponsor of the Go Fas Racing #32 car, driven by Jeffrey Earnhardt and Bobby Labonte this season? We also love a few drinks on race day. Maybe more than just a few if we’re being honest. But we hate hangovers, especially Mondays after Sunday race day. So we did something about it. We formulated what one Talladega race fan called “Racing Medicine”!

We created the worlds best Alcohol Detox & Recovery Formula. You take it before or during drinking and it’s clinically proven to protect your body and help avoid feeling terrible the next day. It’s called Intox-Detox, not because we want to go to rehab or anything. The name means that the faster you detox, the sooner you can have fun again.

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On to the Contest

On to what you really came for!

We got our hands on some more old school Go Green Racing hero cards signed by the one and only Bobby Labonte! As you know, Bobby is a legend in the sport and he won’t be around forever. Who knows what these things will be worth once he retires.

The details of the contest are as follows: THREE winners will be drawn at random on June 30th, 2016. Winners will be announced and the prizes will be shipped in time for the July 4th Independence Day celebrations. Simply fill out the form below and you receive one entry. No purchase required to enter. However, every 6-pack of Intox-Detox you buy gives you another entry to win.

To sweeten the deal, I’ll even give you an extra entry if you go grab a sample of Intox-Detox here… You can’t find a better deal than that!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to check out a great picture from Talladega 2015 of our CEO/Founder Andy Bennett with Bobby Labonte, his two best friends and sister below. Click the pic to get a FREE SAMPLE.

 REMEMBER – Deadline to enter is June 29, 2016 – winner be be drawn on June 30th and announced shortly after.

Also, when filling out the form below, it might not seem like it worked, but it does. As long as you hit “Subscribe” after entering the information, you will be in!

Good luck race fans and stay #LIVERSTRONG because #HANGOVERSSUCK!

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Daytona 500 Speedweeks and Intox-Detox Giveaway

nascar sponsorship

Intox-Detox Daytona 500 Giveaway


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It’s that time of year again, Nascar fans – DAYTONA 500. Some call it Nascar’s Superbowl, only it comes at the start of the season rather than the end. Intox-Detox is proud to announce that we will be returning as a sponsor of Go Green Racing for the 2016 season. Only one small detail, Go Green Racing no longer exists! They have changed their name to Go Fas Racing. And that’s not all that is changing…

The team signed young up-and-comer Jeffrey Earnhardt – yes that Earnhardt. He is the grandson of Dale Sr. and Nephew of Jr. It’s exciting news for our team because it brings new sponsorship to the table with Can-Am coming on board. The move puts Go Fas Racing that much closer to becoming mainstay in the Sprint Cup Series with a real chance of shaking things up this year. Not to mention that it’s an interesting pairing of drivers. Jeffrey Earnhardt is a young legacy driver from a family of Nascar royalty with a lot to prove. Meanwhile Bobby Labonte returns as the experienced former champion, taking on the long tracks like Daytona. He is still known as one of the best drivers in the game and can easily make waves on any given Sunday.

So where does Intox-Detox fit into all of this? We are new to Nascar, but have loved every minute of our sponsorship thus far. We will continue to get out to races and put our logo on the car as big as we can. As we grow into retail distribution, our goal is to eventually get the chance to do a primary sponsorship, so we can finally wrap the car in the Intox-Detox GREEN, SILVER and YELLOW!

In the meantime, we support Go Fas Racing in any way we can by providing Intox-Detox samples and a special coupon code, the proceeds of which help support our race team!

The Intox-Detox Giveaway

To celebrate the return of NASCAR in 2016 we are giving away 3 SIGNED BOBBY LABONTE HERO CARDS. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to enter. No purchase is required, but if you buy Intox-Detox product you get additional entries to win. Every 6 packs purchased gives you another entry. It paid off for Kevin Thomforde during the Holiday Giveaway, as he ended up winning the die cast #32 Go Green Racing replica car signed by Bobby Labonte!


Here’s to another great year at the races!

Intox-Detox Team

PS: Last chance to get free samples of Intox-Detox – offer ends February 14th 2016. Grab  your free sample here now…

PPS: Go here and use coupon code GOFAS30 to save 30% off on your purchase of Intox-Detox. Remember that using this code helps to support Go Fas Racing.

PPPS: Check out an Intox-Detox video review from the 2015 Talladega Geico 500 below the Giveaway signup form to find out what “Talladega Racing Medicine” means! Or click here to watch it on YouTube…


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“Talladega Racing Medicine”


Hangovers Suck! Intox-Detox Works! Take Tonight for a Better Tomorrow

It’s no secret that HANGOVERS SUCK!

That’s why we looked at real science and formulated Intox-Detox to address the #1 cause feeling terrible the morning after drinking. That cause is actually a DEADLY POISON. It’s called acetaldehyde; let’s call it simply ALD for short. It’s thought to be as much as 15 times more deadly than the alcohol itself. Where does this nasty little poison come from?


Some of it is physically present in alcoholic drinks as a byproduct of fermentation. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. For the most part our OWN LIVERS are to blame. Don’t get me wrong; your liver is a very important organ. It’s called “the liver”; you need it to LIVE!

The problem is that our livers are pretty STUPID when it comes to alcohol.  Here’s the 2-stage process:

Step 1:  Liver takes something mildly poisonous (alcohol) and turn it into something downright deadly (ALD).

Step 2:  Miraculously we turn that awful stuff into something totally harmless (acetate).

Think in terms of Gremlins. Alcohol is like Mogwai – a lot of fun, but requires a certain amount of responsibility (Don’t get them wet!). ALD is more like Gremlins – they will terrorize the city and eventually try to kill you!

Here read that again…


There’s no good reason why our livers work this way. They just do. And it’s a good thing they do. As inefficient as they may be, if they didn’t work you could literally DROP DEAD from a couple of drinks. Alcohol would be considered a hard street drug like heroin. And people would be dropping like flies left and right.

That’s precisely the reason that certain ethnic groups get skin flushing, headaches or even violently ill with only a couple of drinks. They were born with a mutated form of the enzyme that breaks down the ALD that comes from alcohol. We’re not being racist; it’s just a fact of life. If anything it’s the ALD that doesn’t like certain people. We want nothing but BETTER TOMORROWS for everyone.

On the other hand, people that can naturally “drink you under the table” probably have very high levels of the liver enzymes that help break down alcohol. That’s not always a good thing because they might just be accumulating more ALD at a faster rate.

Then there’s the UNICORNS. For one reason or another these people just don’t seem to get hangovers at all. Some of us are that way when we are young. Even those blessed individuals tend to experience worse hangovers as they age. However, it’s a pretty good bet that people who “never” get hangovers are blessed with healthy amounts of the two important substances that break down ALD.

So what are those two magical substances that help to break down ALD and keep us from feeling like total sh*t the morning after drinking?

1. ALDH2 – just think of this as the liver enzyme responsible for breaking down ALD. If only there were a way to increase the body’s levels of this enzyme. (Hint – Intox-Detox).

2. Glutathione – this is the body’s master antioxidant and a critical co-factor for breaking down ALD. Our bodies make it, but we run out after only a drink or two. Your liver is a tough som’b*tch and it can hang in there for a while. Eventually it just gets too backed up and ALD lingers in your blood stream and around your crucial organs (brain and heart), damaging everything it touches like Gremlins in a skyscraper in New York City. Click here to read a blog post where we went into mad detail about Glutathione…

Basically, you get TRASHED. Literally. And when you wake up, your body is still trying to fight to eliminate all the ALD.

Hmmm. If only you could speed that process up by, oh, I don’t know…like 65%. Imagine what a difference that would make. If by the time you wake up in the morning, your body has turned all of that deadly ALD into something harmless like acetate. You probably wouldn’t have so much of a “hangover”, now would you?

And that’s the genius of Intox-Detox. You take it BEFORE you drink to protect your body and prevent the misery. It’s the only Alcohol Recovery and Detoxification product on the market that contains the 2 SUBSTANCES proven in human clinical trials to speed up the break down of the ALD poison that comes from alcohol.

Check the label of any other product on the market. If it doesn’t contain both a clinical dosage of Japanese raisin and Setria L-Glutathione, it’s a joke. Period. That doesn’t mean other products won’t help at all. It just means they are not as good. And they haven’t done their science homework. Maybe the Gremlins ate it.

Also, remember to check for CLINICAL DOSAGE. Many companies like to quote research studies on an herb like Japanese raisin. However, they wet the Mogwai when it comes to using the right amount of the ingredient. That’s why Intox-Detox uses the full clinical dose that was used in the most impressive human study done on Japanese raisin and it’s effects on ALD metabolism.

It’s not cheap to do things the right way. We invested in our success and your better tomorrows by having the integrity to do things the way they should be done. Sure, we could make a lot more money by cutting the dosage by 1/3, 1/2 or even 1/9 like one company did. Sorry but that just will not cut it. We didn’t start this company just to make money. We wanted to change the world for the better and help people have a great time without damaging their bodies and feeling like crap in the process.

Next time, we are going to talk about how to take Intox-Detox if you are drinking liquor in larger quantities or just sipping drinks by the pool all damn day. Hint: Intox-Detox is all-natural and you can take up to 3 servings per day. Remember, only you can decide what moderation means to you. That is your right. We only stress that you protect your body, respect the safety of others (don’t drink and drive or be a douchebag) and drink responsibly.

Here’s to a better tomorrow,

Team Intox-Detox

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Daytona 500 Recap

We just wrapped up our first race as an official sponsor of Go Green Racing #32 NASCAR® team led by champion racer Bobby Labonte. Bobby Labonte is the first driver in history to win the Winston Cup Series (now Sprint series), Busch Series, and IROC.

We were in pit row for both the Dual Qualifying races and the Daytona 500.

Our logo on the B Panel of the car, right next to the driver’s side.

Intox-Detox Bobby Labonte #32 B Panel

CEO Andy with our driver, #32 Bobby Labonte.

Intox-Detox Bobby Labonte Daytona 500

Dual Qualifying races, our #32 Ford parked next to Danica Patrick.

Intox-Detox Bobby Labonte Danica Patrick Daytona 500

CEO Andy cheesin’ in front of our car!

Intox-Detox Andy Bennett #32 Ford

NASCAR® Coupon Code

In honor of our sponsorship of Go Green Racing, use coupon code “gogreen32” on your entire order the next time you purchase Intox-Detox™ online!

Sponsorship of Go Green Racing NASCAR® Team

Go Green Racing (JPEG)


Intox-Detox Becomes an Official Sponsor of Go Green Racing NASCAR® team. 

Revolutionary Alcohol Detoxifying Product Teams Up with NASCAR® Racing Team

Port St. Lucie, January, 29, 2015- Intox-Detox™ has announced its official sponsorship of the NASCAR® team, Go Green Racing. The upcoming NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series™ will feature high speeds and thrilling finishes, and Intox-Detox™ will be there to help racing fans enjoy every lap.

Helping Race Fans Enjoy Race Day
Go Green Racing is one of the most exciting up and coming teams in NASCAR® and Intox-Detox’s™ official sponsorship could not have come at a better time. Using a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and revolutionary dietary supplementation science, Intox-Detox™ allows race fans to enjoy drinking on race day without the worry of feeling sick the next morning.

To celebrate, free samples of Intox-Detox™ are available on our website! Race fans can learn more about Go Green Racing on their website,

CEO Andy with #32 Ford Go Green Racing lead driver, Bobby Labonte. 

Intox-Detox Bobby Labonte Daytona 500

Giveaways and Announcements facebook and Twitter
Race fans around the world can expect to see Intox-Detox™ sponsorship logos on Go Green Racing team cars in NASCAR races throughout the 2015 season, as well as free product samples and gear during tailgating parties and other pre-race events. Fans of both Intox-Detox™ and Go Green Racing should look for opportunities on facebook and Twitter to win promotional giveaways by using the hashtag #BetterTomorrow.

To participate in social media giveaways, follow Intox-Detox™ on Twitter (@intox-detox) and facebook. Race fans can cheer on the Go Green Racing team on twitter too @GoGreenRacing.

How Intox-Detox™ Makes for a Better Tomorrow
With ingredients like the “super antioxidant” Setria® Glutathione, Japanese Raisin, Green Tea, and Ginseng, Intox-Detox™ is quickly becoming a trusted way to enjoy all of the fun of race day without the negative feelings the next morning. Racing fans around the world will now know that Intox-Detox™ wants them to have all of the excitement of watching NASCAR® racing without the worry of negative feelings the next morning due to alcohol.

Intox-Detox™ is distributed by Food Funktions in Port St. Lucie, Florida.