Police Week 2016 – Intox-Detox is Kevlar for the Liver!

cop car

The Intox-Detox team was honored to attend our 2nd National Police Week in Washington DC last weekend. The event combines honoring our nation’s police officers, those serving and those we have lost, with a candle light vigil and some good old fashioned fun in the streets of DC. Police departments from all over the country send representative officers to attend Police Week in our nation’s capitol. Of course that includes toasting a few adult beverages. So, Intox-Detox is a natural fit. And once again we made a splash. The police protect and serve. Intox-Detox protects their livers when they get served at the bar!

It goes without saying that law enforcement professionals have stressful jobs. They work long hours, putting themselves in harm’s way to maintain order and keep the bad guys from threatening our families and our way of life. Some of them end up making the ultimate sacrifice by dying in the line of duty. Before we go any further, our team would like to thank our nation’s police officers for their commitment to and sacrifice for the public good. Without the safety, freedom and justice they fight to preserve, we would not have the privilege of safely enjoying a few drinks out on the town.


Now, that being said, these men and women also know how to party! We rolled out the beer pong table and let them challenge our team to win t-shirts and free Intox-Detox samples. We also put in a little time educating attendees about exactly how Intox-Detox can protect the liver and the whole body from the damaging effects of alcohol. Much like a criminal at large on the streets, alcohol’s metabolite in the liver (known as acetaldehyde) roams the body damaging everything it touches. And it can also give you a nasty hangover. Most of a hangover’s worst symptoms – nausea, vomiting, headache, etc – are attributed to the acetaldehyde chemical.

Intox-Detox works because its two clinically proven ingredients work together to bring the toxins to justice. Setria L-Glutathione “walks the beat” neutralizing the nasty chemical and escorting it to lockup. Japanese Raisin extract helps fortify the liver to break down acetaldehyde and reform it into harmless acetic acid. The end result is a better tomorrow for anyone who enjoys a few drinks. That’s why we came up with the slogan:

Intox-Detox is KEVLAR for the liver!


And if it works for them, it will truly work for anyone.

“For three days we toasted beers and jello shots, played beer pong and got acquainted with our boys and girls in blue. I can honestly say that they are some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met in all of my travels across America to promote Intox-Detox. We can’t wait for Police Week 2017!” – Andy Bennett, Intox-Detox CEO/Founder

To say thanks to our nation’s cops we are offering a special discount of 50% off Intox-Detox 12-count boxes…

Click here. Add 12 or more servings to cart and use coupon code “BLUELIVER” (not case sensitive) here to get the deal.

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Hangover Bowl 2016 – Your Guide to Surviving Super Bowl Monday


How to Win the “Hangover Bowl”

It’s that time of year again – the SUPER BOWL. One of America’s most notorious beer-drinking traditions. And as if out of a sadistic need to punish fun, the Super Bowl always falls on a SUNDAY! So how do we address the misery of Super Bowl Monday? Read on and I’ll give you a few tips for avoiding the big H-bomb (hangover) and offer you a chance to get a free sample of Intox-Detox or purchase a Party Pack at 40% off…

Get the deal now with coupon code “HANGOVERBOWL”

As we all know, Super Bowl 50 pits the Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers. The #1 offense against the #1 defense. Two #1 seeds going head to head. Neither likely to back down one iota, both have something to prove. Peyton Manning looks to solidify the legacy of an amazing career and prove he can still hack it on Football’s greatest stage. Will he retire? Meanwhile Cam Newton is still sculpting the statue of his legacy. Will the student become the teacher?

Of course it’s about so much more than two great quarterbacks. It’s about two hungry teams who have fought hard and are about to put everything on the line to become Super Bowl Champs.

For us, we have passionate, obsessed fans on both sides of the ball. It’s too close to call and we wouldn’t even try. You can get all that in the 6 days of pre-game.

Instead, let’s talk about two bitter rivals vying for supremacy inside you, even as you enjoy watching all the hard hits, great plays and (hopefully) entertaining commercials on TV. There’s a gridiron right inside of your body. Both teams are powerful. One team is your LIVER, bound and determined to detox the toxins from that beer, wine, cocktail or whatever libation you enjoy during the Big Game. On the other side of the pigskin is BOOZE. And there’s more than just bragging rights at stake here. Your health and well-being are in jeopardy. And then there’s the most immediate effects – THE HANGOVER. The vast majority of us have to show up to work on Monday. The question is how will you feel when you get there? Like a half-decomposed zombie straight out of The Walking Dead? Or refreshed, focused, heck even excited to greet the day?

Winning Super Bowl Monday

Here’s how you tip the balance in your favor. And no, it has nothing to do with DEFLATING footballs.

  1. Eat for Detox – Try to get some healthy fats like olive oil, avocado – can you say guacamole – and/or fatty fish like salmon. These fats are good for you and they slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. Include some vegetables, especially greens, like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, asparagus and Brussels sprouts. Eggs, red meat, whey protein, turmeric, garlic and onions also contain glutathione and its precursors – these are potent natural antioxidants to help your body cope with the detox. It also wouldn’t hurt to pop a multivitamin to make sure your body is fully stocked with B vitamins and other nutrients.
  2. Stay Hydrated – This is the easiest one to do, but nobody does it. Grab some water between each alcoholic drink. Chug down some coconut water before bed to begin replacing electrolytes.
  3. Choose Wisely – Avoid the drinks that are your kryptonite. Avoid mixing different kinds of drinks. Avoid sugars like the plague because they make inflammation and hangovers much worse.
  4. Take Intox-Detox – Take 1 pack of Intox-Detox BEFORE you get too far into drinking. Do it immediately prior to your first drink or before your reach your third alcoholic beverage. Intox-Detox contains the only two ingredients proven in human clinical research to both protect your liver from toxins and enhance alcohol detoxification. And no, it won’t keep you from getting a BUZZ. For best results, take another pack before bed.

And that’s it. That is all you need to give TEAM LIVER a leg up on TEAM BOOZE. Your body will thank you on Super Bowl Monday!

Use coupon code “HANGOVERBOWL” (not case sensitive) to save 40% on your Party Pack of Intox-Detox here… All US orders received by Wednesday February 3, 2016 by 3 pm will arrive before Super Bowl Sunday – unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska. Buy Intox-Detox at 40% off here…

Like the Intox-Detox Facebook Page to get an entry to win a FREE 6-pack of ID. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday a winner will be chosen at random from our FB fans.

Enjoy the Big Game and here’s to your BETTER TOMORROW,

Team Intox-Detox

PS: Free samples are still available until February 14th 2016, then they go away FOREVER. Get yours in time for the game by clicking here now…

intox detox super bowl party

Intox-Detox Hotter Than a Hoochie-Coochie Down on the Chattahoochee!

hangover supplement and ribs

Best. Ribs. Ever. And they pair well with moonshine and Intox-Detox!

Over the weekend Intox-Detox attended the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival July 24-26 at the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrolton, Georgia. It was a weekend of country music, barbecue, beer (pong) and camping. And according to CEO Andy Bennett (AB): “We finally learned firsthand just how hot a ‘hoochie -coochie’ really is!”

Intox-Detox finds the beer

It truly was “hotter than a hoochie-coochie”.

The lineup featured Stephen Dennis, Lorrie Morgan, the Kentucky Headhunters, Jesse Keith Whitley, Cowboy Troy, Brian Collins, Corey Smith, JJ Lawhorn, Bubba Sparxxx, The Lacs and Deana Carter.

bubba sparxxx and Intox-Detox

Intox-Detox meets the one and only Bubba Sparxxx, who seemed anxious to try the product.

All of these incredible acts performed well. The Intox-Detox team especially enjoyed Deana Carter, Brian Collins, JJ Lawhorn and Bubba Sparxxx. We even got the chance to grab a quick photo and share some of our amazing product with some of them. Bubba is a Georgia boy, hailing from not too far down the road from the venue. JJ Lawhorn was a standout as well; he’s from AB’s home state of Virginia, from just outside of Richmond, VA. JJ said it best: “Virginia people gotta stick together.” Amen.

JJ Lawhorn and Intox-Detox

Shaking hands with JJ Lawhorn. Watch out for this guy. He’s a true talent.

Intox-Detox set up shop across from the beer vendors, in the perfect spot to watch adults and children alike battle with gravity while riding the mechanical bull.

riding the bull0724151858d







When we weren’t accepting beer pong challenges at the booth, we were chowing down on a few racks of Gilbert’s Rib King BBQ. In the process, we discovered that they are local to Southern Florida, the place where the Intox-Detox revolution all began. It goes without saying that the ribs were washed down with some cold beer and a few healthy pulls of moonshine – not without a pack of Intox-Detox of course.  That’s how we do it!

beer pong and Intox-Detox

Intox-Detox always goes well with beer pong!

Friday and Saturday night there were some pretty bad ass after parties with a few of the performers working over time until 3 am to make sure everyone got their fill of great music, dancing and good times.

As usual, Intox-Detox was met with a healthy dose of skepticism, which is fine with us. It just makes it that much more fun to say “I told you so” the next morning. Our team practices what we preach. Yes, we drink, but we always keep it responsible and take Intox-Detox beforehand to prevent the next day’s misery and protect our bodies in the process. How else do you think we could handle partying like rock stars for three days straight in the hot Georgia sun?

I guess “preach” is the wrong word. There’s no sermon and no sales pitch. The product works. Don’t take our word for it. Go here and read some real testimonials. Or visit here and grab a free sample to find out for yourself. There’s nothing to lose. And you’ll know whether it worked in the morning. We don’t pull any punches. We just created an amazing product to deliver the knock out punch to one of the civilized world’s oldest problems – the painful after effects of drinking.

Already convinced, click here to go save 20% off Intox-Detox, by entering the coupon code “ABID20” at the top of the checkout page.

Why not come hang out with us at the next event? We’ll share some good drinks, awesome times and a whole lot of Intox-Detox.

A Hangover SuX. Intox-Detox WorX!

PS: Thanks to Bankhead Beverage for trying out our Intox-Detox samples and supplying a whole lot of beer and moonshine. It’s a great local place in Carrolton to pick up some liquor, wine or beer. Great selection and prices!

Stephen Dennis and Intox-Detox

Intox-Detox meets Stephen Dennis.

What really causes a hangover?

Club La Vela Spring Break 2015 (2)

Our CEO Andy was at Spring Break 2015, Panama City Beach, Florida this month! From the gorgeous beaches of America’s third coast and the country’s largest Spring Break party, Andy offers a scientific explanation of what causes a hangover. Spoiler: it’s not dehydration.


Spring Break 2015 Panama City Beach

Club La Vela Spring Break 2015 (2)

We came. We Conquered. We Kicked Ass.

Intox-Detox™ made an incredible impact at the country’s largest Spring Break party week.

For a week in March, hundreds of thousands of college students descend on the coastal city of Panama City Beach Florida and take part in what undoubtedly is the biggest Spring Break party in the country. This year, Intox-Detox™ was a corporate sponsor with Club LaVela, the nation’s largest day club outside of Las Vegas. Club LaVela acts as the hub that all Panama City Beach activity surrounds. Mega-stars of Hip Hop & Dance music graced the outdoor pool stage all week as thousands upon thousands of young people had the party of their lives.


Daytona 500 Recap

We just wrapped up our first race as an official sponsor of Go Green Racing #32 NASCAR® team led by champion racer Bobby Labonte. Bobby Labonte is the first driver in history to win the Winston Cup Series (now Sprint series), Busch Series, and IROC.

We were in pit row for both the Dual Qualifying races and the Daytona 500.

Our logo on the B Panel of the car, right next to the driver’s side.

Intox-Detox Bobby Labonte #32 B Panel

CEO Andy with our driver, #32 Bobby Labonte.

Intox-Detox Bobby Labonte Daytona 500

Dual Qualifying races, our #32 Ford parked next to Danica Patrick.

Intox-Detox Bobby Labonte Danica Patrick Daytona 500

CEO Andy cheesin’ in front of our car!

Intox-Detox Andy Bennett #32 Ford

NASCAR® Coupon Code

In honor of our sponsorship of Go Green Racing, use coupon code “gogreen32” on your entire order the next time you purchase Intox-Detox™ online!

Spring Break 2015 at Club La Vela: Panama City Beach, Florida

Club La Vela Spring Break 2015 (2)

Join us for the largest college party of the year! Intox-Detox™ has partnered with Club La Vela, the largest day-club in America for Spring Break 2015!

We’ll be in Panama City Beach, Florida March 8-14

Club La Vela

We’ll be partying hard at the Vegas of the South, legendary Club La Vela. “Party with Thousands” is their mantra, and they don’t mess around. Headlining the week-long party will be mega stars Lil’ John, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, T-Pain, Juicy J, Shaggy, and many more.

Spring Break 2014 was INSANE and we expect Spring Break 2015 to be even better! Spring Break 2014:

Acevedo Photography_SB 2014 2

Acevedo Photography_SB 2014

Acevedo Photography_SB 2014 3

Where to Find Intox-Detox™

Find us on the beach for giveaways and massive sales. Buy Intox-Detoxat Club La Vela checkout counters. See our banners & signage by Club La Vela’s massive & world-famous club pool!

Club La Vela Pool


Photo credit: ClubLaVela.com, ShotByAcevedo.com

Key West Florida Promo Tour

We spent the first week of February taking Key West, Florida by storm. We met some amazing people and shared our product with Key West’s hottest bars, the Key West Yacht Club, and even the unofficial mayor of Key West.

This was the view from our resort… we could get used to this!

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Resort View

Yacht Club next to our resort.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Yacht Club

CEO Andy having a corporate board meeting.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Board Meeting

Now that the political/economic tensions between the US and Cuba have loosened, we’re looking to bring Intox-Detox™ to the good people of Cuba! What would go better with a Cuban cigar & a cocktail than Intox-Detox™?

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Cuba

Our Promotional Tour spanned the famous bar circuit on Key West. Surrender the Booty!

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Surrender the Booty

Like fine wine and chocolate, The ‘Key West Key Lime Pie Martini’ goes perfectly with Intox-Detox™.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Key Lime Pie martini

CEO Andy evangelizing about Intox-Detox™ with some fellow Martini drinkers.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Martinis

Leaving our mark at the infamous ‘Graffiti Truck’… can you see us?

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Graffiti Truck

New Intox-Detox™ evangelists! They love the product.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Irish Keys

With the one and only Craig Oral Somerford.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Craig Oral Somerford

We gave samples to these folks and the next day they found us and were BLOWN AWAY with how Intox-Detox™ worked for them! She couldn’t believe it.

Intox-Detox Key West 2015 Customers



Sponsorship of Go Green Racing NASCAR® Team

Go Green Racing (JPEG)


Intox-Detox Becomes an Official Sponsor of Go Green Racing NASCAR® team. 

Revolutionary Alcohol Detoxifying Product Teams Up with NASCAR® Racing Team

Port St. Lucie, January, 29, 2015- Intox-Detox™ has announced its official sponsorship of the NASCAR® team, Go Green Racing. The upcoming NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series™ will feature high speeds and thrilling finishes, and Intox-Detox™ will be there to help racing fans enjoy every lap.

Helping Race Fans Enjoy Race Day
Go Green Racing is one of the most exciting up and coming teams in NASCAR® and Intox-Detox’s™ official sponsorship could not have come at a better time. Using a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and revolutionary dietary supplementation science, Intox-Detox™ allows race fans to enjoy drinking on race day without the worry of feeling sick the next morning.

To celebrate, free samples of Intox-Detox™ are available on our website! Race fans can learn more about Go Green Racing on their website, www.go-green-racing.com.

CEO Andy with #32 Ford Go Green Racing lead driver, Bobby Labonte. 

Intox-Detox Bobby Labonte Daytona 500

Giveaways and Announcements facebook and Twitter
Race fans around the world can expect to see Intox-Detox™ sponsorship logos on Go Green Racing team cars in NASCAR races throughout the 2015 season, as well as free product samples and gear during tailgating parties and other pre-race events. Fans of both Intox-Detox™ and Go Green Racing should look for opportunities on facebook and Twitter to win promotional giveaways by using the hashtag #BetterTomorrow.

To participate in social media giveaways, follow Intox-Detox™ on Twitter (@intox-detox) and facebook. Race fans can cheer on the Go Green Racing team on twitter too @GoGreenRacing.

How Intox-Detox™ Makes for a Better Tomorrow
With ingredients like the “super antioxidant” Setria® Glutathione, Japanese Raisin, Green Tea, and Ginseng, Intox-Detox™ is quickly becoming a trusted way to enjoy all of the fun of race day without the negative feelings the next morning. Racing fans around the world will now know that Intox-Detox™ wants them to have all of the excitement of watching NASCAR® racing without the worry of negative feelings the next morning due to alcohol.

Intox-Detox™ is distributed by Food Funktions in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Taking Vegas By Storm

We just wrapped up an incredible promotion tour of Vegas that culminated at the 2015 World Series of Beer Pong. Product reviews continue to be off the charts and we are so excited to be spreading our amazing product to drinkers everywhere! See our fun below.

Free samples on free samples on free samples.

Intox-Detox WSOBP 2015

Team New Zealand was looking strong all weekend.

Intox-Detox WSOBP Team New Zealand

Team “Straight Flexxxing” with our Founder & CEO, Andy.

Intox-Detox WSOBP Team Straight Flexxxing

This man is the Dick Bavetta of Beer Pong referees. Legend.

Intox-Detox 2015 WSOBP Referee

CEO Andy with some Northwest love. Beastmode and the Reign Man in one picture? Dang!

Intox-Detox 2015 WSOBP BeastMode

Team Canada putting in WORK.

Intox-Detox 2015 WSOBP Team Canada


2015 World Series of Beer Pong!

Intox-Detox 2015 World Series of Beer Pong

What better way to ring in the new year with the world’s largest beer pong tournament?! We’ll be in fabulous Las Vegas January 1-5 to attend the World Series of Beer Pong! Look for our team to be handing out samples of Intox-Detox all weekend long. Post pictures to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the hashtag #BetterTomorrow!

We can’t wait to see everyone there!

Orlando Holiday Brew Fest

Orlando Holiday Brew Fest

Join us Friday December 5th at the Orlando Holiday Brew Fest! It’s sure to be a great night for all!