Setria L-Glutathione Brings Amazing Science to Intox-Detox


hangovers suck intox-detox with setria works

Hangovers Suck! Intox-Detox Works!

When we created Intox-Detox, we really shot for the moon. Who else do you know that has the whiskey stones to take on HANGOVERS with real science?

Some people are happy to shoot for the stars and land in the clouds. We tried to lasso the moon and discovered a whole new universe. An alternate reality where you can enjoy moderate (depending on your definition) amounts of alcohol while protecting your liver and avoiding the misery of the morning after.

Please share this blog post so that more people can experience the amazing effects of Intox-Detox, what our friend Glenn called “sorcery” in his testimonial here

Once people try Intox-Detox, they look at us a little differently. Healthy (and sometimes outright belligerent) skepticism turns into admiration and awe. So…


The answer is simple; and we’ll let CEO Andy Bennett tell you in his own words:

“We had the courage to take on what seemed to be an unsolvable problem. We had the humility to hire people much smarter than us to ask all the right questions. And we had the wisdom to settle for nothing less than the most expensive and highest quality ingredients on the planet.”

So, today’s post is about one of those ingredients; and it’s called Setria L-Glutathione. We spend a lot of time talking about how amazing Japanese raisin is (read about that here), but today we need to give credit where it’s due. Setria takes our incredible science-backed herbal blend to a whole new level. If you saw them featured on “THE DOCTORS” TV show (watch the video here), you know that Setria is kind of a big deal. What’s even more important to know is that IT REALLY WORKS…

So What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a tri-peptide amino acid, meaning it’s made of three amino acids. From biology class you know that amino acids are the things that make up proteins. And glutathione is one that our body manufactures from the amino acids in our diet. Glutathione is now considered the body’s MASTER ANTIOXIDANT. And it plays a very important role in your health. Glutathione helps with detoxification, anti-aging, neutralizing free radicals and boosting immune function.

It Can Save Your Life!

Perfect example of how important this stuff is – if you are rushed to the ER for alcohol poisoning or Tylenol overdose, the first thing they will do (besides pumping your stomach) is to give you an IV of a substance that increases your body’s Glutathione levels.

Yes, that means Glutathione literally has the power to save your life. No big deal. Here are just a couple of ways it can improve your life and health daily…

How Glutathione Can Save Your Life

  1. Antioxidants – Remember that your body is constantly being attacked by free radicals. Think of these as terrorists roaming around your body looking to cause trouble. Antioxidants neutralize these trouble-makers and keep them from damaging you inside and out. More specifically, Glutathione recycles or recharges other important antioxidants like vitamins C, E and A. Not only does it attack the bad guys by itself, Setria is also like a medic to keep the other allies on the team healthy for the fight.
  2. Body Bouncer – Glutathione is also like a bouncer for your body. It binds in the blood steam to toxins (like acetaldehyde), heavy metals, solvents and pesticides, helping them to be excreted in the urine and bile. It’s no wonder our kidneys, liver, lungs and intestines contain Glutathione. It also protects against the absorption of pollutants from the air and industrial chemicals.
  3. Immune Defender – Glutathione helps to fortify your immune system, making white blood cells and T cells better at killing the bugs that try to invade your body.
  4. Skin Protector – If you want to keep your skin looking young and healthy, you better learn about Glutathione. It helps protect the collagen fibers that keep skin elastic. And it also reduces melanin production, which can help prevent the darkening, spotting and aging of your skin.

In general, higher glutathione levels are associated with longer lifespan, healthier cholesterol levels, blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index, as well as overall feelings of well-being.

Okay great, it’s really good for you, but let’s talk…


Booze is a huge source of free radicals and toxins, so let’s take a quick look at how Glutathione helps with that:

  1. The Terminator – Glutathione binds toxins and marks them for removal from the body, specifically the poison that comes from alcohol and is processed in the liver.
  2. Acetaldehyde (ALD) – The science is boring, so we will keep it simple. This is the number one harmful toxin from alcohol. Don’t take our word for it; according to Wikipedia: “Acetaldehyde is more toxic than alcohol and is responsible for many hangover symptoms.”

Your liver has a 2-step process for breaking down alcohol. First, it turns it into the much more harmful ALD mentioned above, which quickly builds up in the body, damaging everything it touches and making you feel awful the next day (HANGOVER). Second, ALD becomes a harmless substance similar to vinegar (acetate). Glutathione is not just helpful, but required for this process.

The problem is that our bodies only produce enough Glutathione to fend off about 2 or 3 drinks worth of ALD. For better or worse, many of us enjoy a few more than a few drinks. So, we run out of glutathione and accumulate too much ALD. Welcome to Hangover City, population you.

Why Setria?

Setria L-Glutathione has been proven to increase blood levels of glutathione by 35% in humans. It’s truly an amazing ingredient because many believed this to be impossible prior to their ground-breaking research.

Intox-Detox didn’t stop there. We added Japanese raisin to the equation to support liver enzyme levels. Now, you have the only two substances on the planet proven in gold standard human clinical trials to protect the body and help avoid the misery of the day after when drinking alcohol. You’re welcome!

Next time, we’ll focus specifically on the many sources of the toxin ACETALDEHYDE – it’s not just alcohol people! Some of them will surprise you.

You may be getting a lot of this specific poison even if you rarely drink and live what you thought was a healthy lifestyle.


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hangovers suck



Hangover Cure Myths vs. Science – What Really Works?


thumbs up to a real hangover cure

Every society since the beginning of time has had a “hangover cure”. One reason for this is that over-consumption of alcohol truly is one of the civilized world’s oldest problems. Here at Intox-Detox, we don’t just use that expression for dramatic effect.

What sets hangovers apart from other world problems like war and starvation is the fact that we truly can’t blame anyone but ourselves. Hangovers are crimes we commit against our bodies. A hangover is personal and it’s different for each of us. You will never know for sure what your friend’s hangover feels like, and vice versa.

The general confusion about hangovers is what actually causes them. Actually, the cause is simple; it’s alcohol. However, the impact of alcohol on the body is complex. There’s a cascade of effects that add up to a hangover. Examples include inflammation, dehydration, free radicals, acetaldehyde buildup and too much acidity in the stomach. Let’s focus on a very specific, so-called “hangover cure” – H20.

The Water

To call dehydration by itself a “hangover” would be highly inaccurate. Remember that hot summer day when you were dehydrated? Did that feel like a hangover? No, because dehydration is merely part of what can go wrong when you drink alcohol. So why would we attempt to mitigate our hangover as if it were just dehydration? That makes no sense.

Water absolutely does help you to feel better. Dehydration causes a bunch of problems that suck. By all means, drink plenty of water. Have a glass between each alcoholic drink. Alcohol is a powerful diuretic; it tricks your body into pumping out much more water than you are taking in. Ever “broke the seal” before?

Drinking H20, Pedialyte or coconut water (electrolytes) helps fix dehydration. However, it does nothing for acetaldehyde poisoning, for example.

You would think we would take a broad scientific approach and address all of the specific effects of consuming alcohol instead of just picking one of the problems.

In the real world, people often try to scam other people and sell them worthless products to make money. The bigger the problem, the bigger the potential to take your money. And the bigger the lie, the harder we all fall. So every other week there’s a new “hangover cure” on the internet. (Last time it was Sprite) It catches our eye because we’ve all been through it; and nothing gets our attention like a cure for our specific pain. So, let’s look at the hangover cure that has recently hit the internet hard.

The Pear

For the last few weeks, the internet has been abuzz with articles and press releases about how Asian pear juice cures hangovers. In fairness, I have not seen the study. From what we can tell, they just gave a bunch of people some pear juice and asked them how they felt the next day. Then they compared them to a placebo group who had something other than pear juice.

This is a great start, but there is much work to be done before we can scream from the mountaintops that a hangover cure has been found. My fear is that the reason they have totally jumped the gun is that it’s just another fad. This is yet another marketing play to take your money.

Is it the Asian pear industry looking to offload inventory or sway a huge percentage of the drinking population to run out and buy up all the pears? Or is it a product that contains pear juice, seeding the market with PR stories to boost sales when it hits the shelves? Either way, it’s a very simple manipulative marketing strategy to move the masses of sheep into the pen where you can be sheered.

The interesting thing about hangovers is that many of the problems are quite easily handled. For dehydration, all you have to do is drink water. Inflammation? Take NSAIDs like aspirin or Advil. I recommend natural anti-inflammatories, but it’s your life. (To learn about alternatives to powerful drugs read this article) Antacids like Maalox or Tums can help with the stomach acidity. Vitamins and antioxidants from supplements or food fight free radicals to help detox and recover. All of these things are cheap and readily available.

The one problem no one addresses is acetaldehyde, which is not easy to deal with. And that’s where Japanese raisin and Intox-Detox come in.

The Thumb

What does a thumb have to do with hangovers? Not much, it stands for a big THUMBS UP for Japanese raisin. Unlike the Asian pear, Japanese raisin has been studied thoroughly in humans and we better understand exactly how it helps to prevent the misery of the morning after drinking. It addresses the acetaldehyde poisoning. More on that in a moment. The “thumb” is actually “thunb”; and it describes the part of the plant from which this incredible supplement comes. Japanese raisin is not a traditional raisin.

Raisins are just shriveled up grapes. Japanese raisin thunb is the stalk of the Hovenia dulcis plant. It has a pleasant, fruity (yet less sweet than raisins) taste. This non-raisin, raisin helps the body eliminate the acetaldehyde poison from alcohol up to 65% faster than normal, according to gold standard human clinical trials. This particular poison, acetaldehyde, is 12 to 15 times more dangerous than alcohol. The longer it lingers in your system, the more damage it does and the worse you will feel the next day.  Not to mention, when taken before drinking, Japanese raisin has liver protective effects.

The science shows that Japanese raisin works. However, Intox-Detox didn’t stop there. We also added Setria, Green Tea and Panax Ginseng (More on these in the next post). Each of these helps to fight acetaldehyde buildup in its own way.


The water, the pear and the thumb can all potentially be helpful. Water is just essential to life; and even more important when you are consuming a diuretic like alcohol. Pears are healthy, containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And it seems that preliminary research shows they “might” help with a hangover. Japanese raisin has been proven to help eliminate the poison from alcohol. The science is clear. Try it for yourself and see. Whatever you do, just don’t be a sheep because sheep always get sheered. Look for real science that lasts the test of time.

Intox-Detox has distributed close to 15,000 samples across the country with one consistent result – feeling better the morning after a night out. Click here to read our testimonials.

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Here’s to a better tomorrow!

Team Intox-Detox

What Freedom Means to Me – Creating a Better Tomorrow for All


How does one even write about freedom? It’s all been done, right? Our Declaration, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, didn’t they already say it all? Why even talk about freedom anymore? It’s sophomoric. We won freedom and so now we have it, forever. Right? Wrong! Freedom and apathy have never gone hand in hand. Freedom must be defended. Many societies throughout history have toiled, fought and died to win freedom. Few have succeeded in defending and protecting it for long. We would all do well to remember the question posed to Benjamin Franklin by Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia during the Constitutional Convention of 1787: “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin’s response is telling:

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

The cover model for our $100 note, “the Benjamin”, knew something that many of us often forget. Freedom is hard won, but it is much harder kept. So, on this historic holiday, our Independence Day, I say to you defenders of liberty and freedom; keep it. Our Founding Fathers, and all of the others, who carved America from the untamed rock of a new world were intellectual, philosophical and political geniuses. A true mastermind of thinkers who combined their strengths to create something stronger than anyone of them alone could have imagined. They are downright intimidating. How do you follow that?

So, I ask myself, what can I do to protect freedom? Like me, many of you might think it’s above your pay grade, beyond your reach or perhaps even lost already. I’m writing this to tell you that it is not. We keep our freedom by exercising our will to be free in everything we do, every day of our lives, and not just on July 4th. No gesture is too small. No kindness is without merit. Tyrants fear the masses because We the People have power. Everything we say matters. When we speak in unison, we can shake the bowels of the very earth upon which would-be tyrants stand. We are powerful.

When we pursue our happiness and defend that of others, we fuel the fire of this American experiment. We work arm in arm to keep our freedom. For my part, I started a little company called Intox-Detox. I believe that almost nothing celebrates our American freedom more than becoming an entrepreneur to build industry and deliver quality goods and services to our fellow citizens. We defend our liberties by taking an active role in the pursuit of our happiness, and the happiness of those around us.

In my case, this has translated to developing the Intox-Detox product, to help all of you enjoy yourselves with a few drinks, while protecting your liver and preventing the misery of the next day. As color swatches blended into the American mixing pot, we all have traditions and heritage baked into this big old red, white and blue cake. My batter is Irish, among other things. Like so many others, my family enjoys a few drinks, especially during holidays like this one. There is freedom in a drink. With that freedom comes responsibility. We defend all of our liberties by protecting those around us, avoiding drinking and driving and respecting the rights and wishes of others. So, remember to stay safe this July 4th. Exercise your pursuit of happiness and defend that of others. Enjoy your freedom, but also remember to keep it.

They say “freedom isn’t free” and I believe that. But also, freedom is not a zero sum game. Freedom given is freedom returned. There is freedom in giving freedom. When we keep it we don’t keep it for ourselves. We share it with everyone. That’s what freedom means to me. And it’s America’s gift to the world. Defend it and it will defend you.

Here’s to a better tomorrow,

Andy Bennett

The Heist: A Perfect Night Out Drinking With No Hangover

remedy for hangover

Ever wondered how to get away with the perfect night out drinking? We did. That’s why we created Intox-Detox, to protect your body from the damaging effects of alcohol while helping you to function the next day and not feel like the gum on the bottom of someone’s shoe. We’ll get to the role Intox-Detox has to play in your heist in a moment.

Why do I call it a heist? Ever noticed how going back to the bar you were at the night before is referred to as “returning to the scene of the crime”? Small glasses of alcohol are “shots”. When you take a pee, you are “breaking” the seal. You often hear people say they were “hammered”, “smashed”, “sh*t-faced” and “slaughtered”. Clearly drinking is a pretty destructive activity. We don’t think it has to be that way though.

If we have one flaw, it is too much passion (bordering on obsession) for the science of getting away with the heist. In the spirit of brevity, and for those who don’t want to read the full dissertation, here are the Cliff’s notes of how to combine Intox-Detox with a few simple tricks to wake up feeling okay after an epic night out.

How to Get Away with the “Heist”

  1. Avoid dehydration – plenty of water before and after drinking. The rule of thumb about having a water between each drink is a good one. Replace electrolytes after with coconut water, Gatorade or any other hydration drink of your choosing.
  2. Slow alcohol absorption – eat plenty of healthy fats at the meal PRIOR to drinking, and not after you’re already drunk at the McDonald’s drive thru or hungover the next day.
  3. Eat greens – asparagus, artichoke, spinach, broccoli, etc… Most greens contain compounds that naturally help detox and protect your body (Knock out 2 & 3 by having a steak salad for dinner before going out)
  4. Choose drinks wisely – skip the ones that your body doesn’t like. For example, champagne gives me headaches, so I don’t drink much of it. Pick one drink for the night and stick to it. Don’t go from carbonated beverages (like beer) to liquor because it speeds up absorption and creates the “never sicker” effect
  5. Take natural anti-inflammatories – mitigate the inflammation caused by alcohol intake with supplements/foods like omega-3, turmeric, ginger, boswellia, berries, cherries, etc… Some people take NSAIDs like aspirin or Advil. Avoid Tylenol and/or acetaminophen at all costs – it will damage your liver!
  6. Take Intox-Detox BEFORE drinking – the only approach that provides the two substances needed to eliminate the acetaldehyde poison from your body faster
  7. Get adequate rest – at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep to avoid dragging the next day
  8. Energize wisely – there’s no caffeine in Intox-Detox because the jolt juice is the most popular drug on the planet and is readily available, like pretty much everywhere. Throw a rock and you’ll probably hit a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. (Technically the green tea in Intox-Detox does contain minute amounts of caffeine, equal to about one cup of DECAF coffee)

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For those who are in for the long haul and want the more in-depth analysis, read on…

When it comes down to it, what you are actually doing when you drink alcohol is acutely poisoning your body. Luckily for us, our bodies were built with the ability to break down the poison from alcohol, also known as ethanol. If this were not the case, one or two drinks could kill you. Or at the very least, cause you to be violently ill and vomit immediately. That’s exactly what happens with some unfortunate ethnic groups who have a deficient liver enzyme for breaking down the poison. Forgive the brief science lesson, but it’s essential to understand what is happening in your body when you drink. And thus, what you can do to get away with it.

The deficient enzyme in these poor individuals is known as ALDH2. It breaks down a chemical called ALD, or acetaldehyde, which is far more nefarious than the ethanol itself. In fact, some say that ALD is 12 to 15 times more poisonous. And, it accounts for most of the nastier side effects of the “hangover”, for example nausea, headaches and vomiting. A lot of people think that a hangover is just dehydration; that is part of the problem, but it is a significant oversimplification of what is really going on in your body.

Our ability to break down ALD is limited, due to a couple of things that I will revisit in a moment. As the ALD builds up faster than our livers can break it down, it causes all sorts of problems. Acetaldehyde is similar to formaldehyde, another similar and deadly chemical. ALD bounces around and damages tissues of the brain, heart, liver and pretty much anything else it touches. The longer it is in your system the more potential it has for doing damage to your body, and the more terrible you will inevitably feel the next day.

So, to briefly summarize the cumulative issues plaguing your body during a hangover, there is dehydration, cellular inflammation, free radicals, glutamine rebound and ALD buildup (we’ll come back to these and provide specific solutions for each). Some of these issues are easier dealt with than others. Okay, so we know what the problems are; let’s talk about solutions. How exactly do we address these issues to “get away with the crime in progress”? Hint: one of the biggest secrets is planning ahead a bit.

  1. Avoid Dehydration

Hydration is just a matter of drinking water. You can get fancy and use Pedialyte, Gatorade, coconut water or whatever electrolyte cocktail du jour appeals most to you. You should also drink plenty of water before, during and after drinking. Alcohol tricks your body into pumping out more fluid than it is taking in, also known as a diuretic. And, it is probably true that dehydration contributes to fatigue, poor muscle function and even headache. However, this is one of the easiest aspects of the “hangover” to remedy. Just drink plenty of H2O!

  1. Slow Down Alcohol Absorption

Everyone always talks about eating greasy comfort food after the damage has already been done, the next day when the hangover is already in progress. This might make you feel better psychologically; and it can help replace nutrients and vitamins to recover. But, a far better option is to eat fatty foods prior to going out drinking. Rather than a plate of cheese fries, your best bet would be to have a steak salad. Let’s not get into the “bad” vs. “good” fat debate here; as it’s beyond the scope of this article. For us, the combination of some saturated fat from the steak, healthier fats from olive oil dressing and/or avocado and greens is the perfect combination. The fat slows down absorption of alcohol in the stomach, which helps to give your liver a better chance to keep up with breaking down both alcohol and ALD, the poisonous metabolite of ethanol mentioned above. While we’re on the subject of greens…

  1. Eat Asparagus, Artichoke and/or Greens etc…

These things contain phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids that help the body to upregulate the breakdown of the poison from the toxins. More specifically, many greens contain something called cytochrome P-450, which plays a role in breaking down the poison. In addition, greens, whey protein, curcumin and whole eggs can provide glutathione and its precursors to further boost the process. We’ll tell you a little more about L-Glutathione in just a moment as it’s a key ingredient in Intox-Detox.

  1. Choose Drinks Wisely

It’s true that not all alcoholic drinks are created equally. Whether it’s sulfites in wine, congeners in dark liquors like whiskey and rum or just mixing a number of different kinds of drinks together, there are many ways to go wrong. Your best bet is to pick a drink and stick with it for the night. Some people just have issues with one particular type of alcohol or another. For example, if wine or champagne is your kryptonite, just toast half a glass and move on to something that sits better with your body. Also, “beer before liquor, never sicker” is a real thing. Drinking beer first, followed by liquor can make you “sicker” because of the carbonation, which expedites inebriation. Over-drinking in general is another big problem. There’s a point at which any number of natural hangover remedies will just do nothing for you. If you are drinking to the point where you need medical intervention, you already have a problem. Slow it down and enjoy yourself. Someone once gave me a great piece of advice and it went like this: tomorrow all the beer breweries, wineries and liquor distilleries will be back to work. The alcohol will still be there tomorrow or next week. Drink moderately and enjoy yourself; there’s no need to conquer the world in one night. Live to drink another day.

  1. Inflammation Intervention

Drinking alcohol causes cellular inflammation. The free radicals from its poisons attack your body at the cellular level. Inflammation is implicated in many chronic diseases, and in just not feeling so well in general. For this reason many people advocate taking an NSAID like aspirin or ibuprofen before bed, after a night of drinking. We are going to recommend that you NOT do this. Some of these can actually exasperate the damage to your liver. In particular, DO NOT EVER take acetaminophen for this purpose. This drug, more widely branded and known as Tylenol, can damage your liver all by itself in large quantities. Add alcohol to the mix and you are creating a perfect storm for liver disease. The least harmful of these is probably aspirin, but do recall that aspirin is still a powerful drug that kills a lot of people, for one reason or another, each year. Proceed with caution. Another option is to take natural anti-inflammatories before bed, like omega-3, berries – strawberry, blueberry, raspberry – cherries, and spices/supplements such as turmeric, boswellia extract and ginger.

  1. Detox, Recover, Protect with Intox-Detox

This is where Intox-Detox comes in and really takes the “heist” to the next level. Everything up to this point has been pretty much common sense, mixed with a little bit of folk remedy and basic science. Intox-Detox takes the science to a whole new level. The combination of Japanese raisin, Setria L-Glutathione, Green Tea and Panax Ginseng specifically targets ALD for breakdown, as much as 65% faster than usual. L-Glutathione neutralizes ALD in the bloodstream, marking it for detoxification in the liver. Japanese raisin increases the amount of the ALDH2 enzyme in the liver, to break down the poison and get it out of Dodge before it does too much damage. Green tea and Panax ginseng provide antioxidants and help to detox the liver, specifically further targeting ALD for elimination from the body.

  1. Adequate Rest

The Glutamine-rebound phenomenon we referred to above is a little complicated. Let’s simplify and give you the very basic explanation. Poisoning yourself with alcohol (drinking heavily) uses up the amino acid Glutamine (different than Glutathione, but equally important). To catch up, your body proceeds to over produce glutamine to make up for it. Glutamine excites the brain and disrupts GABA receptors in your noggin that allow you to get deep sleep. The result is that intoxicated sleep never achieves the deep REM cycles of normal rest. You either toss and turn or “pass out”; both result in low-quality sleep, which leaves you tired and poorly rested the next day. Intox-Detox actually helps to prevent the GABA disruption, allowing for better quality sleep. Don’t get us wrong; if you stay up all night drinking and only get 3 or 4 hours sleep, you will feel tired. Intox-Detox will help you sleep deeper, just make sure to get at least 6 or 7 hours, so that you are adequately rested when you wake up.

  1. Energize

Coffee or tea can help you get going the next day. We didn’t add any stimulants to Intox-Detox because they are very easy to find all around you. You probably have coffee in your house right now; and unless you live in a shack in the middle of the desert, odds are there’s a Starbucks within a mile or two. Every gas station has at least 5 different energy drinks that will get you going. A lot of people think we put ginseng and green tea in Intox-Detox for energy, which is not entirely untrue. However, this misses the point. The amount of green tea in the product provides amounts of caffeine equivalent to a cup of decaf coffee. It’s true that ginseng contains natural energy promoting chemicals and acts as an adaptogen to normalize body functions. Still, the primary reason for choosing these ingredients was to detox, recover and protect.


So, there you have it. Your best bet for getting away with the heist are the tips listed above. Hell, you might feel so good that you want to return to the scene of the crime tomorrow. Combine the above with a serving or two of Intox-Detox and you can HAVE FUN TONIGHT and FEEL GREAT TOMORROW.

Did I say “a serving or two”? Yes I did. Intox-Detox is all natural and safe to take in larger amounts than one package. While we would never recommend drinking excessively, we also understand that moderation is a relative term. What’s moderate to me may not be your definition of MODERATION. Also, for better or worse, some of us get carried away at a wedding or catching up with old friends and lose track of time and drinks, resulting in less moderation than we had planned for. For example, on a bourbon night, CEO Andy Bennett will often take a package of Intox-Detox prior to drinking, and then another before bed. That strategy combined with the tips above will go a long way toward “getting away with it”!

Forgot to take your Intox-Detox last night? It still works in the morning. Wake up and take the full package with water and you can expect to start feeling a bit better in as soon as 45 minutes to an hour. That’s how powerful this product is! Remember however that it’s always better to take Intox-Detox prior to drinking alcohol because then you can benefit from the liver-protective effects of the ingredients.

Haven’t tried Intox-Detox yet? Head over here and grab a free sample. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee (to cover shipping), you can hit the town on a “crime spree” and see the powerful results for yourself!

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Ingredient of the Day: Green Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea is one of four key ingredients in Intox-Detox. First brewed by Chinese Emperor Shennong in 2,737 BC, Green Tea has long-been a source of health & vitality to the Far East.

Emperor Shennong

Modern science has started to back the claims long-held by Eastern Medicine experts. Naturally packed with healing properties and mega-antioxidants, Green Tea is the perfect ingredient compliment to our product. Take Intox-Detox™ tonight for a #BetterTomorrow !

Why Green Tea?

We decided to have Green Tea be one of four key ingredients because of Green Tea’s natural healing properties and ability to deliver the body with high-quality antioxidants. It’s the perfect compliment to our suite of ingredients!

Emperor photo credit:

What Causes a Hangover?

Intox-Detox Hangover

Let’s face it: hangovers happen. You wake up feeling tired, your stomach is sick, and your head is pounding. Here’s an easy guide to the science behind what causes hangovers. You’ll be an expert in just a few minutes.


Intox-Detox: The only alcohol-recovery product with master antioxidant Setria Gluathione

Setria Logo 2There’s nothing better than going out for drinks with friends. Now it doesn’t have to mean a cringe-worthy next morning. A ground-breaking antioxidant called Setria® Glutathione is the key to feeling healthy and vibrant. Find out what it is, how it works, and the quickest way to get it.


Five Hangover Truths You Need To Know Before Your First Drink


After a night out drinking, many people need to recover in a healthy way. There are too many products out there that make false claims and use ingredients that are actually unnecessary. Before deciding on a product for recovery after drinking, there are five facts you really should know about the remedies out there for those negative effects.


How Intox-Detox protects you while you drink

ski lodge

Ok, so last night was amazing. You kept it responsible though. With work and class today, you can’t afford to be feeling terrible. Despite taking it easy, you still feel fatigued and achy. Everybody’s telling you their crazy ideas for how to take care of your aching head and upset stomach. Forget all of those crazy concoctions and quick fixes.