Where to Buy Intox-Detox?

Don’t get us wrong: Nothing but TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION will do. I don’t know if you’ve heard but we’re kind of a big deal. We took on one of the OLDEST PROBLEMS in the World – the negative after effects of drinking alcohol – and came up with something totally GAME-CHANGING!

No boast here. Just the truth. We are confident in our product because we know what the science implies. We didn’t invent the solution. We just read between the lines, interpreted the tea leaves, saw around the bend – however you want to say it. And we harnessed the POWER of NATURE to bring you Intox-Detox.

Between a healthy DISTRUST of supplements in general on the part of the American public and a hatred of “hangover remedy” products across retail channels, our distribution has been SLOW AS MOLASSES. Why do they all hate our category and products in the niche? Just like the generals of the world, they are always fighting the last war. If everyone were a visionary, then you and everyone else would have already invented Intox-Detox. But you didn’t. I did.

So not everyone gets it yet.

The truth is that consumers hate hangover remedies because in the past they have NEVER WORKED. Retailers hate them because in the past they have NEVER SOLD. When you have a PURE MARKETING product that doesn’t work, you eventually run out of suckers to sell your snake oil to. And that’s the difference with Intox-Detox. REAL SCIENCE.

We spent the money to make sure this product works. It’s safe, effective, all-natural and unlike anything else that has ever been in the marketplace. Intox-Detox brought the best quality, clinically-proven ingredients in the world to market at an AFFORDABLE price, so that everyone can have access to it. You’re welcome.

And that’s how we know that we WILL get there. You will be able to buy Intox-Detox in every gas station, convenience/liquor/grocery store and vitamin shop across the nation, and eventually the world.

And we’re proud to announce that we have secured our first MAJOR DISTRIBUTOR to help us achieve that goal. I can’t tell you who it is just yet, as we are still in negotiations, but it will be well worth the wait!

You will soon be able to buy Intox-Detox throughout the Treasure Coast of Florida, right where it all started over three years ago!

Next we will take over every major city in Florida.

Then the United States.

Then the English-speaking countries with strong drinking traditions – Canada, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, et al. Then the world.

Wait for it. It’s coming. We are coming.

To celebrate we are offering FREE SAMPLES for only $1.99 shipping (which doesn’t even cover our costs) as a gift to you through the end of 2016.


Grab your FREE SAMPLE here…

Happy Holidays and stay #LIVERSTRONG because #HANGOVERSSUCK

Please drink responsibly.