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Intox-Detox tackled one of the civilized world’s oldest problems by creating an all-natural supplement taken BEFORE drinking alcohol that both prevents the damage to your liver and helps you avoid the misery of the day after. Yeah, we did that. And by the way, yes, it works. Read these testimonials. Thousands have tried it and confirmed that it really works. Now we are taking it to the next level by adding our ingredients to a delicious craft beer called A BETTER TOMORROW WIT – named after our tagline: “Take Tonight for a Better Tomorrow”; more to come on that in 10 seconds.

Grab a free sample here and find out for yourself…

Here’s what we know: Alcohol can cause hangovers. Hangovers suck. However, they are not inevitable. There are many things you can do to intervene and stop the misery and the damage before it even starts. Go read this for a checklist of how to get away with a night out drinking, and do it practically hangover-free.

One of the number one ways to “get away with it” is to take Intox-Detox. Sure, the science is a little boring. Basically, we break down the poison from alcohol much faster, so it can’t linger around in your body and cause trouble (watch this video to learn more). But we post plenty of epic dissertations on that subject. Today we want to focus on BEER HISTORY in the making. As in we are currently making beer history!

Intox-Detox has partnered with Sailfish Brewing Co., a craft beer brewery in Fort Pierce, Florida; They make amazing craft beers that are high-quality, local and fresh. Having already revolutionized our supplement category, we thought: “Why not put the ingredients right into the beer?” So that’s exactly what we did. No pills to swallow, you just drink the beer for a better tomorrow!

“A Better Tomorrow Wit” is a wheat beer that contains Japanese raisin, Panax Ginseng and Green Tea – three of the main ingredients in Intox-Detox. And, based on preliminary research conducted by CEO Andy Bennett, the stuff works. Sure, it’s only anecdotal for now; that’s how science starts – someone has to be the guinea pig!

Our guinea pig has pledged not to take a single Intox-Detox pill the night of the event. The beer will have to work the magic all by itself.

A Better Tomorrow Wit is being launched at an event on Friday July 10th at 6:00 pm at the Sailfish Brewery on 2nd St in Ft. Pierce. Check it out here on Facebook for more details…

With the help of Treasures of Ft. Pierce, Anchor Boards and Sailfish Brewing Co, Intox-Detox is throwing a launch party with live music, food and $5 craft beers, including the very first samples ever of A Better Tomorrow Wit. This beer is exclusive to this event and it will go fast.

See you there!

For those unable to make the event, grab a free sample of Intox-Detox here.

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