Monitor Your BAC with this Cool New Device

At Intox-Detox we’re always looking for the latest gizmos and methods to help us pursue our #1 goal – Having epic nights while staying healthy and without feeling terrible in the morning.

One of the VERY BEST ways to do this is to take Intox-Detox – the best Alcohol Detox & Recovery product on the market. It contains the only 2 clinically proven ingredients (in human studies) that BOTH protect the liver and help to avoid the MISERY of the next morning, when taken BEFORE alcohol consumption. We recommend you take one pack before drinking. If you go a little overboard – only you can know what that means for you – then you take a 2nd pack of Intox-Detox before bed.

Of course, we always recommend drinking responsibly and moderately. However, knowing when you are pushing the limit is a big part of that.

The new BACtrack is a device for your wrist that tracks your BAC levels while you drink. What?!? It updates your phone via Bluetooth in real time so that you always know your BAC level. The wrist-watch looking gizmo is electrochemical and tracks the ethanol molecules in your sweat.

Thanks to Liquor.com for alerting us to this cool new device! Check out the original article at http://www.liquor.com/articles/know-when-to-stop-drinking-this-wristband-can-help

Instead of making a snap decision as to whether or not to have that next or “one-more” drink, you can always know where you stand.

Pair with Intox-Detox for truly EPIC NIGHTS and BETTER TOMORROWS!

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