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Does Drinking Alcohol Really Make You Fat?

NEWSFLASH – Alcohol Doesn’t Make You Fat

Yeah, I know that’s a bold and controversial statement to make, but it’s actually true. Trust me, I put about 10 years of my life into this research. Alcohol can’t possibly make you fat, by itself that is. Stay with me, I’ll prove it to you in 1 second…

First a VERY BRIEF chemistry background. Second, I’ll explain how alcohol can indirectly inflate your thighs. Then I’ll give you access to my top stay-fit alcohol secrets…


Alcohol metabolizes into Acetic Acid in the liver, not sugar like soooo many people think. And what does our body do with Acetic Acid? Recycles it into the Kreb’s Cycle (among other things) for energy purposes.

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Alcohol itself really can’t be stored as fat. Remember that the most EXTREME drinkers, alcoholics, usually die of malnutrition and other related degenerative diseases. When you live off of booze, you don’t have much of an appetite for food and getting your vitamins is a lesser priority compared to getting your alcohol fix. It’s sad, but it’s true.
There is a big BUT coming, but it’s not your BIG BUTT…

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Ways Alcohol CAN Make You Fat

There are a few ways alcohol can INDIRECTLY make you fat…


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What you eat before, during and after drinking makes you fat. Turns out our standards TOTALLY change when we’re tipsy. Suddenly that pizza, burger and fries or late-night Drive-thru window starts looking like a really good idea. Add the calories of the alcohol, especially beer which is high in carbohydrates, and you WILL get fat.


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Alcohol and (more accurately) its toxic byproduct Acetaldehyde cause hormone disruptions. They interfere with hormones like HGH (human growth hormone), DHEA and testosterone, which play direct roles in fat-burning. Incidentally, Intox-Detox may help eliminate the toxins faster so that your hormones don’t take such a hit when drinking; and some clinical research supports this.


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I’m an important fat-burning organ!


Since your liver plays crucial roles in nutrient partitioning and fat-burning, excessive drinking can change the way your liver functions. If it’s too busy constantly breaking down Acetaldehyde, fat-burning and converting dietary fats and sugars into energy becomes less of a priority, which may cause fat storage.


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I can promote healthy liver and weight management while knocking out the misery of hangovers!

Intox-Detox can help with all of these, but a targeted plan for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices can really give you a leg up to stay fit while enjoying a few drinks.

CONFESSION: Every so often I forget this information. I start eating and drinking like an IDIOT and guess what happens… I get a little FAT.

  • Most of you know me as the “Hangover Pill”, Intox-Detox guy. Some things you might NOT know about me…
  • I played college soccer
  • Power-lifted for some impressive numbers
  • Wrote thousands of articles online about fitness/nutrition/supplements/anti-aging and even did bodybuilding, dieting down to less than 5% body fat naturally


Not bragging, just guessing very few people know that about me. And I wouldn’t wish the Hell of a contest diet on anybody, but the point is that I know my stuff when it comes to the science of diet, supplements and exercise. In my old age, it’s no longer about deadlifting the world or keeping a six-pack all year round. Now, it’s about health, longevity and getting the most benefit out of the least amount of exercise and dieting.


I started thinking that this might be valuable information that you, my extended drinking family might be interested in. Both men and women enjoy a few drinks, but nobody wants to wear it on their tummy, thighs or butt. So, I’m working on putting together a program to share this valuable information with you.

And forget about a Personal Trainer; their goal should be to teach you everything you need to know to fire them within a month or two. But that’s not what they do, now is it? Nope, they bleed you dry month after month. And don’t get me started on how many of them smoke, drink and don’t stay in shape themselves (not judging, just saying…)

Next time, I’ll give you my Top 5 Stay-Fit Tips for Social Drinkers (UPDATED – click to go read it now! Amazing tips you won’t find anywhere else)

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