Not sure about the wet socks, but the steak is a great idea. One thing though…

Eat that steak before you drink your whiskey. Red meat is high in L-Glutathione, which protects the body from the damaging effects of alcohol.

Meanwhile the fats from that steak slow down alcohol absorption so you don’t build up toxic acetaldehyde – AKA THE HANGOVER TOXIN – nearly as fast.

What achieve these two feats even faster than wet socks and a steak? Intox-Detox. It boosts L-Glutahtione levels with patented Setria and speeds up the breakdown of alcohol’s #1 toxin by 60% or more, as shown in 2 humans research studies.

Hangovers Suck! Intox-Detox works!

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PS: Check out the hilarious extended cut of “You’re On with Ron” below!