7 Foods That Crush a Hangover

What you eat before, during and after drinking definitely affects how you feel the next morning. Where most people go wrong is that they wait until after the damage is already done. Everyone’s always trying to find a “hangover cure” when they wake up feeling terrible. How many times have you heard the old greasy eggs and bacon tip?

The science says that a grease-soaked breakfast does little for you physically. Some people end up more queasy than they started; or they have to take a long nap just to get over the food coma. If you can stomach the Grease Fest, the benefit is mostly psychological. The vitamins and minerals from the food will help, but you don’t have to eat junk food to achieve that.

The other huge MISTAKE is slamming down some loaded nachos or fast food from the Drive Thru before bed, after having some drinks. Most of us don’t need all the extra calories. It’s slightly better than going to bed drunk on an empty stomach, but not too much so.

Think of food as little nutrient bombs and protective shields for preparing your body to detox and protecting you from the damaging toxins that come from alcohol. Without further ado, here are…

7 Foods That Crush Hangovers


avocados for hangover

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The “Alligator Pear” is one of the very best foods you can eat before you have some alcoholic drinks. Healthy fats like the monounsaturated ones found in avocados slow down the absorption of alcohol, giving your liver more time to cope. In addition, the avocado is loaded with antioxidants, especially ones that help to target alcohol detox by acting as precursors to the amino acid L-Glutathione (learn more about that here…). Short version of the story, Gluathione is what they use to save your life in the ER if you overdose on alcohol or certain medications.


asparagus for hangover

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You might have experienced the “smelly pee” effect when you eat this healthy vegetable. Asparagus also contains precursors and nutrients to help your body detox the alcohol. Most leafy and cruciferous vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts are also excellent.


eggs for hangover

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I know I trashed greasy eggs before, but it’s really more about the timing of eating them. And they don’t necessarily need to be greasy; hard-boiled eggs will do just fine. Eggs contain a lot of B vitamins, lean proteins and the amino acid L-Cysteine, which plays an important role in making the L-Glutathione needed to protect and detox the liver from alcohol.


whey protein for hangover

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Whether you work out or not, whey protein can be a healthy part of your daily regimen. It’s a great way to add high-quality protein to your diet. Some people may prefer other milk-free or vegan choices, but whey’s strength lies in its high L-Cysteine content. It’s also easy and convenient to mix up a shake before you hit the town for the night. This is also a low-calorie choice for bedtime that can actually help your body to recover much faster.


green tea intox detox for hangover

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This popular beverage from the East contains polyphenol antioxidants that help to prevent damage to the body from free radicals. There’s also convincing science showing it may improve Glutathione levels to detox alcohol. Drink a cup before you hit the bar for a quick pick-me-up, with much less caffeine than coffee. Have a cup of detox green tea before bed or pick up some capsules from the Vitamin Shoppe to take before bed. (I use their liquid extract, which is great because only a few drops will do)


red meat glutathione

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Veganism is sweeping the nation, but for those of us who enjoy it, red meat has some benefits. It’s high in Glutathione and can provide some saturated fats to slow down the alcohol absorption. So the answer is “YES”, you can have a big old steak before you go out for drinks.


olive oil

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Chugging a shot of olive oil before embarking on a drinking session is a popular tradition in the Mediterranean. Like avocado, olive oil contains healthy fats that will allow the alcohol you drink to drip-feed into your system more slowly. That way you won’t get intoxicated too fast and crash out early. However, I’m not into drinking shots of oil. Whiskey…yes please! Instead, try the hangover-busting meal below…


steak salad

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Our favorite pre-drinking meal is the steak salad. Load it up with avocado, hard-boiled egg, green veggies, onions, tomatoes, carrots and olive oil. Each of these ingredients provides benefits for avoiding the hangover. Chase it with some refreshing iced green tea and you’re ready to go.


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